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  1. Nice post Varibraun. I'm not entering this nice giveaway thanks but if you were a rifleman in the Corp I can thoroughly recommend this; https://www.amazon.co.uk/Quartered-Safe-George-MacDonald-Fraser/dp/0007105932/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2XYXT8M37UMBA&keywords=quartered+safe+out+here&qid=1575680598&sprefix=quartered+safe%2Caps%2C133&sr=8-1 It really is one of the great memoirs of WW2.
  2. Eh? You can view custom skins in the QMB just the same way as you view the default skins
  3. Your telling me your install of DCS looks like the promo vids? Please, post your video here
  4. "Flying Circus volume two pre-order please Santa" "What do you mean, 'I've got to sit on your lap first'?"
  5. Yep, if only the game looked like that
  6. Hoping this might help scratch that Pacific itch....
  7. Our passworded server has a.i. running and we've had no problems whatsoever this week. Can't see why the devs would issue a 'stealth' hotfix either....
  8. Dawn patrol mission on Flying Circus using Vander's generator. Was intense
  9. The best headset to spot enemies? Original Rift. The best headset to identify enemies? Reverb.
  10. Really? Tell us more about your realistic experience of being under shell fire.....
  11. In memory of our good friend and squadmate Bill Rotureau, ex-USAF, who passed away last week.
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