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  1. Wow, that's a quite strong visible issue. Would annoy me too.
  2. I'd like to have a mod to disable the G-indicator too. But without disabling my modded icons (tiny points above the planes) as well... Guess you can't have everything. 🙂
  3. I like it too but so far I could only reach the pub after the initial attack and after whisteling for a horse the enemies of course found and stomped me into the ground. 😁 It's a while ago; when I find the time I'll try it again. Great game so far I could see and read.
  4. I got the banding in the SKY away by using reshade, nothing else had a real effect in my game in this regard. The strange stripes in the clouds comes from the game rendering itself as I read several times here in the forum, but I'm glad I have it very rarely. More or less only when looking above on some few sorts of clouds for a short time and It's neglectable for me.
  5. dither fix.zip
  6. Yeah, especially when the rear gunner gets his orders from the pilot he's shouting like mad. As German I use another mod I found here that clears and enhanced the sound of the Kraut's radio calls. You couldn't understand them at all.
  7. I got even past the '2 minutes' radio call until we had to regroup on the southern side of the town and river. The missions I played so far were long and well done, I like them and the plane too. A bit tricky for me was how to release the bombs properly if they're stored in the bay and under the wings. Not using the 'technochat' how can I control having the release to 'wings first and bombs in pairs', for example? I have to test it out in QME first and note it in my game-booklet, I think. (Just have the idea of using the bombsight for that purpose, don't know if it works) And
  8. Sorry, just saw I have these .txt files from another mod in my 'data/LuaScripts/worldobjects/mapemitters/test' folder. Two of them have this entry posted above in the text; not in the name, therefore I couldn't find them yesterday. Maybe these files do the trick in my case. IIRC they're from the Chir Front campaign; maybe the same author? If someone wants to experiment with them: In the folder 'test' the files 37 or 41 could be related to the issue. data.zip
  9. I did look for it too and couldn't find it but my campaign runs disturbance-free until now (3rd mission) All I did before playing was the deleting of the .msbin files and resave the missions/campaign in the editor again.
  10. "A flightpath defined on the map but also that can be flown with autopilot." Sounds good for me. 🙂
  11. Seen in the tips here, I read Daniel Defoe's Report about the plague in London too. It had some overreligious passages but that's been normal in those times, I think. Interesting read.
  12. I usually take a long dive down when I have a very hostile AI behind me, then pull out to 50 m and watch them crash into the ground.
  13. It's happened one time in a SP mission from a collection I downloaded here. My own settings are 'balanced' in the game's presets (but with 96 samples) and 'high' for the clouds in general.
  14. I've tested the 3D overcast and cumolonimbus2 settings in several missions now and I got mostly great looking results. But my PC wasn't able to handle it in CPU heavy SP missions (like in PWCG) on a 4K monitor anymore. FPS were still good but I got this 'flashy' and laggy view you couldn't properly play with. No problem! Back to the normal overcast and clouds and everything is fine again. 🙂 One time I got this 'uber-fluffy' clouds. (in 3d overc. and cumo2)
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