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  1. Hon0; the post - and therefore the price - you originally quoted was nearly 3 years ago.
  2. I think you'll find RoF predates War Thunder by several years and I seem to recall the original idea behind weapon mods and scarves and pistols was to give the supporting community something to actually purchase apart from actual aircraft. At the time there were lots of calls to make donations or organise kickstarter campaigns for new features. The community recognised it was a relatively small one and this was a way to stimulate income for the team. Jason has always resisted the idea of donations. As to Lewis guns in German hands; the simple truth is they literally fell from the skies into the laps of the Germans. Why waste a valuable and free commodity? I've seen pictures of Lewis guns mounted on ground attack 2 seaters as well as Albi btw.
  3. Very true @Leon; no disgrace in being shot down - everyone gets shot down
  4. If you try Googling some of those codes it would seem to indicate video card driver error Planky. What card do you run btw? I could - pointlessly - tell you RoF runs flawlessly for me but I'm on Win.10. Also, have you used Reshade/SweetFX on your install in the past?
  5. Thats fair enough and I agree with you. I'd like to see the bail out animation and the behaviour of objects interacting with water enhanced to. Whether this is an 'error' would seem to be debatable but I'm intrigued that you find it 'humiliating'. Do you often feel humiliated by a computer game?
  6. I think it almost certain that the 'Sopworth' referred to is the Camel rather than the Pup.
  7. How would you know? You haven't got Flying Circus.....
  8. Hello Tvrdi and Klingon. Locked skins? I find it frustrating too. Although you can not make an 'invisible' skin you can remove a certain amount of the aircraft's structure which could give an advantage......
  9. DD_Arthur


    Agree very much. I've recently been flying a lot more DCS as well as plenty of BoS but the stars of the VR show are undoubtedly the WW1 birds of Flying Circus
  10. Interesting video Dixon. Unfortunately what it actually confirms is that the ingame track recording system still has the cockpit bug introduced with the previous update.
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