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  1. Usaaf pilots were only officers. Us pilots here in il2 has whool trousers. But often pilots flew just in Pinks, or OD Dark Officer gabardine pants. bad is only color of B10 flying jacket, the previous pilot with the B10 was the colour of the jacket correctly but the last one is more reminiscent of the M-422 flying jacket type and that was for the USN. Also, early pilots sometimes wore a B-3, or a B-6 sheepskin flying jacket but very little more rarely.
  2. Thanks, and the finaly area of england? Where will the northern border of the map be?
  3. Hi, what U.S.A.A.F. airfields will be functional, has it been known? https://mediafiles.thedms.co.uk/publication/ee-eet/cms/pdf/information-sheets/USAAF Airfields Guide and Map.pdf https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1LaV0qaInEthrUsGkKzDgT-GSFWw&ll=51.40193482747338%2C-0.7637716767095748&z=8
  4. here is some tips for skin p47D22, all form 4th FG, p51 flown by Lt. Ralph "Kid" Hofers was excelent made, then what his P47?
  5. Hi, thanks for answer, then, if is a paid campaign. I see after review if it makes sense to me. For the Hell Hawks, I certainly don't regret the money. Anyway, thanks for your work. Campaigns, which are part of the game, did not interest me. I understand that its much work.
  6. About campaign "A Violent Wind" will there also be excellent radio-communication processing in the campaign as in the "Hell Hawks"? ( I have to say it has raised the overall level of the campaign.) Of course with British communication in mind? Sat that similar noise isnt in basic of the game.
  7. I dont thin use this Hell Hawks campaign, but if its possible making some similar campaign, if it's realistic, to fly a similar mission with virtual colleagues. Multiplayer but with a prescribed scenario, goals, route. How works the coop left of MP button? load some campaign and use for coop? Thank you. Bastogne mission was hell:)
  8. Its possible to made some of this mission, for coop MP mission? Thanks
  9. Second take off, was ok, no, i was on the right place as 3th, the same as the "no take off mission". mission for today is "Bastogne"!
  10. Running mods? I havent mods. The second flight of this mission was take off ok.
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