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  1. It's a lot better now, thanks to everyone! After all this years.. great! Flew a bomber/destroyer attack on Tobruk in singleplayer today and there were a LOT of planes and Flak shells in the air. Very immersive. The only issue I had was that I couldn't get the antialising to work properly, maybe an ATI driver thing again (as usual.. 😔) Got jagged edges on cities, streets, etc.in the distance.
  2. This time I even could make a 'photo'. And he shoot me again...
  3. Does un-gtp extract really everything completely, even from the latest versions of IL-2? There's always this 'unknown type encountered' message at the end of the extraction process.
  4. I hope this is the right mission, because I did a new install of IL-2 recently and have Pat's generator as well. Should be a kind of escort mission, I flew a 200HP Halberstadt as red flight leader and near the target waypoint there was a convoi of trucks on a street and I took the oppurtunity to attack them. I even had loaded some of the very small bombs for this reason. The 4 Maxims on a GAZ were mentioned in the after battle report/logbook as the reason for my forced crash landing, I didn't see them by myself. mission.zip
  5. Danke, habs wohl voll übersehen.
  6. Gibts eigentlich eine Mod oder Konfiguration, womit man die Bezeichnungen/Icons (Entfernung/Gruppe etc.) neben den Flugzeugen im Einzelspieler bearbeiten oder entfernen kann? IL-2 1946 hat da ja ein praktisches Menü für.
  7. Today I got a 'broadside' from a GAZ Truck that had 4 Maxim MGs mounted. Thought this AA weapon was a WW2 improvisation, but maybe I'm wrong and such constructions were in use in WW1 as well.
  8. A BF-110 with 'Schräge Musik' and Lichtestein antennas?
  9. vonGraf

    [MOD] Icons

    I did the same and didn't find anything too
  10. vonGraf

    [MOD] Icons

    Yep, good question!
  11. Works well again in v.10.3; just created a new BF-109 mission and flew it.
  12. I use the 'meal time' technique too when playing the tank driver in Arma3.
  13. I can't continue my campaign anymore how it seems, I get always a 'No planes for flight' message when I try to generate a new mission. But there are still 13 Bf-109 F4 planes on the list in 'equipment' and 4 in 'equipment depot report'. I'm still within the first month of the campaign, so it wouldn't be a big problem to start a new one. PWCGErrorLog.zip
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