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  1. Hey guys, im making a comeback in il2 but cant stand the shitty ping on eu servers, really looking forward to playing with yall again. Are yall on the official teamspeak or a private one? Edit: Disregard, I didnt RTFQ. Looking forward to it!
  2. Looks like a good PR move here https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TMUV-JQNkVY
  3. I got started with flight sims thanks to warthunder. First used a mouse for arcade, then went to realistic. picked up a logitech to try out sim battles. After a while of that picked up IL2 BOS when it first came out along with CLOD. Now I've got a Warthog with CPPro pedals and Trackir. So I'm living proof the progression line of thinking works.
  4. I would double check that you're trimming your elevator properly when you're flying. Not trimming is going to lead to a lot of bobbing and require constant pressure on the stick. Ideally in straight and level flight you want to be able to let of the stick and fly for a few seconds on parameters. And then personally I'll add a bit of back trim when I get into a fight so that I have more elevator authority available when turning- really important in a 109.
  5. The german planes definitely are a bit more sensitive to elevator/stab inputs, they're great on my warthog stick but whenever I switch back to my logitech extreme 3dpro it's pretty painful to fly. My complaints about the 109 and 190 are their tendencies to spin so abruptly during an accelerated stall. Maybe in real life it didnt happen because you couldn't physically reaf back on the stick like you can in game. I have a hard time believing that's realistic though, coming from flying in the AF, I've planted the stick to my seat pan many times before and never seen as violent an accelerated stall and subsequent spin like I have in the 109 and 190 in this game.
  6. This was pretty nice man. I could tell it was repeating but because it was spoken so softly/consistently it wasnt glaring or anything. I felt like it added a lot of ambiance. If you add more in the future I would suggest you have shorter transmissions, since radio comms are supposed to be as concise as possible. Long conversations are the exception. Oh an please, pleas do this for germany too if you could!
  7. Goes to show a lot of people are out there that want to play but won't unless a server is populated. Glad y'all are trending toward getting more people on and playing together.
  8. Zak, can you talk about the physics in the game a bit? I'm interested in how ya'll model airflow over the wing specifically and how damage or missing parts will affect that air flow. For example I lost an aileron but I was still able to roll both directions using just aileron input. Also, will you add wake turbulence to the game at some point? I heard that BOS used to have it modeled but removed it- will it return?
  9. They would nav using dead reckoning...
  10. P-40 to draw in the American market! That will help immensely to balance the teams which have most often been German favored.
  11. It would be really neat to have an online event/campaign that combined RO2 and IL2.
  12. Yeah I would rather have a historical campaign where the odds of surviving the first mission are the same as the last mission... the only difference being the type of task or number of units involved between each. Having more accurate AAA or aggressive AI or whatever is just too gamey IMO.
  13. I think he means DCS ww2. Which I haven't seen much progress from and from what I understand is less my cup of tea than il2 in terms of gameplay.
  14. I could see a way where if you could select a target a bar could show your total energy relative to theirs... But you need something to compare it. By itself would be meaningless.
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