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  1. I had the same. I purchased from different computer (on the same account) and it worked.
  2. Just go to quick mission and select icon with one black plane and choose runway as your starting position.
  3. Just go to multiplayer tab from game menu, choose server with enough people and have fun. That's it, no voice comm required.
  4. While flying Albie I think I got engine overheat messega around 60-70C. That really bugged be, because in ROF such overheating wasn't the case. When I was introducing my friend to ROF couple months ago I forgot to mention radiator and he was flying for good 10 minutes with rads closed.
  5. Cliffs of Dover is compeletly seperate product. What you said is true for games which titles begin "Il-2 Battle of...", when you buy one expansion, you download all of them, but you don't get to access all the content. When you buy Stalingrad, you can fly only Stalingrad planes on all maps against all other planes(in MP).
  6. I think they added it originally to ROF couple years ago, after someone posted some kind of evidence proving that there was at least one Ablie with such gun fitted. Maybe you can find something on ROF forum.
  7. I'm pretty sure UI shows IAS. I remember it showing that you can barely go past 400 kph at 7k in 109 K-4
  8. The 262 seems to show 100 kph too much on cockpit gauge, not sure if bug or feature tho.
  9. My predictions are, that fighting any allied fighter in 262 will feel somewhat like fighting Spits Mk.V in FW-190 A8. How else could it be?
  10. La-5 series 8 The only one I need to be satisfied with planes aviable to me.
  11. Great video! I'd like to participate as well Here's my channel: My channel
  12. Nothing to really worry about. 1.By the end of May there's election to European Parliament and many politicians said, that they will do anything to stop entire directive. 2. It breaks Constitiution of many European countries (e.g Article 13 alone breaks Polish Constitiution in at least 3 seperate places), so I don't think directive will ever be introduced
  13. Fake. German pilot was a paid actor.
  14. I'm not entirely sure what do you mean. If you have BOM and BOBP already linked to steam account, Fc should be there. FC isn't separate product and it comes in the same game as rest of IL-2 Great Battles series.
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