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  1. They are volumetric. A lot of tweaking to be done still but you should be able to have different layers, proper overcast, fly inside and around etc etc
  2. Kling


    Nothing really! if it runs fine anyway, leave it. Its mostly a way to make sure that old cache files from previous versions of the game dont screw up your current version of the game.
  3. Kling


    No reset of controls for me
  4. Copy I will forward your post to the guys with the knowhow. Which quick mission is it or is it all missions when you change flyable aircraft to the Beufighter instead?
  5. Stall can very often be one wing losing lift before the other. Had you been higher up it would most likely have developed a spin, now you just just hit the ground hard instead as you about to land. Here check the first 10 secs of this video out. Even a pilot friendly aircraft as the Cessna 152 enters a snap stall if one wing stalls before the other
  6. Radio commands and AI have been the games weakest point since day one. Good news is that we have made good progress on that
  7. sounds like a proper slow speed stall. If stalls are ever likely to occur it would be just before touch down. some ww2 fighters had nasty stall characteristics... The tip is to have a slightly higher landing speed. The British were trained to land with all three wheels touching the ground at the same time. (with a nose up attitude i.e just before stall) The Americans however, to my knowledge prefered two point landing i.e the main wheels touch the ground and as speed comes down, so does the tail.
  8. Check this thread https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=28092&highlight=thrustmaster+warthog
  9. I never had that problem. I know that some people do. I THINK, if you change USB ports the settings can go to default, or if you delete your conf.ini file obviously all settings will be gone. Go in to windows power mode and make sure that the USB ports are always powered even when the computer goes to sleep mode. The other option is to check in Steam (Steam ->Settings -> Cloud) and make sure that "enable Steam cloud synchronization" is NOT ticked! Hope you sort it out
  10. That was the case in ROF as well. I guess it is just a limitation in whatever software they use for cloudrendering.
  11. Install NET 4.7.1. https://www.microsoft.com/net/download/thank-you/net471 For further info check here: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.c...ighlight=crash
  12. Have you posted the issue on the atag forum?
  13. Faust, The error is: "System.DllNotFoundException: Can not load DLL UIAutomationCore.dll" The file "UIAutomationCore.dll" is part of windows so, either you have a corrupt windows install or you are missing a lot of windows updates.
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