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  1. airahusky

    Armament and equipment

    This is diagram from "1945 Computing Gun Sight K-14A-Mark 23 Handbook of Instructions with Parts Catalog" :
  2. airahusky

    Armament and equipment

    Initially, we made a sight based on the description of the American K14, according in the description to the documents this feature is disabled. When we learned that the RAF version of the sight is different, the plane was already given to users. This will be fixed, but only for the British Gyro sight, but so far I can not say when it will happen. By the way, we do not have much information on British and German sights, we would be grateful if you have something reference and would send me. We have a technical description and scheme of the device, but so far it is not entirely clear how this exactly worked. Best regards
  3. airahusky

    Armament and equipment

    Thanks, we will fix that
  4. airahusky

    Graphics, models and maps

    Will be fixed We have already reduced the contours, but these are technical limitations which so far cannot be fixed. How can you see the contours appear only against the background of the forest
  5. airahusky

    A-20 tail light from afar

    Hello everyone, we'll try to fix this bug to the next patch.
  6. @Junkers188 Hi, do not delete your characters. I will try to write a guide how to revive them. And by the way, you saved the file with the mission?
  7. We will try to find a mistake. In such cases, it is easier for us to find an error if you attach a file with a mission (_gen.mission in data folder) Fixed
  8. We are aware of all the bugs about which you wrote and also want to fix it, but in our reality it is not so simple. At the moment we are working to eliminate the delay and hope that the message will not appear in the next patch. We are not sure that this update is the cause of this delay, but this should definitely improve multiplayer. We also cannot stop developing "new shiny toys", because a huge number of users are already waiting for their new aircraft and tanks.
  9. airahusky

    Armament and equipment

    I added to the list of improvements, maybe we will add a acoustic warning in future updates Thank you for the information, we use this in the further work on the game improvements.
  10. airahusky

    Armament and equipment

    Thanks. Fixed
  11. airahusky

    Armament and equipment

    I checked it, your picture is taken from the documentation on the A-20G in which the joint of the machine gun was different. Most likely in the documentation does not take into of rearranging the turret on the rail
  12. Hello. I want to explain why U2 can not take off from the ground. We have several types of land surfaces, but to make it clearer, consider the ground surface which has 2 types of land - "flatten" (ground cover of the runway and adjacent territories) and "not flatten". Respectively, "not flatten" have large bumps which do not prevent the take off of U2. This is done to emergency landing get more chances with the landing gear removed than with the landing gear. Adding new types of ground (with other bumps and a coefficient of adhesion should be supported by a map (which tells the aircraft on what type of surface it has the right wheel of the chassis), and this is the new design of maps, the new technology of their creation, production tools that we cannot make now.
  13. airahusky

    Graphics, models and maps

    We cannot understand why this is happening, so it will take us a long time to fix it. As soon as possible we will fix it. Will be fixed Will be fixed Will be fixed