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  1. Thanks to all you talented folks at TFS for putting your hearts and souls into a game we both love. I have been anxiously waiting for this announcement and the day when I can hit "buy and download". I know this game still looks as good as anything out there and its power to handle huge MP servers is what has me going. It's going to be a blast! Ready for SOW! skud
  2. Download GPU-Z and run it while you are flying and it will tell you what is limiting. Its dependent on your machine spec and cooling not the game. 9 times out of 10 it will be your GPU clock that is limiting. skud
  3. I hope we continue to have the option to map different types of axes/switches separately to each control that had it in real life. For example flaps: instead of up/down, a lot of planes had 3 position, take-off, landing and normal flight and engines have all radiators, superchargers etc able to mapped to different controls for left/right engine. skud
  4. Could someone post info on the Stuvi. I'm having trouble finding anything very informative on it. Thanks skud
  5. Please share your graphics settings, your spotting distance is incredible! Your shooting is pretty good too! skud
  6. It's in a slot next to the 970s that work fine
  7. Be careful with older Samsung stuff. I bought a 960 and found out it is not compatible with computers. skud
  8. I'm using my PZ255 with DCSFlightpanels ver. 2.2.77 and it works fine in key emulator mode with BoX v4.007. maybe try going back to an older version. skud
  9. Another idea that might be applied with a bit of programming magic is to meter in available planes or lives as the map progresses in time. If your side has burned up all the planes or lives for the given period and you have just died you wait in a queue for a new life or plane to meter in. If there are surplus lives/planes you just jump in and go. You might need to limit this to 2 or 3 lives per player in a 24 hr period in order to keep one bad pilot from killing all the assets. If a side is short on pilots/lives it will serve to keep the reckless from trashing the side's chances to win. I like the idea above of letting people wait out the cue running rubber dog crab out of Hong Kong for needy bases to generate an available plane or life. skud
  10. This shouldn't be an issue. Maybe even a way to uncover those hard to find details when a player comes with evidence that corrects the best guess. Two things are required: Thick skin-can't let the easily outraged get to you Need to be willing to tweak the model relatively promptly when new and better information comes available skud
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