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  1. I want to make a couple airfields to represent : A farmer's field , A shallow valley etc. Does the Land leveler tool work in the MB. I have placed it servel times then when I save the mission it asks if I want to save the location Database Changes but I am not sure where to save that at.
  2. Sorry gentleman pretty ruff thunder boomers took out my internet for the Moment Great time tonight Thanks to everyone who was flying tonight
  3. Very Cool Video, Glad you Guys liked the mission !!! Drag & Bag it's a lot of fun when it works to your advantage ~ S Blue Skies.OG
  4. Sorry I Forgot I had appointments @ Hospital today be on later early evening Blue Skies OG_FC
  5. Imagine yourself on a journey, One of Sight & Sound, ambience and Immersion, No your Not at Rod Serling's House, you have just entered the Old Geezers Zone. To clarify what it takes to be an Old Geezer simple really 1st you only have to be Mature Minded you do not have to be Old like me, 2nd.You must have and use teamspeak3 for Communications. I am looking for a few People who might be interested in joining, & putting on the OG Tags. Blue Skies to All OG_FC
  6. You can join anytime you like, I will have the server up shortly
  7. Bud You can find me online from 3am eastern time till about this time 6-7ish I call it a night. Looking forward to flying with you cya Soon Blue Skies OG
  8. A little Saturday Morning for your Saturday Morning Blue Skies OG_FC
  9. I will get in the editor asap and send you a pm.
  10. Are you sure you were flying The Battle of Bloody Ridge,
  11. Thanks West it is the Battle of Ypres 3, it is first in the rotation I have seen the Ai above 1800 meters trying to close on me, so I guess it depends on how high the pilot flies once he has triggered the Ai to attack they can be very aggressive I was very impressed with the action of course in the end two camels finally got the shot on me, as I was floating down in my parachute along came a Spad & killed me, wow! Sorry just could not pass that up😂 Blue Skies OG
  12. River Boats have been taken care of. Not normally but I wont shut done while someone is flying
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