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  1. Sorry, put this in the wrong section anyways. Problem solved, mission editor has some glitches that you have to edit manually.
  2. Trying to host a Flying Circus server, not having a good time! I have done this before in ROF, and didn't have this problem. First I borrowed a mission, the RAF one, and wanted to use it as a private practice server. Except when trying to start on the ground, the plane appears to go through the ground and I get thrown to observer mode. So next I tried the included Dogfight_Complex_Example and the same thing occurs. Any start in air flights work perfecly, but can't start on the ground. What am I missing?
  3. I'm sure some of you remember me from both RB3D and Rof days. I'm wondering if I should buy this and start the AB1 back up. How much graphics power does it need? I have an old but very oced gtx980Ti card that beats up on gtx1070s quite nicely. Does trackir work on it?
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