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  1. Dan Patterson is a photographer and has two books out that feature the cockpit and gunner positions of the 410.I've got he cockpit book and can vouch for the quality of the photos unfortunately it is in storage back in the states https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cockpit-Illustrated-History-Aircraft-Interiors/dp/1550464884 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gunner-Illustrated-History-Aircraft-Positions/dp/1550463322/ref=pd_sbs_14_t_0/258-7580783-7812130?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=1550463322&pd_rd_r=20d92ed2-9715-4572-a431-28e2b0da2f40&pd_rd_w=XpkGr&pd_rd_wg=5SCnj&pf_rd_p=e44592b5-e56d-44c2-a4f9-dbdc09b29395&pf_rd_r=PAH85D73F2QEPHQYHCBC&psc=1&refRID=PAH85D73F2QEPHQYHCBC skud
  2. Well done. Sandstone strata in the cliffs is very convincing👍 skud
  3. Its a cat..Hello Kitty to be exact and no, it's not for sale. I stole it from my border collie and she wants it back skud
  4. same in JU-88 gondola gunner, Seems to only be the left side though skud
  5. Here's mine, Set up my old PC and a couple of spare monitors to run apps like IL2missionplanner and Wind Compensator for bombing runs. Red LEDs help with night vision, skud
  6. Nice Pattle👍 However, wouldn't the A-11 be more appropriate for N. Africa? skud
  7. Me too. I shelled out about that much for a single 109 in DCS, a lot of nobodies buy single AC for that much. $60 for a B17 or a Lanc, that's comparatively cheap skud
  8. Agreed, I'd be happy with having those two as flyables for awhile. Really what I was trying to get to the bottom of was the question of whether it was a game software limitation or not. skud
  9. I fully understand the scaling issues. Big, maps, tons of cockpit and interior details, and probably lagging over a certain number. We can't get 80 players on a server reliably enough to worry about 1000 bomber formations yet. Still, there is a sizeable crowd of heavy bomber aficionados including myself that would be delighted to be in an 8-10 bomber formation taking off from airfields in the current map's extremities to rip the snot out of the opposing side's source of production and to watch our escorts go at it with enemy interceptors. I think the main reason we haven't seen the super-heavies is the cost to build them. It's the same reason Germany never built 4 engine bombers (until too late). skud
  10. If you put yourselves in the shoes of Jason and the 1C team this theater makes perfect sense. The question I would be asking if it were me would be how can I deliver the most satisfaction for the most people with X amount of cash and time. BON is able to capitalize on buildings, terrain, vehicles, landscape that already exist in BOBP or earlier maps. This is a big pile of low hanging fruit. Now, if the second thing I would do is invest in MP. Yeah, I know there are a tiny number of MP players. Well I think that is because MP can only handle a tiny number of players and it's hard to find dedicated souls to invest tons of time in very cool MP servers like TAW and Coconut. I'd throw them a bone with good tools and features and work to get the server load up to run 200 players. skud So how can a team of 8-10 Ju-88s attack an airfield with 20 bot- driven flak batteries and not get lagging? skud
  11. So how is that a game engine limitation? I understand its a lot of programming work but not a software limitation. skud
  12. Can someone explain to me how the game engine restricts the use of 4 engine bombers but not 3 engine transports? I'm not getting it and can't find a post that explains this. skud
  13. sounds like you have picked up a dose of the microstutters. Everybody is having that issue since last update. skud
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