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    Swap Factions

    Ok, thanks for the reply Feathered! Thats what I just learned reading the forums. Downloaded the "all voices in English" mod hoping to see some files, and it was pretty much what you described. Russian callsigns, and one voice actor that cant be replaced. There has to be some file somewhere to make the planes call out the USA voice files. They already segmented online when you enable mods, would think that it wouldnt cause cheating... unless you fly an USAAF Me-262 or something.
  2. pops68

    Swap Factions

    Ok guys, quick question. What files do I need to edit to bring the P-39, P-40 and A-20 into the American faction? In my scrubness, I would like to start quick battles with these planes over the new map with the USA voices. I assume that there is probably a line somewhere that I can edit to swap out the pilot for the US pilot too. Been looking through the files, and cant seem to find anything obvious. IL2:46 made this incredibly easy. With BoX, it aint in the GUI and I am lost. Thanks!
  3. pops68

    Coop PVE

    Thank you all so much! I will have to test all of it out and see where I get.
  4. All, excuse my ignorance in this game. Have a question, and looking for answers. I usually fly DCS with a small group of friends, and I am able to set a server relatively easy and run a never ending mission where the computer spawns in AI planes and ground targets for us to destroy until quitting time. The only thing remotely similar to this is the quick mission, where I can select my plane, and then go up against endless waves of enemy aircraft. Is there a way I can host this for my friends and I? Not really into the competitive multiplayer arenas as much as a relaxing good time, flying cool planes against semi challenging bots communicating on our own discord channel.
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