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  1. Hi Alex and welcome to the forums👍. I think you’re asking a question that really only you can answer. Have you installed and used the game yet?
  2. Microseprose’s effort is in fact one guy in Canada.
  3. Picked up the Bleriot in the market place sale to be ready for the twenty-fifth of July😃. Paris by Gina and 16gigs of DDR3. Even after the slightly eccentric update process I’m still amazed by how well my rather ancient rig can run this thing.
  4. You can't have string without cardboard.
  5. I have a feeling the Gaz and it’s gun would make short work of the WW1 crates. I’ve shot down several ‘109’s with the fifty cal. on the Sherman in multiplayer coops. It’s not because I’m a great shot; it’s because to get a good hit with bombs you have to be ultra accurate, shallow dive onto your target and release at the very last second. It’s not a difficult shot for a ground gunner when the aircraft is attempting to dive down your throat! Add on the much lower speeds of WW1...........
  6. These are planes you bought through the market place? I had this problem recently. I’m not at my pc but from memory you have to navigate your way to the folder where they reside in your game. They will not be in your community folder. Once you find them you can delete them and then restart the game and they will be available to download again in your content manager.
  7. Hmm....all the human models are super detailed, the tanks are super detailed - it’s a branch of GBS after all - but I’d like to imagine they’re gearing up for carrier warfare. The Med, the Pacific or Korea. Any and all are good for me😃.
  8. The N28 and paratroopers? Thats nice but the real big news are the plans to expand and reorganise the team. That has big implications for what they can do and the timescales they can do them over. It also shows they and 1C are confident in their investment decisions. We’re about that time in the development cycle where they must be thinking hard about the next expansion(s). I wonder what’s cooking. 😎
  9. I don't think they're working on a P38 for DCS. They've got their hands full with the A7 at the moment. https://flyingironsimulations.com/blogs/news/dcs-a-7e-development-update-2021 They do have a P38 in Xplane but expect to see that as a port to MSFS before any work on a new DCS model takes place.
  10. Okay, awaiting a review 👍. The forty bucks price point versus the limitations of the MSFS flight model makes me think I’ll have a spot of buyers remorse with this one at the moment.
  11. Says the Cambridge man! Btw; boat race is on the very scenic Great Ouse on Sunday 🤪
  12. I’ve really enjoyed your journey Zach. 👌
  13. You're in Mods On mode Snacko. You need to be in Mods Off for more servers.
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