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  1. I think you are misinterpreting these quotes a little bit. First of all -please correct me if I am wrong- I think those came from the time of the battle of britain or at the end of it. That means it was the time these armour plates came up for the first time in 109s. So if Galland and Steinhoff state that pilots took the plates off, they probably mean that these pilots removed them completely. They might have done it in that manner to receive the original view state without any armour plate. Now I would asume that in the following time, when were forced to have them mounted, they tried to find
  2. In my opinion that dominance of precision bombing of precious targets -for example airfields and tank column- that we saw during the last two campaigns is also due to the non-existance of any good concept preventing these attacks. I remember in some cases in the last eastern front campaign having one or two guys flying reconnaissance, when we suspected larger enemy air raids. Those reconnaissance supported interceptions were very successful in case of largely assembled groups of striking aircraft. So I would state here that if you force the reds to fly their attacks with the Pe-2 (or anyother
  3. This is my opinion about the TAW expirience. I hope it is comprehensible.
  4. The Problems here are not caused by the unbalanced Teams in my opinion. The main cause of problems I see in TAW right now is in fact the system of Flak guns. It may not be a server problem only, but also an issue IL 2 has in its entirity. Defensive airguns at enemy targets are the realization of stupidity. If you use one or two baiting aircraft and fly very disciplined AAA wouldnt hit any Aircraft in an attack, because they dont switch targets in an intelligent way. That is what is exploited by every side at the moment and also gives groups of around 10-12 players(took out airfield aaa with
  5. What do you have to do to get a permanent bann on taw?
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