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  1. The new Collector planes coming are great news. I personally love the shape and the look of the Hurricane very much and I am looking forward to it very much. The Yak-9 and Yak-9T are also great….I will buy them all. Hope to hear some more official news about them soon. Thanks to the Dev Team.
  2. Oh sorry, then I misunderstood something, now it´s clear. Anyway I wish the hydraulic sytem would get depressurized.
  3. Thanks for the Link Elem…….but then it does not work in our Sim. I tried to retract the Landing Gear on Ground while parking with engines off and it does retract.
  4. I love also the 55th FG 338th FS liveries…………...would love to have them all and the 343rd FS......GUNFIGHTER......is there a download anywhere please? Thanks very much!
  5. Oh hell yeah…...love the Iron Maiden ACES HIGH...………..it fits very good.
  6. I did mention the need to depressurize the hydraulic system after the shut down items by pulling the pressure release handle right after release of the P-51. It is a safety feature and makes sense, if you don´t put the flaps up and down to depressurize the System it keeps pressurized and you can retract the landing gear on Ground while parked…...try it. Besides this……..there is a need to switch off the magneto switches after engine shut down ( which stays on all the time untill next engine start sequence ) and switching off the fuel booster pump after take off and landing ( it is switched on all the time, which is not correct ), the fuel booster pump is normally only on for take offs and landings.
  7. For us VR users this would be totally fair, since the monitor guys are zooming in and out like crazy, which is totally unrealisitc and nonsense in my opinion. I don´t zoom in VR because it is not realistic and totally kills the immersion. The zoom in option should be completely removed from the game, both for monitor and VR.
  8. Oh yes.....from me too a big thank you to ALL the Skinners, who share their hard work and their great airplane skins. Even some do help people by doing skins on request, that is the proove of a very nice community. All the best for future projects. Best regards Joe
  9. Thanks for all those lovely Tempest skins. Will there be some more nice P-51´s coming? A GUNFIGHTER maybe? haha Looking forward to those P-38´s.
  10. a bit louder whistle would be nice.....agreed.
  11. why are here many many questions asked several times in several own threads? Maybe the admin can delete this thread, it was answered more than once before already.
  12. Great stuff Sir, they look awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Thanks for the Photos….I love the Russian Girl with her rifle facing the bear. I did make some photos with the described method….see link below. But the problem with this method is that you have to crop each Picture individually to the correct size by try and error method, which takes ages, because I can see the result ONLY inside the Cockpit and then I have to go back to my PC to crop again. I don´t have photoshop, so I don´t know how to do it. I shared my results in another thread hear in the skins section.
  14. Thanks so much for sharing so many nice P-51 skins 😍 I found 1 small mistake......below the fuel tank filler caps the red maintenance stencils say " suitable for aEromatic fuel " the fuel is aromatic with no E. " Suitable For Aromatic Fuel "
  15. The IL-2 Cockpits are amazing…..great love to details....they really look like the real thing. Best job by the Dev Team! The OLY Thing which I wish to improve is change it from 2k resolution to 4k, that´s all, just keep the design and the look. Thanks.
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