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  1. Hi Kestrel79, swapping wheels and pedals...if I would do that all time, I would get mad, that is the reason why my flight pedals are on the Floor and my Racing Pedals connected to the Rig and my throttle quadrant is on a stand next to my rig, that is all not optimum, but a compromize. Good to know that so many of us want to use the Sim Shaking Option with Buttkickers in IL-2 now. I am soooo very thankful to Jason and his Dev Team that they made it possible now with the latest update. Sim Shaking adds sooo much immersion to a Software, I am really looking forward to it. Oh yes, I would also like to get some feedback, maybe you will try it. For me it is planned but must find a solution how to mount my Buttkicker. Once it works I will provide feedback,
  2. Yes, great you have 2 rigs. Nice Setup you have. I have 4 DOF Hyperaxis additional with Seat Belt Tension System done by a SCN actuator and under the seat another Hyperaxis which turns the seat for traction loss. the 100mm Hyperaxis are perfect for Racing, for flying not so much, because I don´t get enough pitch and bank angle. For "flying an Airliner or a Cessna" that works, for IL-2 with all the barrel rolls, loopings and stuff not so great My Motion System is really optimized for Sim Racing, my most favorite is iRacing,
  3. Thanks very much for your Input. Nice Sim Rig. What you say makes sense to me and I did decide already not to use the Sim Shake cushion. I will use my Buttkicker Advance. Still did not decide which Software I will use, the one from Andre or the one from Sim Racing Studio.. Do you have 2 different rigs, 1 for Racing and 1 for Flying? That would be my dream. I use only 1 rig for both, flight and racing, so I have to make compromises.
  4. I am not talking about adding a Buttkicker to my Joystick, I want to use it for my motion rig using a lot of Sim Racing besides IL-2 and because I have Motion already with lots of road effects and all kind of others I need a stronger Buttkicker to get the Immersion which I am looking for, especially because I want to use only 1 Buttkicker and not 4 or 6 like many other Sim Racers use. As I said it´s personal preference and I only wanted to give the idea of another option, when you are happy that´s totally fine. I tried the Gamer2 and for me it was too weak. Since Sim Shaking is used for many years already in the Sim Racing community…...here is an interesting PDF how to connect Sim Shaking to a rig, with different combinations. https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/092827_d7edc251221e4d1589b663124364f58c.pdf
  5. @ Sn8ke_iis you consider to buy a Buttkicker now. Great decision, BUT I will not recommend the Buttkicker Gamer2 at all. This Buttkicker is very small and weak. To everyone who thinks about buying a Buttkicker I recommend to go for the Buttkicker ADVANCE BK4-4. I have this one for many years already, used it attached to a Playseat with my X-box 360 years ago and later with my PS4. The ADVANCE really kicks ass, has a lot of power and adds a lot of Immersion. Soon I will try to mount it to my Motion sim rig for my PC, I am Looking for a nounting solution now. Of course at the end it´s all personal preference, maybe you and others will like the Gamer2, but I promise once you tried the strong power of the Advance you won´t go back to the smaller one. https://thebuttkicker.com/buttkicker-advance/
  6. Hello guys, I use my PC besides IL-2 Great Battles also for Sim Racing. For Sim Racing I have a dedicated motion rig and there I use also the wind Simulation kit of the Canadian Company SIM RACING STUDIO. SIM RACING STUDIO has Hardware and Software for wind Simulation, Motion and Sim Shaking. They support now also the Sim Shaking Option for IL-2 Great Battles. I am considering buying their Software for Sim Shaking, I am still not sure if I shall use my own Buttkicker Advance which I have or if I should buy their Sim Shaking Hardware kit with the seat cushion, which has 4 Shaker transducers inside!? https://www.simracingstudio.com/product-page/srs-license This is the BASIC Shake kit: https://www.simracingstudio.com/product-page/srs-shakekit-shakeseat-integrated-with-shakebox-lite This the more advanced Shake kit: https://www.simracingstudio.com/product-page/elite-srs-shakecombo-includes-srs-license-for-bass-shaker A detailed review of the BASIC Shake kit:
  7. The flaps in the Mig-3 does really operate in a strange way like this. It is a pain in the ass and for me it no fun anymore to use the Mig-3. I wish there would be a better solution
  8. I would like to see some Training Aircraft. Like the STEARMAN and AT-6 for the Americans and a Bücker Jungmeister for the Germans. And of course the Fieseler Storch. A ME-163 would be fun aswell A PBY-Catalina.....so we could take off and land on the sea, would be great fun
  9. My answer is…...you have BOBP already and the development of BON has just started…..so it will take time untill we get the full release, enough time to safe some bucks to buy BON aswell later.
  10. Happy new year to all, especially happy holidays to the russian dev team in Moscow, they have their russian Christmas in a few days, Merry russian Christmas then and a great time in holiday. I am looking forward very much in 2020 what´s coming for IL-2. I hope the Hurricane will come first.
  11. Thanks very much Bugsy for all your efforts and great skins. Happy new Year and Luck and Health. Best regards Joe
  12. Congratulations from another airliner Buddy. I know what those trainings and type ratings mean, lot of stress and endless study time. I wish you good luck and always happy landings. I just landed in cold Beijing, all best wishes from here. By the way, thank you for all your nice and helpful Videos about IL-2. Best regards and Happy new Year, Joe
  13. I just tried to download the Cape Cod Express, the download link does not work for me, anyone else with the same Problem? Thanks and happy Holidays to all fellows here.
  14. Merry Christmas and thanks very much für sharing all those nice Skins.
  15. Really nice, all those 343rd you made. Thanks very much Bugsy, happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you.
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