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  1. It was a pleasant surprise but the F14 is a really smooth performer. The Mig 19 is actually nearly on a par eye candy wise to the F14 in my opinion but game wise has much more of a lumpy, bumpy, slightly stuttery performance. I've discovered that if you set the wind speed over the flight deck to something similar to that found in the atmosphere of Jupiter then the Mig 19 is carrier capable too!
  2. Some planes in DCS certainly perform better than others in the game. Luckily, as far as I can see, the F14 is one of the better ones.
  3. Good luck Hegykc! Having the VARP guys on board as testers is very reassuring too👍
  4. They do look nice don't they?
  5. Cheer up P47 fans everywhere! Hurry up with the vids then!
  6. At last! Someone has given the P47 the folklore flight model that everyone thinks it shoud have
  7. Your system will run VR with a Rift CV1 but you will really benefit from overclocking that cpu to something over 4 GHz at least.
  8. Interesting. Normandy map performance in VR is still sub-par for me. I wonder if I can part-ex. my Normandy map for the channel map, lol?
  9. CLoD has the water from Silent Hunter in it's channel.
  10. 'Single seater mode' - in a Mossie? Never heard of that before. Was it ever used?
  11. Thanks Brems. I’m loosing my freakin’ marbles. Weeks upon weeks of wall to wall sunshine in the midst of a great plague. It’s just not British you know😷
  12. Wellllll.....they handed out copies to every YouTube Tom, Dick and Harry over the weekend and 3rd. June is this Friday. Perhaps in these strange times the DCS left hand does not know what the DCS right hand is up to and you might just get lucky......
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