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  1. Oh so it's not based on western/eastern front but in the whole war? I see.
  2. Hello, Is a Russian guy being the top ace in Bodenplatte considered working as intended?
  3. Hello, I see that there's the PWCG Music file on the download page, i tried extracting the Audio folder to IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\PWCGBoS\BoSData but i don't hear any sounds? How am i supposed to install it? As for the PWCG squadron skins, i just extract the content to the IL2 main folder right?
  4. At this point, i kind of question whether bigger maps are worth it. You guys really like bigger maps, meaning spending >30mins flying from your airfield to the target? With a career mode where you do the same mission 3 times in a row, attacking the same thing at the same place?
  5. Guys. Wait. I actually just noticed: Normandy is 10$ more expensive than Bodenplatte. And what do we get? - Mostly rehashed planes - AI planes - An AI flying bomb What's the justification for this price hike?
  6. Intense disappointment. There goes the hope for pacific 😥
  7. Bodenplatte career: Last time it's being dragged out of the sick bay and strapped into a plane with the along with the corpse of my flight lead and no3. I think i know the reason why: The RAF actually conducts a dark ritual to bring back the dead. Pic: How every Spitfire pilot in the theatre conducts the ritual
  8. Thank you! I was wondering where else to post it! P/s: I dont want to but it seems like i'll need to cheat myself out of this with save editing...
  9. I just came back from a bomber escort mission escorting B-25 in the No.127 RAF, autumn offensive.
  10. Hey guys, i kind of encountered a big bug in the bodenplatte career. I'm flying for the No.127 RAF squadron, and apparently in the RAF, you get dragged out of the sick bay and strapped into a spitfire for an afternoon bombing mission, along with your dead flight lead remains and whatever's left no.3. My career is stuck here since if i click start mission, IL-2 crashes from this massive violation of basic human rights, like the right to stay dead XD.
  11. I agree with this thread. Everything was definitely easier to see, and now i dont lose my target as often when they suddenly fly above a forest anymore. Please bring it back
  12. The new G modelling affects the AI too? cause it seems to me like that ace AI are some kind of superhuman now, I was chasing a 109 down the dive in a spitfire, we're about 0.27km away from each other, but he can still pull all lose rolls and wiggling AIs do, while i'm blacking out constantly. Finally got G-LOC and by the time i woke up, i was 50ft away from crashing into the ground
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