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  1. Thanks guys. There is a possibility of a bug. If this happens, I would like to make a Video and report again.
  2. Hi, everyone. When playing on a multiplayer server, I and my friends are bothered by the enemies that suddenly appear from behind. Please watch the video. The server host is the Wings Liberty。 Is this a bug? or Network Lag? or server setting? In such cases, you will usually notice after shooting. I'm Really frustrating I would like to hear your opinion. thank you.
  3. Thanks for the response. i think you miss understood. The throttle is off. The videos I made maybe confuse you. So I took a video again. The Spitfire is very stable even at low speeds. There is no problem with easy control at a speed of about 6 miles from the minimum speed. I problem that turning the throttle off and pitch up does not reach the minimum speed. thank you.
  4. Hi, Aerodynamically, the lower the speed, the lower the lift. When this happens, the nose drops because the Aerodynamic center is ahead of the center of gravity. As the nose drops, the pilot raises the elevator and tries to keep it level. In the case of the Spitfire, the airfoil starts at about the center of the wing and then spreads towards the wing tip. In that sense, it is an airfoil that is less prone to tip stall than other aircraft. However, eventually the elevator will be fully up and it will be impossible to continue raising the nose any further. When that happens, the lift will not support the aircraft and the nose will either go down significantly or roll completely in either direction and will stall completely. However, the game's spit will not lower the nose much, even if the elevator is fully up. I will descend while keeping the nose slightly lowered. As a result, the speed does not fall below a certain speed. In other words, it is possible to keep lowering the altitude without completely stalling. With few exceptions, I do not know an aircraft that can go down from 4000 feet to ground level with the elevator fully up. I checked some of the other planes in the game. However, only Spitfire did not stall completely even if it continued pulling the elevator to the limit. thank you.
  5. 1)Brief description: Spit9 Flight Model issue (Flap effect) 2)Detailed description: The flap was down, the throttle was zeroed, and the control stick was raised and tested not to lower the nose in response to the decrease in speed. As a result, I did not stop the wingtip until the end and lowered the altitude while maintaining the level. Is this flight model correct? I think that can not be aerodynamically. 3.Conditions: Spit 9 Throttle: 0% Flap fll down Boost: OFF Start Alt: 4000 ft ~ 4)Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs):
  6. 1)Brief description: P-47D-28 Flight Model issue I calculated the required lift according to the bank angle from the performance data of P - 47D - 28. As a result, the flight model may be incorrect. 2)Detailed description: First, without using a flap, we continued turning horizontally at a bank angle of 60 degrees and verified the minimum speed at which altitude can be maintained. The result was 152 mph. In order to support the weight of 6577 kg, the speed is 174 mph when calculated under the following conditions, but I think that it is impossible to continue turning at 152 mph with 2 G turning. Next, as a result of using the full flap according to the decrease in speed under the same condition, the altitude could be maintained at the speed of 110 mph. I do not know what is calculating how the lift / drag calculation due to the effect of the flap at the BOS. According to historical documents, the horizontal stall speed with full flaps of the P-47D had become about 100mph. From this data, I do not think that the turning altitude can be maintained at 110 mph at a bank angle of 60 degrees. 3.Conditions: P-47D-28 Loaded weight:6577kg(wiki) Power:2300hp(wiki) Wing area:27.87m2(wiki) Flap area:3.68m2(wiki) Coefficient of lift(CL):1.18( Reynolds 500,000 α=11.0) http://airfoiltools.com/polar/details?polar=xf-s3-il-500000 wing section :Republic S-3 http://airfoiltools.com/airfoil/details?airfoil=s3-il Air density:1.293 Armed: 50 cal × 8 Fuel: 100% Throttle: 100% Boost: OFF Start Alt: 4000 ft ~ 4)Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): 4-1 No Flap This video continued the turn without using the flap and verified how low speed it can turn at 60 degrees bank angle. 4-2 Use Flap This video is a verification of how low speed you can turn at 60 degrees bank angle, keeping turning using the flap. Thank you.
  7. Hi Habu, The mission has become normal. Thanks to you. Thank you very much.
  8. HI Guys, I try createing a mission of kuban. However, if you set up an airport and start an airplane from the ground, the emerging plane will come out under the ground. I simply want to make two bases that start from the runway. I made a movie so please tell me what I am missing. https://youtu.be/M9iPoY4BU0c In this way, missions other than the kuban map will work correctly.... I'm sorry, my English is not good. Thank you.
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