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  1. Your always welcome to fly on Old Geezers/ last night was lets say untypical my server has had issues since the last update, Thanks to Paul (GCF) for trying to save the event with his server. Thanks to everyone who flew on either server Hopefully Next week things will be sorted out.. Blue Skies..
  2. It will be Interesting with the new Plane set Looking forward to it.. Blue Skies
  3. You are certainly Welcome Paul, anything I can do to help with The Sunday Event. Blue Skies.
  4. Had a blast Thanks to All for Flying on Old Geezers Lots of Good Pilots Thank You All again!! Blue Skies OG_FC
  5. That is a good Idea probably a lot of People flying from There/ If not your always welcome to come fly with us.. Blue Skies.
  6. Good Flying Last Night on the Flugpark Server Thanks Darkowl Had a Blast.
  7. Thank You, You hit the Nail on the head. I don't drink any more but everything else is right on the Money Best of Luck no matter where you Fly Blue Skies OG_FC
  8. I wish you all the Best where ever you fly Emmer. Blue Skies...
  9. Very Nice Titan And Welcome to the Old Geezers Squad glad to have you on board.
  10. I am sorry I thought it was 1700 my fault Thank everyone for flying tonight, great Pilots a lot of awesome fights to bad my eyesight is so bad would of loved to fly more!! Blue Skies..
  11. Well Being Old has nothing to do with Old Geezers/ JG1_Hotlead Thank You we are growing , but always there are growing Pains. It's just a name something different like my Missions a little different than Normal. I don't think Emmer will make it as an Old Geezer, Maybe Wrong will see.. Today will tell.... Blue Skies
  12. Great Looking Skin really like the color of the Tail To Nice!!!
  13. Looking Forward to another great Friday Event/ Couple new mission in the mix this week. I hope you don't get mad at me Paul for doing this GCF will not be attending the Flyin tonight, He had surgery this morning, Please join me in sending some Good Wishes to Paul, and hopes for a Speedy Recovery.
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