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    History WW2, US Army Air Force, 78th Fighter Group (Duxford Eagles), 357th Fighter Group (Yoxford boys), Royal Air Force, Eagle Squadron, ETO, 100th Bomber Group (Bloody Hundredth), 367. Fighter Group, 368.Fighter Group, 4. Fighter Squadron,
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  1. I have 590, and now its all ok, but there's still thin line at the ends of the wings, do you know how to smooth out these edges? Lines? thanks. (sorry for mobile photo only)
  2. 1. ASROCK Radeon RX 590 Phantom Gaming X 8G OC 2. 20.4.2 3. yes 2, and 5 picture (0-800ft). 4. little better, there isn't as much shimmering on the aircraft but the terrain at low altitude still looks the same. 5. i proubt default settings in Radeon software, but the same. 5. No mods. In final i have black jagged line around aircraft contour when viewing from cockpit
  3. I am looking 12 skins for our online operation. Thanks. how much skins is completed? Regards EAGLE_Shifter
  4. Hi Bugsy, GREAT WORK, i am looking for skins of 362nd FS, for our special mission 12x skins, do you know if someone make more skins? thanks Shifter
  5. Hi, its possible on Combat box refuel and rearm? Cheers and good health for All.
  6. This is exactly how she attacked us yesterday 109, just after taking off over our territory.
  7. Hi, now i havent instaled by steam, i downloaded the game from IL2 webside. Then Which folders must i copy, before reinstal to new disk? Thanks
  8. Hi, its possible to safe kontrol settings before reinstal il2 to other HDD? At the moment its full, I have IL2 GB on the main disk, but I have purchased a larger internal HDD (3.5) and I would like to have it only on IL2, is it possible to install il2GB on this disk, and return the stored settings and control settings? What should I back up before? Thank you Eagle _ Shifter
  9. Hi, Great work, ore on this list airfields as Duxford, Debden, Boxted, Biggin Hill? I cant wait.
  10. Thanks i see it, excelent work. Thank you. I'm planning a trip to Debden in May:)
  11. Hi, its possible send as simple zip? no exe? thanks. how much skins are in? of 4thFG? the names up? Thanks
  12. Hi, all, its this the weay, how save control settings, key settings if you must reinstal game? You need to back up these files: <game_folder>\data\input\current.actions <game_folder>\data\input\current.devices <game_folder>\data\input\current.map <game_folder>\data\input\current.responses <game_folder>\data\input\devices.txt and ...back this up as well, if at any time the controller id's get switched game_folder>\data\swf\il2\storage\storeddevices.txt ( you can also change the id numbers here ) Have you tried? I'll have to buy a bigger disk and install the game on it again. And I don't want to set the controls again. Thank you.
  13. Hi, how can i eliminate problem with some P51 skins, (green brush on wing) wasn before. Thanks. I have it on Etta Jane II and more.. Peter
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