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  1. Oh yeah! Couldn’t live without it and can’t live far from it now😃 Where I live it’s that quiet time of year before the tourists return...if they ever do after this Covid mess is over.
  2. Fair enough . In von Werra's case it would seem he came a long way to spend eternity at the bottom of the north sea.
  3. Agree with this. I’ve bought motherboards, processors, graphics cards and memory from eBay. I’ve never had a problem. I wouldn’t buy a water cooled graphics card anyway.
  4. No, I don’t think he was brainwashed anywhere. In von Werra’s case he was a nineteen year old playboy when Hitler became Chancellor. Hundreds of allied aircrew crew managed to evade capture with the help of Dutch and French networks and undertook perilous journeys across Europe to get back into the war. We don’t consider these people as brainwashed do we? It’s no easy thing to brainwash an educated, developed nation. Millions of people across central and Eastern Europe spent forty years under the Soviet yoke in what were basically police states with their children educated in soviet ideologies and forced to join ‘young pioneer’ type organisations. It didn’t work. They threw off and threw out these regimes in a matter of days when opportunity arose. What the German nation did under the Nazis was not the product of brainwashing. The Nazi’s exploited deeper themes in the history and outlook of the German nation at the time to wage wars of aggression and genocide across Europe. Was a nation of some eighty million people brainwashed to take part in this? It seems doubtful.
  5. I don't think Franz von Werra had undergone any sort of brainwashing.
  6. It’s a delight to actually fly, difficult to land and thoroughly frightening to attempt a takeoff in😃
  7. Hi SShrike, I use Nvidia shadowplay and team speak. I don't do any live streaming but I do make vids of our squad's coops. I find Shadowplay makes less of a demand on my system than OBS and allows uncompressed upload to YouTube. I use the recording facility in teamspeak to record our comms. I'm not sure if shadowplay is able to record both the game sounds and teamspeak simultaneously. My method is to set teamspeak recording before mission start and then record the mission itself with the excellent ingame track recorder. To synchronise the comms track I'm recording with the ingame track recorder I simply say "3-2-1 mark" and hit the track record button. This gives me an audio source and a video source to combine. To make a video I cue up the audio source to my 3-2-1 countdown and replay my track. This means voice comms and visuals are in sync. I can then hit shadowplay and it will record both sources together. Top cover to a P38 strike I can then use the options in YouTube to remove the first few seconds of the video I have uploaded to remove unwanted stuff like my desktop or starting the game whilst the track recorder is cued up. It also has the benefit of being able to bump up the games visual settings whilst playing back the track. Hope this helps
  8. 'Fraid I find all you guys who come here and claim some sort of constituency deluded and laughable
  9. You’re bringing up that thread here?😮 Wow, you really are Captain Chaos!
  10. I wouldn’t buy any UK scenery just yet as we’re getting a big UK update near the end of the month. Really looking forward to this!
  11. Silly question but have you got fuel switched on?
  12. Joseph Kennedy Jr. - old man Joe’s eldest son - the man groomed to be President, was based at Dunkeswell when he volunteered to fly the Anvil mission that killed him. His robot B24 filled with twenty thousand pounds of torpex exploded over Suffolk whilst on it’s way to a U boat pen.
  13. Don’t forget the recent “fifty per cent performance increase” that turned out to be a claim based on an agricultural subsidy 😃
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