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    History WW2, US Army Air Force, 78th Fighter Group (Duxford Eagles), 357th Fighter Group (Yoxford boys), Royal Air Force, Eagle Squadron, ETO, 100th Bomber Group (Bloody Hundredth), 367. Fighter Group, 368.Fighter Group, 4. Fighter Squadron,
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  1. Hi, all, its this the weay, how save control settings, key settings if you must reinstal game? You need to back up these files: <game_folder>\data\input\current.actions <game_folder>\data\input\current.devices <game_folder>\data\input\current.map <game_folder>\data\input\current.responses <game_folder>\data\input\devices.txt and ...back this up as well, if at any time the controller id's get switched game_folder>\data\swf\il2\storage\storeddevices.txt ( you can also change the id numbers here ) Have you tried? I'll have to buy a bigger disk and install the game on it again. And I don't want to set the controls again. Thank you.
  2. Hi, how can i eliminate problem with some P51 skins, (green brush on wing) wasn before. Thanks. I have it on Etta Jane II and more.. Peter
  3. Thank you wery much, i is absolutely great work! Happy new year
  4. Will be more Bluenose skins? For Bodenplatte? "West Virginian" - Lt. "Bob" Powell "Little Rebell" - Lt. "Buck" Pattillo “Sweet & Lovely" - Lt. "Bill" Pattillo "Slender, Tender & Tall" - Maj. William T Halton Thanks
  5. Hi, i play right now career of 487th FS. Now i am on 11 January 1945. First, bad is that other planes arent on bluenosed skin I think it declares the mission, only me. And next, how real is 1 January 1945? Not to much axis planes. And nothing attacked Y-29. Ist Any mission from real? Thanks for your work guys,
  6. Better is Flying, no kidding.:) but, please, when you see someone hanging on to an enemy, please don't fly in front of their lauphs, it's often the case that someone from high up comes in and steals an apparently damaged enemy. Wait for your ally to take him go, and even better, cover him. I appeal to team cooperation. thanks At all costs, holding on to the enemy, it's no good dying at the cost of shooting yourself down, or getting shot down by a friend through greed. TY and Good flight
  7. GREAT! THANK YOU MUCH! GREAT! THANK YOU MUCH! What is the black point in the middle of red point on noseart?
  8. Capt. Huie Lamb’s P-51K 44-11631 MX-V “Etta Jeanne II” 82nd Fighter Squadron. Lt. John C Childs, Hot Springs, AR, 82nd Fighter Squadron. P-51D 44-63246 MX-S “Little Rebel”.
  9. How was said before, its to much work, and the few Who made this server. The people I work on the server own free time, have families and their own jobs, as has been said here. Please be patient.
  10. Hi, tis is another skin of BB Doll? I think he has another surface, even have downloaded skin only, is a need to store any more alpha layer?
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