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  1. Well it is a WMR issue related to the Cliff House. What is happening is that you have likely skipped, or not completed, the Cliff House routine of looking left, looking right, and looking down. This centres the headgear in real space. Then launch SteamVR for WMR and then iL-2. You should be able to move your head around the cockpit. Reboot implicitly works as well only because you probably ended up completing the alignment process. Just as effective although rebooting requires more cuss words.
  2. Darkdiz: How come no one is responding to your post? I've been looking for something like this for months and months and months. Started with Sublogic's Jet. Have had nearly every exotic controller since including original VR Forte VFX1 (think it is in the crawlspace somewhere). Lots of games and hardware in between. But never any good, never enough time. Twins. Thank you for investing the time and your knowledge. Your work brings logic and consistency to the relationship between the game and the interface. It will still take an investment in time, but I've gone through your remarks, and it makes total sense. Looking forward to the investment instead of the frustration. Paul PS - not surprised your Canadian.
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