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  1. The hint/post above and the video let me look for the gpresets file and I saw I had it in the wrong folder (in a 'null' folder) since months, somehow I did mess it up. Now I installed it correctly plus the 10.1 version and it's all good and looks great. I had these jerking/fast moving cloud edges all the time; they're totally gone now..what a relief! Good work, rowdyboot!
  2. Ahh, thanks. This riddle is now solved for me too. I expected to see 3 times a 60.
  3. So far I understand you have to place them in the mission editor by yourself. They don't show up in existing missions and campaigns.
  4. Yes, looks a lot much better now. Great work and thanks. BTW, it's funny to see that in IL-2 my hometown has the size it had in medieval and the whole huge harbor at the Rhine is missing. But of course that's not because of this mod.
  5. vonGraf

    [MOD] Icons

    Good to know, the older version I had still asked for a plugin and I took paint.net instead for easy tweaks.
  6. Beautiful. I'll test 9.1 now, I like how this work has envolved.
  7. Did you enhance the cirrus clouds too?
  8. Nice mod but I'm not able to read a part of the instruments in some aircrafts anymore and I would have to use the 'technochat' for that. Fully movable arms and legs of the pilot would be a solution. (just kidding)
  9. I like this mod and I had it running for a certain time last year. For me it was very helpful to recognize the (not disappearing) craters from far away after the first run and you could easily find your target again after some minutes for the next attack. But it seems the mod is not working for me anymore, maybe due to the last updates. I did some tests today and had no luck. Is anyone using this mod as well?
  10. I was asking because in 'CoD' the 109 Emil had the same/a similar ammo counter and there was a 60 on the display for the 20mm. Or I'm really so blind that I read the 60 on the 110's counter as a 80? Oh god... Thanks.
  11. Maybe I'm missing or forgot something but hadn't the old 20 mm MG/FF 60 round drums? I'm playing a Bf-110 career at the moment and have 80 rnds on the counter, after a reload I've got 20 rnds as next. Is this a feature or a bug and is it maybe changable/moddable by a change in a config?
  12. Works well. You have to install one mod from inside the first 'Wobbly Tracer' folder by a mod enabler not the whole download itself.
  13. Randomized and more different Flak cloud 'puffs' would be nice. The ones from the higher calibers, I mean.
  14. I would really like to have (or be) a wingman/Kaczmarek and flying the 'Rotte' system in the Luftwaffe career.
  15. They all look quite real for me and I couldn't decide what is a photo and what is rendered or a texture. The rain in the first set (pi. 6) seems a bit off and could be a hint for a game picture.
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