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  1. Yeah, certainly catches the eye. As has been said, would be nice to have this sort of thing added to other maps. VL summer map looks fantastic👍
  2. How long ago was this Jim? I know they teach spin awareness but I thought they gave up spin recovery training for ppl’s on both sides of the pond about three decades ago 🤔
  3. Excellent Stoopy! Release in twelve days? I wonder if they'll be any real 747's still carrying passengers by then.......
  4. Have any of these guys putting up videos mentioned their system specs at all? I know Microsoft have published the ‘official’ requirements but I’d be interested to hear from actual users.
  5. Good luck!👍 When you get it running okay let us know your first impressions🤪
  6. What stands out in the Steam charts is the disastrous effect on player numbers that the release of Blitz edition had.....
  7. @D-Rock Visit the Mods section and halfway down check out ‘Pilot notes for cockpit photos’😎
  8. Er....I've seen no evidence of any of this so far.
  9. Please point us to all that you have read that makes it seem like a new sim. So far all we have been shown is a new map and new planes. That's great but TFS seem to have been very shy when it comes to talking about bug fixes, updating the gui, ai behaviour and fixing long broken features generally.
  10. Open composite runs with ss at 100 percent as standard so I’d leave it like that initially and use the OTT to increase it as required. I’m using a 2070 and it runs at 1.2 no problem.
  11. That looks pretty good Tim. I'd only add a couple of things; I'd have sharpen On when using VR and Exeter City bottled it in the play-offs as usual
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