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  1. DD_Arthur

    Skin 4k Fw 190 A-8

    Thankyou very much for your time and effort in giving us these wonderful skins julian @Madcop; your tone in these posts seems to have deteriorated from helping to stalking. Perhaps your energies might now be better spent learning to make skins yourself? No doubt when you can, you might be able to bring more.....perspective to your posts?
  2. DD_Arthur

    How To Change Ingame Name?

    It's your own fault Beebop. Once a Hell Hound, always a Hell Hound! http://dangerdogz.com/forums/ Don't be a stranger
  3. DD_Arthur

    Yak-1 in Battle of Moscow

    ....and a Hurricane.....
  4. Sshadow is right. An SSD will help your game load faster but will have zero to minimal effect on FPS. Nothing wrong with your system. At the moment the most cost effective way of improving your performance is to turn off the fps counter.
  5. Mossie and Arado would make a great pair of collector planes.
  6. DD_Arthur

    Developer Diary 207 - Discussion

    Thanks for taking the time to post this Han. Hope you have a good weekend.
  7. DD_Arthur

    How Dangerous was Aerial Reconaissance?

    Er...the Allies had just about zero information about the state of the German economy throughout the whole war. There was no constant monitoring of the German economy by aerial recon. Neither did the allies plan their bombing according to aerial recon. info. RAF Bomber Command's targets were chosen on the whim of Sir Arthur Harris the morning before they took place. The only thing he was influenced by was the weather report. He disdained reports by various ministries economic warfare units unless they coincided with his campaign to reduce Germany's cities to rubble. Its important to remember that the RAF's bombing campaign was against 'morale' not industry itself. Thats why aiming points were mostly city centre landmarks. Any damage done to industry was considered a useful by-product. The effort made by photo recon pilots - at considerable personal risk - to over-fly these targets the next day was used by Harris to impress Churchill who in turn used them to impress King George VI, Roosevelt and Stalin. These pictures were then massively misinterpreted by 'experts' who were unable to realise that a factory without a roof - in the hands of a capable, organised workforce is merely a factory without a roof. Neither the RAF by night, nor the USAAF by day were capable of delivering an accurate weight of bombs that would destroy the machine tools within. Hence these roofless factories continued to churn out weapons. The German economy - with it's pants down - attained peak production in October 1944 after five years and one month of war. The most accurate information on the Germany economy obtained by the allies came through Swiss, Swedish and Finnish diplomatic sources and the Polish resistance.
  8. DD_Arthur

    DCS news

    Cheer up RT. I don't give two hoots for DCS WW2 as for me it's a non-starter but the FW190 was all DCS. Ilya's Kickstarter wedge was blown on the K4, no?
  9. DD_Arthur

    DCS news

    The 190 was indeed released by DCS before Ilya's WW2 fiasco.
  10. DD_Arthur


    Stand by!
  11. DD_Arthur

    Introducing the VPC WarBRD

    Today is the eleventh of October and your new merged webstore's accurate estimate is "out of stock"
  12. DD_Arthur

    [MOD] Icons

    Nice one Ptk
  13. DD_Arthur

    Enable Mods in Multiplayer

    Hi Jim. In BoX, running in Mods On mode allows the client to run any mods they want. The server cannot limit the use of any mods in this mode and the server does not need to have any mods enabled either. Mods are client side.