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  1. I have been running a DG server in Flying Circus for awhile was wondering if there is any interest flying a co-op Campaign using PWCG I have it set up and it is a great tool so if you like flying co-op's look for Old Geezers in the MP co-op list will be hosting a WW2 Campaign starting with Kuban today. I want to keep it small at first 8-10 players custom settings and see how it goes.
  2. This is awesome Thank You. Best of luck as you continue your work... Blue Skies
  3. What is the default Key setting to activate the Sun Filter in the Gun Sight I have searched everywhere and Can not find it. Thanks in advance.. Blue Skies
  4. It is harder to walk away from than I thought, Thanks to all of you,
  5. I just don't like the flight model anymore , I am limited to just the camel because the sensitivity of the German planes is to great, after about 2 months of testing I finally got it set at least I could fly the D7, Then they change the Flight Model. Now with server Issues it is just to much to deal with... By the way I did fly ROF with the Black Haze SQ, when ROF was very new, at least with ROF we had the tools to set your curves and dead zones, they imported the flight model but no way to set it correctly as in ROF... I wish all you guys the best I have enjoyed very much flying with or against you This is a great community of people. I hope the dev's fix everything and the community continues to grow. I am fighting Lung Cancer and I just can't spend time doing something I do not enjoy, with me time is of the Greatest Importance. Blue Skies / I will be making mission and sending then to GCF & Dark Owl so hopefully those who enjoyed flying them will still do so..
  6. The server is just another one in the List of Issues I have talked with 1C about. With the update and the change of the flight models it is just not enjoyable for me to fly any more. I hope in the future updates they will fix what ever the issue is but I guess I have just given up any hope.. Blue Skies..
  7. No longer accepting Pilots Blue Skies. OG_FC
  8. Since the Last Update My Server has continued to have Issues, to many crashes!! I don't like the update, I did not buy ROF 2014, I bought Flying Circus 2018, I will no longer support 1C or 777 with my funds. I have met a lot of Great people on Friday Nights and I wish you all the best. Both GCF & Darkowl have my Missions. I will no longer be running a server in Flying Circus.. Blue Skies.. OG_FC
  9. Sorry I just seen this Post I will fix that so the finish Mission if landed will be in the Settings. I thought it was checked My Bad. Thanks for pointing That Out.. Blue Skies
  10. Current list of Active Members of The Old Geezers OG_FC
  11. Welcome aboard Porkchopper Great to have you flying with us at Old Geezers Blue Skies OG_FC
  12. Server ran great tonight all most as good as all the very good Pilots that were flying. Thanks to all for flying on Old Geezers ~S Blue Skies
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