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  1. Heheh sorry, I just tryied to help Usualy when I make a research for skins I spent many hours browsing ebay and WorhPoint websites, for example photo of mentioned "Maggie Zass" was found on worhtpoint website. Here is the link to that photo. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/original-wwii-photo-nose-art-47-2027390651 Cheers!
  2. Nice skins! Keep it up! I love them! By the way, I'm still wondering why you keep paint the black stripe on the left wing root? I never saw it on any P-47's photos from WW2. Here are some examples of wings without black stripe on wing root: Cheers!
  3. Call Letter '4K * I' was painted on plane with serial number 44-20274 and nicknamed 'Bunny'. So most probably 'Jabo's Taxi' had different call letter than 'I'. Cheers!
  4. Actually I think that this part of the template is quite accurate. Many photos from WW2 shows that a lot of Jugs had it painted like that. Look at my attached jpg. Also many restored planes have it painted like that. But probably there were some variations on some particular planes.
  5. Hi all. I made these drawings in 2008 and 2009. I was member of the 200th Sentai virtual squadron, established in Poland by 200th_Sakagawa and 200th_Nakano, I was a third member that joned that squadron in 2007. At that time we spent many hours playing an old il-2 1946 sim. Every one of us used historical skin on thier personal plane, so I drew every plane that my mates flew in the game, that's why there is a lot of Ki-84's on the pictures. But also pair of Hellcat's from VBF-12 virtual squadron and other planes. Drawings were posted on ours squadron webpage, which no
  6. Hi again. thank you all for such a kind words. Work on the skin continues. Shape of the antiglare is updated and some gear bay internals. I decided to remake rivets and some panel lines, they will be based on historical photographs, so they will look closer to the original P-47D-28. Also I will add some new stencils, like you see there are small black numbers on the acces panels on the fuselage. Each acces panel had own number applied 2 times, once on the panel and second on the area around it. Click pic to see more details. Che
  7. Hi all. After releasing around 276 historical skins for an old il-2 1946 in the last 9 years, I decided to try to make some skins for the new IL-2 BG series. I'm amazed how many details you can put to the skin in the new il-2 right now. Now I can read all the stnecils on the aircraft while drinking morning coffe Here I will post screenshots from upcoming projects. First attempt is 4K historical skinpack for P-47D-28, it's still work in progress: Regards, 200th_Taro
  8. Hi. If you miss this times you can always join Pacific DF server runing on old il-2 1946 with HSFX 7.03 modpack, named Aces over Pacific. IP adress is: Here is my screenshot from today from one of the IJAAF airbase on this server. Skin download is ON there and server have historical skins on static planes Cheers!
  9. Hi. Yes, there are at least 26 Dogfight servers running on old il-2 1946 right now. Some of them are not visible on HL. But there is a site which monitoring active 1946 servers, with current number of players, version of the game, IP adresses etc. Here is link to this website: http://il2.com.ru/en/links.php When you will klick on the particular server's name on the list, you will see server details such as statistics, which maps are running and how much players it have during the year and day. I hope it will help. Regards, 200th_Taro
  10. Hi all. I voted even if developers have made their own decission already, because I Iike to vote when there is opportunity to vote I voted for other option because: Midway is a famous ballte but I can imagine that making a carriers in this game would be a difficult task. Guadalcanal would be also challenging to make as already mentioned, simply because of the historical distances beteween bases and again carriers involved in the campaign. New Guinea is an nice idea but I guess that most of the players thinks about New Guinea from 1943 not 1942, where there were many
  11. Type of improvement: Graphics Explanation of proposals: I suggest to make an animation of meteors, so called shooting stars on a night sky (but not like this one from Chelyabinsk) . Just a random few meteors per hour and sometimes more to simulate metor showers. For example on summer maps (Perseid metor shower on 12 August every year), or on winter maps (Leonids on mid November and Geminids on mid December every year.) Benefits: Immersion. More realisim for astronomy fans like me. Also players could make a virtual wish during flight for example : "oh I wish I wo
  12. Hi again ACG-Flyby. Here in attached file is a screenshot from yesterday, Saturday evening 25 May 2019. 12 people online on Aces over Pacific server Server is currently updated with 5 new maps and more features like skin download ON. Here is link to my post about these updates on acesovereurope.org webpage with more details: http://acesovereurope.org/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=514&pid=10536#post_10536 Regards, 200th_Taro
  13. Hi Flyby, AcesOverEurope and AcesOverPacific servers are running on 4.12.2m + HSFX 7.03 History Mod version. Sometimes some ppl still flying there. Here are the webpage of these servers: http://acesovereurope.org/forum/index2.php Cheers, 200th_Taro
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