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  1. I'm not speaking of the big plumes in Stalingrad but the brown and black (new?) colored smaller plumes are all fading in and out in my game.
  2. vonGraf

    [MOD] Icons

    Without the small colored dots in the air and squares on the ground I wouldn't find anything. Or at least much too late, my eyesight with 60 years isn't the best anymore. This is a great mod.
  3. I had the impression the position lights are again much too big/light after the last update and using this mod. Edit: Sorry, it's ok. The reflecting sunlight was fooling me.
  4. Yep, I have the same issue as posted above. Can be seen on the maps as well.
  5. Just downloaded it and it's ok.
  6. vonGraf

    [MOD] Banding fix

    Is it correct the dds file inside is called 'dither'? I'm asking because of another mod which removes the dithering in trees and I want to use both mods.
  7. If the German AI would fly in 'Rotten' pairs and one could have (or be) a 'Kaczmarek'... But that's not moddable I think.
  8. vonGraf

    No fog mod

    Downloads and works fine here. Unpacking with 7z.
  9. There's a folder 'worldobjects' containing a text file 'staticexplosions', in this file are several P=0.00.. values. Lower the values or disable unwanted effects by setting the value to 0.
  10. vonGraf

    [MOD] Icons

    ...but not for long. The c update broke the 'other planes off' again. They're back and have the look pictured below, the player's icon is ok. Everything else that's not on the map is right as well here (small dots, diamond navi icons, ground forces, target brackets). Would be cool when you could fix it again. Thank you.
  11. vonGraf

    No fog mod

    The mod mentioned (removing) a 'blue tint' effect in the folder title. What could that be, I'm not sure.
  12. vonGraf

    [MOD] Icons

    All is good now.
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