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  1. 11.4.0 works well for me too in 4 fighter sp missions, no visible despawning and in general more enemies in the air. What I found interesting is that high altitude bombers doing always two circles over the just attacked target zone before they flying back, never saw this in the standard career. For me as escort it looks like if they're controlling their work, making photos(?), etc. I like it this way.
  2. I've mistaken the thread as related to PWCG and said 'no subtitles logs in 4 missions'.
  3. I've read about this 'parachuting' of sweets during the airlift to Berlin after the war done by the allied pilots in C-54 transporters. 'Candy bombers' But I've asked me the same question too, the opening in the 109 for the flare pistol must been a noisy thing during flight. Maybe they stuffed some cloths inside or the mechanics built a cover. Or the pistol had to stay attached.
  4. I was a little bit of sea-sick the first time. And setting the deadzones wide enough stabilizes my view in general and prevents me of getting a stiff neck from holding the head motionless when aiming.
  5. I'm waiting for a small holodeck that fits in my living room. Like a 2,5 m diameter black plexi-sphere with a small entrance and a seat iside. And four PCs in the corner of the room to run it. In my next life maybe...
  6. Holy Jesus... I'm just trying to understand what the man says in the thread. No wonder it didn't work for me the first time. But I'll get it...sooner or later. Thank you very much for the help all the time. Very nice! Edit: Just saw your hidden text... lets try it again. Until now I had again no luck; game didn't start/the computer was even hanging up and had to be reset.
  7. Sorry wrong thread, how can you delete posts?
  8. Yeah, and due to the 'icon mod' I'm using I have to leave the hud enabled (the speedbar, compass, etc. is disabled though by settings in a text file) and so I have the nice points over the planes but the g-meter too. Really not a problem. But I wish I could see better to disable the rest too. I'd be lost without the small points as icons/labels above the planes. Mr. Magoo
  9. I have the 'speedbar' disabled but the 'G-meter' is visible though (due to a mod). Anyone knows how to switch it off? I've looked through the unpacked data a bit and couldn't find anything about the g-meter so far.
  10. Sorry, maybe I'm too blind again but I have no .exe file in my just downloaded and unpacked 11.3.1.
  11. I think it's just because Japan was in the so called 'Berlin - Rom -Tokyo' axis and the game uses this 'axis' term.
  12. I have a Vega64 and have similar issues with AA in the distance since 4.005. And the AMD/Radeon control software isn't so good like NIVIDIA.
  13. Does JoyCurves work for CloD too? I had no luck, the game didn't start anymore.
  14. Ok, I had guessed a Dackelbauch Bf-110, if someone had asked me. But I just see the instruments on the motor gondolas aren't right for a 110.
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