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  1. Yep, I have the same issue as posted above. Can be seen on the maps as well.
  2. Just downloaded it and it's ok.
  3. vonGraf

    [MOD] Banding fix

    Is it correct the dds file inside is called 'dither'? I'm asking because of another mod which removes the dithering in trees and I want to use both mods.
  4. If the German AI would fly in 'Rotten' pairs and one could have (or be) a 'Kaczmarek'... But that's not moddable I think.
  5. vonGraf

    No fog mod

    Downloads and works fine here. Unpacking with 7z.
  6. There's a folder 'worldobjects' containing a text file 'staticexplosions', in this file are several P=0.00.. values. Lower the values or disable unwanted effects by setting the value to 0.
  7. vonGraf

    [MOD] Icons

    ...but not for long. The c update broke the 'other planes off' again. They're back and have the look pictured below, the player's icon is ok. Everything else that's not on the map is right as well here (small dots, diamond navi icons, ground forces, target brackets). Would be cool when you could fix it again. Thank you.
  8. vonGraf

    No fog mod

    The mod mentioned (removing) a 'blue tint' effect in the folder title. What could that be, I'm not sure.
  9. vonGraf

    [MOD] Icons

    All is good now.
  10. vonGraf

    [MOD] Icons

    Thanks. I tested 'other planes off' (without any other mod) and it worked so far but I got this 'symbol' as my plane icon.
  11. vonGraf

    [MOD] Icons

    I was using the 'other planes off' setting until today, worked always well. But now it seems the devs have changed something related to the icons and I got them again. The 'small icon' feature and the other things seem to be ok. It would be very nice if you could have a look if possible. Thanks.
  12. Everything is ok now, there was the 'data' folder missing in my JSGME installation of this mod. Thanks. Had to land on an airfield between these fires and impacts everywhere but they didn't do any damage to the plane. Good immersion though. And I as well would like to know where you can change the settings/options to 'low spawn rate', for example. It was mentioned in the OP.
  13. Just to be sure; the mod works in 'quick missions' only?
  14. Don't know, I'm playing these parts of the series not so long. But the smoke fades back in when I had turned my head/view away. It seems not smoking continuously only when you look at the emitter it begins to smoke (again). Sorry for my English.
  15. I tested 10.2 on the otherwise unmodded game in 2D and the icons are still not masked by the cockpit and wings. Unfortunately, I need (small) icons because of my bad eyesight.
  16. The icons are still not masked by the frames and wings. I'm using the mod in 2D. Thanks for your time and effort.
  17. Just want to add, the icons are again visible behind the fuselage, wings etc. after the 3.007 patch.
  18. vonGraf

    [MOD] Sound Adjust

    The beta sounds already quite good. Had the impression there's less noisy wind around the 109's canopy.
  19. When I saw the original navigation lights from far away the first time, I thought it's a barrage balloon. It's much better now.
  20. At last it's understandable and clear. Thank you. And now even without the 'ist, ist' hiccups!
  21. Very helpful mod, thanks for updating. Do I get it right that the icons are still visible through the wings has nothing to do with this mod?
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