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  1. La-5 series 8 The only one I need to be satisfied with planes aviable to me.
  2. Great video! I'd like to participate as well Here's my channel: My channel
  3. Nothing to really worry about. 1.By the end of May there's election to European Parliament and many politicians said, that they will do anything to stop entire directive. 2. It breaks Constitiution of many European countries (e.g Article 13 alone breaks Polish Constitiution in at least 3 seperate places), so I don't think directive will ever be introduced
  4. Fake. German pilot was a paid actor.
  5. I'm not entirely sure what do you mean. If you have BOM and BOBP already linked to steam account, Fc should be there. FC isn't separate product and it comes in the same game as rest of IL-2 Great Battles series.
  6. Weren't we supposed to get Fokker D.VII with F modification? Or am I wrong?
  7. The one I like the most is Mamenchisaurus it's a sauropod dinosaur genus including several species, known for their remarkably long necks which made up half the total body length. It is known from numerous species which ranged in time from 160 to 145 million years ago, from the Oxfordian to Tithonian ages of the late Jurassic Period of China. Largest ones could reach up to 35m [115ft.] The only thing I'd enjoy fully is MC.202 Series VIII Collector Plane
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