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  1. DD_Arthur

    Faces of the flying community!

    Wow! What a little beauty! Very many congratulations to you and your wife
  2. DD_Arthur

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Herding cats with the DangerDogz on last night's squad coops
  3. DD_Arthur

    Rap's P-47 Thunderbolts, HELP YOURSELVES!!

    @Raptor; has become my go to P47 skin Have a great, relaxed christmas
  4. DD_Arthur

    P-47 D Skins

    Dear Santa, Please can I have a new hard drive for christmas?
  5. DD_Arthur

    I thought the bf109 could fly inverted?

    Go to 2.20
  6. DD_Arthur

    TFS Developer Update – Nov/Dec 2018

    Nice one Bonkin! Really good, interesting update showing great progress. Rostrum camera on the cockpits should be adopted as a TFS update trademark
  7. DD_Arthur

    Village Lights

    Don't we have artillery falling on Stalingrad? I'm sure we do. The mechanic is definitely in BoX.
  8. DD_Arthur

    Village Lights

    Er....this is the Mods section of the forum that Jason created so people could share mods. Congratulations! You have created an interesting mod. I'm not sure I see a problem......
  9. DD_Arthur

    P-47 Thunderbolt M1 official engine mod ?

    Utter nonsense
  10. DD_Arthur

    You really need to do something about extraterrestrial gunners

    Agree completely. Fact of the matter is all a.i. gunners in all cfs games are Lee Harvey-Oswald.
  11. DD_Arthur

    Luftwaffe KG series grips in game

    This is an issue?
  12. DD_Arthur

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

  13. DD_Arthur

    Developer Diary 212 - Discussion

    Great update BlackSix.
  14. DD_Arthur

    TFS Developer Update – October 2018

    No update yet? Hold on, I'll slaughter a chicken. Hmmm....quick reading of the entrails says TFS 5.0 about to go into closed beta.......