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  1. Awesome Video We had some awesome pilots on the server last Night, Very enjoyable evening.. Blue Skies..
  2. Thanks to All who flew tonight Looking forward to doing it again Blue Skies..
  3. Welcome aboard Thanks for being an Old Geezer
  4. PM sent Thank You for your interest in the Old Geezers lets get together and fly soon Blue skies OG_FC
  5. Thank you My Friend hope to see you in the server soon had a Blast Great Flying ~S Blue Skies Just wanted to say thanks to OG Rosco and OG Woodrow Call for Joining Me at Old Geezers we will have a Blast before it's over..
  6. Just wanted to Offer a big Welcome to Rosco, newest Member of Old Geezers can't wait to do it again Welcome Aboard.... Blue Skies OG_FC.
  7. Outstanding Night Best turnout so Far, I think it is safe to say everyone had a good time, I know I did. Cya Next Friday.
  8. Two new missions in the rotation for this Friday on the 10th. 1 Close encounters, {Kuban}. 2 The Battle for Flemish Bay Map { Kuban } 3 Close Encounters 2 Across the Volga Map {Stalingrad} Special Thanks to GCF & Woodrow Call for help in testing the missions been having a blast. Great teamwork yesterday Woodrow, & Thank You very much for the OG skin. Blue Skies OG Woodrow Call & Myself headed out across the Volga
  9. It does not matter how old or young you are it's how you play the Game. The server is running right now every day from 5 am est to 6-7pm. We are hosting Friday night fights so if for some reason we can't hook up through the week it will be running for sure then. As soon as I get the parts for my old rig I will put the server up 24/7 . Congrats J5_Gamecock. Zooropra please don't let people know that is my actual picture don't let it out of the Bag.. Blue Skies to All! OG
  10. ~S Morning to all, I am looking for a few Pilots to wear the OG Tags, no experience needed will train if need be... The only real requirement is that you have Teamspeak3 and are willing to teach or learn depending on your experience with flying Combat Sims.. To me it's all about teamwork there is no one Pilot more important than another a Great Mission is one where we all fly out together complete our objective and Fly Back and Land together. Points are to me useless they cause egotism. Also being available at least one day a week and ready to train in whatever we happen to be working on Gunnery, close formation flying , or just shootin the crap out of each Other.. We use our own Server and it will be 24/7 soon / like our team speak server. I f you find you may be interested in flying please PM me and we can get started . Either way Blue Skies to All. OG_FC
  11. GCF Thanks for a great event last night, had a blast although not able to finish flying having you guys on the server was very cool and very enjoyable... looking forward to doing it again in the future. Thanks & Blue Skies to everybody involved....
  12. Does anyone have some decent numbers for the S curve & J Curve in the thrust master software that would be willing to share, I find the Pitch is way over sensitive and has given more issues trying to maintain flight while fighting almost unflyable for me. Thanks In advance.. Blue Skies OG_FC
  13. I can't wait till the map is released I wish it would be soon, until then it is what it is, Flying a part of an unfinished game. Blue Skies. FC
  14. I am on line almost every day at 5am eastern time server runs most of the day till between 7-8 pm. Be looking forward to flying with you Blue Skies. OG_FC
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