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  1. Beautiful. I'll test 9.1 now, I like how this work has envolved.
  2. Did you enhance the cirrus clouds too?
  3. Nice mod but I'm not able to read a part of the instruments in some aircrafts anymore and I would have to use the 'technochat' for that. Fully movable arms and legs of the pilot would be a solution. (just kidding)
  4. I like this mod and I had it running for a certain time last year. For me it was very helpful to recognize the (not disappearing) craters from far away after the first run and you could easily find your target again after some minutes for the next attack. But it seems the mod is not working for me anymore, maybe due to the last updates. I did some tests today and had no luck. Is anyone using this mod as well?
  5. I was asking because in 'CoD' the 109 Emil had the same/a similar ammo counter and there was a 60 on the display for the 20mm. Or I'm really so blind that I read the 60 on the 110's counter as a 80? Oh god... Thanks.
  6. Maybe I'm missing or forgot something but hadn't the old 20 mm MG/FF 60 round drums? I'm playing a Bf-110 career at the moment and have 80 rnds on the counter, after a reload I've got 20 rnds as next. Is this a feature or a bug and is it maybe changable/moddable by a change in a config?
  7. Works well. You have to install one mod from inside the first 'Wobbly Tracer' folder by a mod enabler not the whole download itself.
  8. Randomized and more different Flak cloud 'puffs' would be nice. The ones from the higher calibers, I mean.
  9. I would really like to have (or be) a wingman/Kaczmarek and flying the 'Rotte' system in the Luftwaffe career.
  10. They all look quite real for me and I couldn't decide what is a photo and what is rendered or a texture. The rain in the first set (pi. 6) seems a bit off and could be a hint for a game picture.
  11. I have the compass, technochat, most of the HUD/icons, etc disabled or changed by a mod and I guess this disables the map completely too. Maybe it's possible to edit the mod to get the resizeable map back again. We'll see. Thanks for your help though.
  12. I would like to have only the minimap visible, at the moment I have to open the briefing to have a look on the map but this blocks the entire view and is laggy. (Everything else is disabled besides small red/blue points above the aircrafts and rectangles for ground tagets.)
  13. The escorted AI bombers don't drop their load when I'm flying an escort mission. I had this the third time now on the Moscow map after the last update. Today it happened when I flew in career in the IV./51 Squadron 'Mölders' starting at the airfield at Vjazma on 11.03.41 and had to escort a flight of Ju-88 to Polotnjaniy Zavod. After the 'hold your height/prepare to bomb' order from their leader they flew straight over the target without doing anything, kept their flight path and didn't return to base. In another case they made a slight curve until they left the map below.
  14. Ok, thanks. I already tried different things out but not this. Edit: It worked, I totally forgot this F10 button.
  15. I would like to buy directly but Steam offers the only acceptable financial solution for me.
  16. I can't see the reticle of the sight when playing the A8 version of the FW-190, in the A3 and A5 it is no problem. The other planes do work well too. I have to 'stand up' from the seat when using TrackIR to get the full view of the reticle. Or do I miss a 'raise your seat' function but I couldn't find one.
  17. The shilouettes of the aircrafts when they have a cloud as background look awful and from reading the threads about clouds and sky, etc. I'm aware of the reason. But what I don't know is there a way to fix that at all? Le funeste's mod helps in some situations in my case (2D) but it's still not really satisfying. And do the developers mean this issue when they wrote in the update notes: "5. Planes visual pixelization against the clouds at medium distances has been greatly reduced." because I recognize no difference but I'll play more missions to see what's going on.
  18. I got the best results when the 'distance of cloud rendering' is at 100 km or even less, more than 100 brings the aliased bottoms back on the very far clouds. For me it's ok. It seems to depend much from where you're looking at the clouds; from above or below and the time of the day (sun position) and more. Sometimes they're very good rendered in other cases not so. In some few missions I had these fast moving/jerking edges on almost every cloud visible again, like the unmodded game has. This mod is a good enhancement, I don't want to miss it anymore! Thanks for your effort.
  19. I did use your gpresets (settings on 'high') and the aliased cloud edges were gone in my case. Nice work.
  20. Flickering edges means the aliased bottom edges of the clouds, in case it wasn't clear enough, English isn't my first language.
  21. No, it's there all the time (I'm playing in 2D) and with all the cloud mods/settings I did use before as well. It's not a big problem but a constant flickering of the bottom edges of the distant clouds. Everything else looks quite good and much better with your mod now.
  22. I have jagged edges on distant clouds (more or less at the horizon) too as if the anti-aliasing isn't working there anymore.
  23. vonGraf

    Pilot photos...

    A more serious question would be: Why doesn't the singleplayer AI fly in pairs (Rotte, wingman)? Never had that in a IL-2 sim before.
  24. I'm using this mod but not sure if it's still working properly now after the updates.
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