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  1. I used a "playseat" i bought on craigslist and modified it. Since it was finished i changed to a Virpil JS base for my warthog head, and VKB t-rudder pedals. The seat is from a dodge charger from a wrecking yard . it works really well and the best part it is fully adjustable / expandable
  2. Could he have one side wheel brake on ?
  3. How come it is 150.00 higher then MSRP ?
  4. Hello, Well i am having a blast in VR , but i realized i am keyboard deficient (i guess that is PC) otherwise for any keyboard commands i was "VR blind" even though the Rift S has a lookthru feature i could not see the keyboard that well. I knew the layout or pattern of the keystrokes i use, but to locate them with the VR headset on was difficult. I came up with a solution that i am happy with. I had a product i bought a while back from a TV commercial Called "BONDIC" which is a liquid in a pen dispenser that hardens with ultraviolet light which comes in the kit. I placed a drop on each key that i needed while flying and hardened it with the UV light so the keyboard had a bump "Braille" feature that i could easily find without lifting the headset to find them. I also placed a couple of bumps on the frame of the keyboard as a reference points. This works well for me and i decided to pass it on. Be safe
  5. Thank you dburne you have saved me a lot of time (which i don't have a lot of left) and effort.
  6. Ok got the resolution set, installed open composit and it works without steam , Already had a buttkicker i picked up on ebay. You guys are great, i really appreciate the guidance you have provided. Only thing i might need now is a copy of someone's settings for the rift S in iL 2. (I am leery of messing with settings by myself for fear of screwing it up), and someone to convince the war dept (wife) that i am not spending to much time in my cave on iL 2.
  7. Ok it works.WOW i got to fly the P38, P47, and JU 88 did a few take offs and landings, and touch and go's. Got the pilot head controls all set up. I could not find the the settings tab in steam to set the resolution ? I notice that Steam seems to be in control is that normal ? Also is their a copy of a basic setup for the rift s in IL 2 I can view ? Should i delete steam in the oculus library ?Thank you
  8. Thank you for responding: Sequence : Launch OTT, OTT main screen appears>launch Oculus, wait for guardian crap, Oculus Home appears in oculus headset>launch IL 2, select quick mission which loads on monitor, but oculus home is still on oculus headset, no IL 2 ??
  9. Well i am obviously over my head. I just got the Rift S two weeks ago. Got it working in DCS ok. Tried it in WT works ok. Tried it in IL 2 VR does not work. I downloaded OTT still does not work. What i need i guess is a step by step instructions , (or a video would be better)on what to do with the different applications to make it work. Bear in mind that i am age challenged at 81 years old, and not a whiz at computers, but dammit i want to fly the airplanes in IL 2 in VR before i tip over. Thank You for any help or info on this My Computer if Necessary: i7-7700K @4.20 Ghz, 32.0 Gb Ram, GTX 1080ti, 250 Gb ssd, 2 tb
  10. Rhino-1938 WOW Thank you for the opportunity
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