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  1. Since the last update my game loads about 90% of the Time with only the two titles I bought from Steam BOS BOM. I have to restart the computer from shutdown in order for the Game to Load all titles BOS BOM BOBP BOK FC is anyone else having any issues like this. I searched the steam forums Found Nothing. Just checking to see if anyone else is having this Problem.. Not sure where to look next..
  2. 51st_FC

    WWI Skins: PatCartier's Pot-Pourri

    Outstanding would be an Understatement, Just Bought FC found these skins Very Nice work look great in Game... Thank You.
  3. 51st_FC

    WWI Skins: PatCartier's Pot-Pourri

    Outstanding Skins Many Thanks.
  4. 51st_FC

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    My New Ride, Thanks Again to the Author T.W. She is one Beautiful Fat Girl/To Sexy!!!
  5. 51st_FC

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Outstanding Awesome p-47's Outstanding Awesome skins Thank You Sir..
  6. 51st_FC

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Thank You Sir, enjoy your work some fine P-47's as well as other aircraft. Looking forward to seeing it in Game.
  7. 51st_FC

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Another Fine example P-47D-28 Would love to see this without invasion stripes Checkerboard Cowling looks Awesome
  8. 51st_FC

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Old Geezers Have Jugs will Travel 4 Moscow Minnie, Another Fine looking P-47 heading out for a dawn strike.
  9. 51st_FC

    American Voice Actors needed - part trois.

    I would be willing to help out my voice is pretty raspy like an old Gunnery Sargent anyhow I like what your doing awesome Idea... Blue Skies FC
  10. 51st_FC

    Arty Batteries

    I need to find out about the Defence switch I knew I was missing something My flak and AAA do nothing. Thank You Alonzo for taking time to reply. I figured it out Jim's being the Manual & Vapor's smart Ai video got it going The skies will never be the same!!
  11. 51st_FC

    Arty Batteries

    What Guns do you use for that puffy flak I have tried the Flak 36/38/52k / 71k/ doesn't seem to be what I am looking for.
  12. 51st_FC

    Volunteer Fighter Group Recruiting

    I build Mainly Dogfight Missions I have been working on a series of Maps called Have jugs will travel Kuban Stalingrad Moscow as of right now. Would love to have you guys come in and fly, But the Volunteer Fighter group is only me. I came over to BOS with a couple guys who flew with me In IL246 in the 51st but they have moved on or went back? And I should add that my mission building experience is no where near what you might find on other servers, learning as I go, I have a server set up and 24/7 TeamSpeak send me a PM and I hook you up with my Comms and we can chat and see where it goes... Would enjoy flying with anyone as long as teamwork is the priority not points... ~FC Thanks for the reply.....
  13. I am looking for a few Mature Minded Pilots who like to fly The P-47, mainly but also P-40, P-39, A20, & the P-38 when it is released. East Coast US group but Pilots are Welcome to join from Anywhere. I fly daily till about 8pm The Old Geezers Server is where you will find me if interested. I am Retired USAF Crew Chief, Love Building Missions and Consider a good Mission one that we fly out together fly Back together and Land.{ Points are useless unless we act and operate as a Team. } PM me for our TeamSpeak info if you think you might be Interested. Blue Skies to All ~FC.
  14. 51st_FC

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Old Geezers VFG Have Jugs will Travel 4 {Moscow Minnie} On Loan to the 51st beautiful P-47