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  1. https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/dcs-world-topics/input-and-output/219878-new-vr-pointing-device?t=218861
  2. Have you got your fingering equipment working yet, Crash?
  3. That looks nice. Does the cockpit ‘work’?
  4. Very nice. Now I've found my community folder - "whats it doing in there?" - I'm looking forward to adding skins and mods. The turbo Bonanza is now a bit of a hot rod and is starting to eat into my Mooney hours
  5. An all-new Mk1a for MSFS 2020 from Aeroplane Heaven.
  6. This is thread about about a patch change log, no? Well done to TFS. A pity they've had to spend their time on constant patches but it is what it is. Why have you lot decided to make it a hilarious comparison between one game and another? It's a pity that few of you actually know what you're talking about either. Cliffs needs all the help it can get. It's player numbers are pitiful. People have voted with their feet and Desert Wings has evidently failed to attract a new audience or much interest from the multitude of people who abandoned the game in years past. I understand english is not your first language and that generations of Germans and Englishmen have learnt to say "take me to your white flag factory" in french but why do you think trying to belittle other, more successful games is going to help?
  7. It’s like a bunch of one-legged men in an ass-kicking competition in here. Have you thought of moving to SimHQ? You could join up with the forty other people on the planet that fly European Air War👋
  8. Got it going on my wireless Xbox controller too. It works well.
  9. @Arthur; despite your GoPro problems thats some great video and pictures.
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