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  1. @snowpatrol215 @GESPENST32GESPENST32 Hi guys, please send me startup.cfg from the data directory to find the cause of this bug.
  2. We know about it. Perhaps after the release Bodenplatte, artists will be free and will be able to do static objects.
  3. No, we cannot release all updates and fixes now because of working with sound, which is currently not working in the game version for devs.
  4. It looks like it really broke. I set the task for fixing
  5. @Red_Cat @Comes A mission generation error is possible, next time send us file \ data \ Missions \ _gen.Mission immediately after finding this bug
  6. @=FEW=N3croo Hi, thanks for the report. Please try to make a track next time.
  7. I checked the 3D model and didn't notice the differences.
  8. rescale_target must be 1.0 Please check this and try to reproduce the bug again.
  9. We have already fixed this bug You can check the file \ data \ startup.cfg Do you have this line in this file? [KEY = graphics] rescale_target = 1.00000 [END]
  10. @Field-Ops So far, we will not be able to change the angle of fire, because there will be a huge number of problems, the solution of which is not in priority. For example, AI will not be able to aimshooting on other aircraft
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