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  1. What sound does 747 make when it's bouncing on landing? Boeing! boeing! boeing!
  2. So there's an issue, which I haven't seen brought up yet. Here's the joystick deflection required to keep Dr1 flying straight. With sensitivity greater than 0, it means that aiming while flying in more or less straight line (like when intercepting a two-seater) is quite imprecise. This makes aiming a lot more difficult than it should be. I think the only decent solution is to give everyone the ability to change, where the flattening of the curve takes place.
  3. Another problem is, that when you have sensitivity set to let's say 60%, then the input required to keep WW1 planes flying in straight line generates inprecise output making aiming in planes like Dr.1 lot harder than it should.
  4. For Fw-190 and Bf-109 setting is the one thats by default changed by Shift+arrow up/down IIRC
  5. There was an angled barrel attachment to StG44 called Krummlauf, which according to Wikipedia was widely used with Ferdinand. I'm not sure whether it fits TC timeframe though.
  6. Most people I've seen on MP aren't closing their driver's visor with Win+C, which makes that area VERY and I mean VERY fragile, to the point, when with visor open small caliber rounds can penetrate it if they happen to hit this area. When I closed my visor I was basically impenetrable even after multiple shots
  7. I'd set distant landscape detail to high, other settings seem decent to me. Also, you probably don't need VSync - it does something you wouldn't notice in normal conditions and limits your FPS to 30, 60, 120 etc.
  8. Are you sure it does anything from 3rd person perspective? By assigning these controls all I do is move my view, which I normally do with TrackIR and position of the model itself doesn't change.
  9. I had the same. I purchased from different computer (on the same account) and it worked.
  10. Just go to quick mission and select icon with one black plane and choose runway as your starting position.
  11. Just go to multiplayer tab from game menu, choose server with enough people and have fun. That's it, no voice comm required.
  12. While flying Albie I think I got engine overheat messega around 60-70C. That really bugged be, because in ROF such overheating wasn't the case. When I was introducing my friend to ROF couple months ago I forgot to mention radiator and he was flying for good 10 minutes with rads closed.
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