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  1. DD_Arthur


    I might be talking out of my backside but if you've only got BoK do you have any tanks in your game?
  2. DD_Arthur

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Dangerdogz test server
  3. DD_Arthur

    Model Pilot

    What a great tank Buglord
  4. DD_Arthur

    Will there ever be a manual engine startup?

    @Bryan from St. Petersburg; in BoS, to start a Spitfire you click once. In CLoD, to start a Spitfire you click twice. Perhaps take a little time to explore the game you just bought.....
  5. DD_Arthur

    What Do You Listen? - Music Thread.

    Here you go Dogbert; this must be right up your street....
  6. DD_Arthur

    Dog Mines in Stalingrad

    We can simulate cruelty to humans but......dogs? Good way to get wider coverage of your product outside the flight sim community. I predict artificial outrage
  7. DD_Arthur

    Catch 22 remake this year

  8. DD_Arthur

    Final Results for new beginning.

    Hi Lazduc. Congrats on getting it up and running. Cliffs of Dover is a Steam only game. You have to have Steam to launch Cliffs. If you want to install Rise of Flight on this system the easiest option would be to download and install the free to play version and login with the account/email details from your old system. This should enable you to access all your previously purchased content. Good luck!
  9. DD_Arthur


    Thanks Rothary, fascinating.
  10. DD_Arthur


    Agreed. The TD re-working of the a.i. in '46 should be seen as some sort of standard to aspire to. And wouldn't it be nice to have some reliable control over a.i. wingmen too?
  11. DD_Arthur

    Catch 22 remake this year

    Hmmm....I thought the film was a pretty good attempt at what must make a difficult screenplay. And it was brilliantly cast.
  12. DD_Arthur


    Rothary this is the first time I've seen any sort of video that actually gives an idea of what VR is really like. That was really good. Could you do some more like that?
  13. DD_Arthur

    Shadepiece's Video Thread

    Enjoyed that very much. Great vid!