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  1. 51st_FC

    Changing Player Name

    Looking forward to it...
  2. 51st_FC

    Changing Player Name

    Just a heads up for anyone that has the same issue/ 1C sent me a reply this Morning to fix the issue very Impressive Indeed.
  3. 51st_FC

    Changing Player Name

    Thank you for clarifying that, I guess I need to start a support ticket or something I don't want to buy BOBP until I am sure I will be able to fly it, with my friends that have it already.. Thank You again I just sent a support ticket to the Dev's hope they get back to me pretty quickly or not I guess. I am an old USAF Crew Chief I have a special place for the P-47 it is one of my Favorite Planes flew it for 13 years daily in IL246, spent many a day on war clouds Boomin & Zoomin and on the deck poundin the Ground. Can't hardly wait to get it up and going again in BOBP. Thank you for all your time and help ~S FC.
  4. 51st_FC

    Changing Player Name

    Thank You my account name on steam is different than the one here, in game user name in steam is the same as here. I guess I need to create a new account here with what I use to log into Steam. Thank you Very Much.
  5. 51st_FC

    Changing Player Name

    I tried again to link my accounts same thing message 4 wrong username or password. I am not so much worried about the user name I want to buy BOBP but I have to have Bos installed if I can't link the two accounts how will I be able to Fly BOBP? I changed my password again on this site but again it says wrong user name or Password/ I changed the password on steam again #4. I have never been known as a rocket scientist, but I am not stupid either, just an old IL2 Guy who wants to fly the jug again... Thank you for taking time to try and help me not sure what I should do. But I do appr. your kindness trying to help out. ~FC
  6. 51st_FC

    Changing Player Name

    Thank You Again for all your Help, Trying that Now. Will it make any difference that I bought the game through Steam, I see all the Versions of the Game you own are listed under your Avatar ? Sorry if these seem like stupid questions, Again. Thank you
  7. 51st_FC

    Changing Player Name

    Thank You Hursty but I am already logged in with this account I can"t change the Player name 123etc. it shows when I fly? When I try to link accounts thru steam it always gives me error message 4 wrong user name or Password. I think I might have to change my account name here to 123456 or something Crazy stuff just to get my name right in game I don't use icons anyway once I get use to the Game ,still a newbie with this sim... ~S
  8. Just finished my first single player Mission in BOS Thanks to Supernova's Tut's worked like a charm. Made a second Mission it won't show up in the game? I have run the integrity checker and it passes all files like the first mission are where they need to be in my Folder. Have been over the mission many times in the editor does not show up in Game? Not sure where to look for an answer...
  9. 51st_FC

    RIP FA_Monguse

    I am a cancer survivor at the moment anyhow/ Knew Monguse back in the Old Days of Il2 so sorry to hear of his Passing. ~S R.I.P.
  10. Thank You Outstanding series of Video's
  11. 51st_FC

    Changing Player Name

    Got BOS through Steam,my name in game that I see is player 123etc. Tried linking my steam account I guess you have to do that to change your name in game? But every time I try to link the accounts it tells me I have the wrong user name or password. Not sure what password there asking Steam, this site, some where on Mars? Seems a little more than easy, to accomplish such a simple task. Any Help would be greatly Appr.
  12. 51st_FC

    THE BUTCHER - SP scripted campaign [Fw190]

    Very Nice Campaign Thank You for sharing this, very enjoyable to fly.
  13. 51st_FC

    How to Install skins

    Sorry For not replying sooner Thank You...
  14. 51st_FC

    How to Install skins

    Hello to Everyone just got Battle of Stalingrad would like to use some custom skins that I found here on this forum/ looked through the root files not sure how to find the skins folder. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in Advance 51st_FC.