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    History WW2, US Army Air Force, 78th Fighter Group (Duxford Eagles), 357th Fighter Group (Yoxford boys), Royal Air Force, Eagle Squadron, ETO, 100th Bomber Group (Bloody Hundredth), 367. Fighter Group, 368.Fighter Group, 4. Fighter Squadron,
    354. Fighter Group, Operation Bodenplatte, ...etc

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  1. Hi, what is still going for Allied forces? thanks Peter
  2. Hi, can you any help me, hou can i set mapping for use personal gun, to mouse? I will keep looking pilot head (opentrack) and move to arm and fire(MOUSE), I think follows the ROF. I don't know where can i mapping it? Thanks P.S. Its the same for wing guns (on Dolphin)? Shifty
  3. Of course, i think jettison dropped fuel tanks, are necessary as well as trimming the rudder, elevator and aileron in one axis, it burns me.Thanks for your work. Peter i'm hungry for P-51
  4. This is it, that i find! Someone has this in progress to made it?
  5. Hi, who made this skin? "Thoroughbred" flown by Lt. Lawton E. Clark of the 84th FS, 78th FG Thanks Peter
  6. Do you any know, how the droptanks in the future?
  7. In the game LSft+D to jettisoned rocket lunchers.
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