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  1. Damage definitely better. My imagination maybe but AI seem to be permanently set on novice/brain dead. Makes for easy shooting. Maybe set that way for testing and forgot to switch back? Anyway big improvement. I like it. Can we get the armored glass fixed on the late 109's? skud
  2. DOH, not 1946, sorry didn't recognize topic header
  3. Hey Pattle this looks awesome! Are we going to get a map that allows us to put these [drop tanks] to use? skud
  4. Instrument panel and gauges are gorgeous! I'm liking the damage effects here - more smoke, fire and small bits than entire wings falling off. Much more like the real thing. One request though. For the next video can the 109s be winning? 😁 skud
  5. For me this armored glass issue is the biggest mistake and needs the most urgent fix. skud
  6. Hi Jet I'm flying JU-88s these days doing level bombing on Combat Box server because I can't see any fighters if they get more than a couple hundred meters away. Let me know if you want get some level bombing in. I'll show you what I know about the 88. I'm running a 34" 4K monitor also and I sometimes think I'm looking at an enemy aircraft and it turns out to be an amoeba on my monitor.😁 By the way I'm in lock down in Korea so have lots of time. Are you still in Korea? skud
  7. Jet, I think you speak for both of us. Good to see you again skud
  8. Greg is the best explainer anywhere. If I would have had him for a high school teacher I am sure my career would be in the air. skud
  9. Really liking the sound effects. The subtle far away echo overlay really gives a feeling of being part of the environment. skud
  10. Sorry -one more question. I have two buttkickers one Gamer2 on the joystick mount and one mini concert mounted on the rear of the seat. How do I change from left/right outputs to front/rear? I'm guessing most folks using two bass shakers in a cockpit are set up this way. skud
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