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  1. I use the HP Reverb with an i7-8700k and a GTX 1080TI 11Gb the Performance is very good with that, if you have a strong PC rig with at least my specs or even higher I can recommend the Reverb.
  2. ONCE VR ALWAYS VR!!!! I started with a Rift and now I use the HP Reverb. IL-2 BoX is the best VR experience for me, second best is sim racing with iRacing. VR is amazing and I am Looking forward to every improvement, Hardware and Software wise.
  3. Very nice Video.....the Devs will like it for sure very much. Nice Advertising for the IL-2 Great Battle Series
  4. Thanks Jason for answering. You and your Team are working hard and improving the Great Battle series really very much and try to make the best possible, I and many others appreciate very much and are thankful.
  5. the clear advantage of a Razorback compared to a Bubbletop is that the Pilot is more secure against bullets coming from his 6.
  6. Exactly…..I agree. We don´t need any "check 6 VR Option". Make it as realistic as possible and for that I would just wish that the "screen players" would not be able to move their virtual head to the back position like they do with a mouse or so. We are no ostrich with such a moveable neck and as you stated wearing the 5 point harness it is NOT realistic anyway.
  7. Maybe these 3 new collector planes will get a 4k Resolution Cockpit? That would be cool @Jason if your Dev Team would do 4k Cockpits from now on.....also for the upcoming Battle of Normandy planes. Just dreaming hahah…..please make it.
  8. Got the ACHTUNG SPITFIRE and I like it very much. Nice Story telling, I like the music and text book before the Mission starts. Good Job.
  9. I prefer to Keep it like it is now………….the way it is looks OK and is not a big deal.
  10. preordered all 3. I like the Hurricane very much, thanks to the IL-2 Team for bringing them.
  11. I like the next Battle of Normandy, Looking Forward to the map area and all the upcoming planes, great to get a Mosquito. I am very happy that you will bring the P-47 RAZORBACK, I love that one more than the bubble top Version. I did preorder the Yak-9, 9T and the Hurricane and the next Battle to support the best Dev team of the world.
  12. ZachariasX Said everything, so nothing to add. Just that it shows how realistic IL-2 is done by the Devs. The Spitfire is really not easy to taxi and keep straight after landing, it is like dancing with your feet on the rudder pedals to keep it straight. Don’t brake too early after landing, that will probably end up in a spin on the runway aswell
  13. I will buy it soon in the store, looking forward to it. Thanks for providing this campaign.
  14. Oh thanks, that sounds great. I am really looking forward to test the new build next week. Having a smoother experience in VR sounds really nice. For my opinion IL-2 is one of the best experiences in VR which I have seen, even better when the devs find more ways to improve.
  15. The way YOU are cynical here just shows everybody that you are not smart and friendly enough for this really great, helpful and friendly IL-2 community. The great P-38 collector plane itself would be worth the few more money.....just for your info I bought nearly every content from the dev team to support them and keep the great content coming, so don’t be so pathetic to complain about getting the Premium content for a discounted price by 10$ off.
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