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  1. I really like how the IL2 platform has improved time and time again. Just as a added note I watched the Froogle YouTube interview with Jason Williams and it sounds pretty exciting on what the future holds, meaning a Pacific or Korean scenario. So Jason keep up with the good work and your interview gave me some insight on where it's at. I initially found and purchased this game on Steam but didn't realise at the time I could just purchase direct from this website. So I'll be making future purchases which will support you guys better. Cheers Jason R👍
  2. Ok, quite simply I figured out the problem of why my Alienware 17 R3 were having issues, there were times I noticed bad stuttering as the aircraft on display rotated around on home screen, which then lead to poor in game performances. The machine has the Intel Core i7-6700HQ and built into this CPU is a Intel HD Graphics 530. The main grapic card is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M (3GB GDDR5) So the problem here was that the machine would periodically switch to the CPU grapics (Intel 530) and not use the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970. So all I had to do was go onto NVIDIA settings and dis
  3. Well, if that's the case then why hasn't this thread been closed then? For my part I didn't look at the age of the last post I just stated it does take a while to load. My bad I guess.
  4. I'm playing on alienwnware 17 R3 and it took 2 minutes 40 seconds to load... 30 Minutrs for your machine I would do a file check if using Steam.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but under the Intel settings R Click on desktop and select Intel graphic settings, (on mine it's under the sub menu gaming) You have the option of running either inboard graphics or Nvidia as is my 970M and Auto which is Recommended (and is default) I didn't change any of those settings and left it on Auto. Not gonna play with it if it's default set. Now like I said, I could be wrong but that how I understand it when selecting graphic cards to use.
  6. Oh well, have to wait and see, but thanks anyway.
  7. Well it sounds like what I have been experiencing too....I noticed since recent update that when I'm in the games menu and you see your aircraft panning around in the hanger, that ever so slightly stutters too! It never did that before update. Just saying because prior to that update, everything worked well and now I just cant play it anymore with it the way it is. I even reinstalled the game with no change, ran Alienware Hardware Scans from Dell's Support app... All good and in working order. So maybe it's a server issue? Maybe it's what you just described blackram....who know
  8. I understand the grapics for the trees were addressed. Hence the read me on the new update release. I will trouble shoot this by reinstalling the game and making sure it's not running graphics from the inbored.
  9. Definately plausible and one I'll definatly check on. Thanks mate👍
  10. Thank you all so much, great suggestions and so will trouble shoot them out. I'll update on what works....well I hope otherwise somethings gone crook with the Alien.🙄
  11. First I'd like to say I cant stay away from this game since I downloaded it, however, since downloading the latest update I have noticed a significant frame rate drop. Significant because I had not changed a single setting and have been enjoying the game up to this point. After downloading update on Steam, I have gone from around 50 to 60'ish FPS to 5 FPS and again no settings have been changed or anything before update. So I cant really rate the update as I believe the update itself may have something to do with it? Forgive me if I sound like a Noob as I am but
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