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  1. The problem must be solved when we finish work to improve sound engine
  2. You tried to change the key mappings and try to assign group 1 on the keyboard? Is the flare selection button also on the joystick? By the way i have same joystick and you can send me the "input" folder and I can try to replace it on my PC.
  3. Yes . We just fixed it. Now flare is automatically fired with certain commands only for Circus planes
  4. Crash happened in Pid.dll This can be an operating system or input driver error.
  5. Try to change scale in the Windows display settings
  6. It looks like the edge of the map, most likely the map developer hasn't specified "Default camera operator"
  7. The network packet was lost, of this the shooting animation didn't stop. As soon as the F-2 shoot again, the packet came . We will try to make packet loss as little as possible.
  8. This bug is in the queue for fixes. So far this is not fixed, because there are more priority tasks
  9. This should be fixed in the next update.
  10. Is it on all types of aircraft? Or on the specific plane?
  11. What time is it in the game? Such a bug may occur when the limit position of the sun . And also inform on which plane it was happening.
  12. Are you sure you turned off the automatic radiator control? (LSHift+R)
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