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    Motorbikes, ww2 Aircraft,going to visit old runways and drive the bike on them,ie long marston,And going to Airshows,home and abroad,camping if nessesary.And Camping and biking.everywhere,love kayaking also.My 1200 ,and Triumph insert.

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  1. ive noticed in il2 battle of britian blitz when you fly over London there is not a single barrage balloon,its a pity really,i have all the il2 games but they are not showing up on my profile,maebee because i got some from steam,but in multiplayer i would also like to see barrage balloons,the il2 series looks odd without them, in such a brilliant simulator series,it is very odd not to see barrage balloons,especialy in BOB Blitz when you fly over London there is not one barrage balloon to be seen.
  2. thank you Roblex i will have a look,i was hoping for barrage ballons to be implimented in all maps in the il2 series,fingers crossed,.
  3. the one thing i dont see in any of the maps ,campains e.t.c is barrage balloons,could they please be implimented into the il2 series,thanks.
  4. evrywhere i fly the one thing i dont see is barrage balloons on both sides,and i know there were balloons in the big cities and,special areas,is there anyway they could be implemented in the il2 series<? thanks.
  5. i cannot get to the user manuel,it says its been taken down ,or/and cannot have permision to give it to my site?
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