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  1. Yes I think that is not too great with such limited actuator travel, to use for flight sims, same as my Hyperaxis. For your Buttkickers and IL-2 you better buy the Software of Andre. Read this thread and you will find all answers.
  2. Thank you very much for taking your time to explain the new DM in such Detail. Your work is very appreciated and thank you very much for doing all those improvements. It sounds great and promising, Looking forward to it. Thanks to all the Devs.
  3. That is a real nice Looking motion rig. I use a platform mover aswell, which is optimized like yours for sim racing, I use FREX Hyperaxis 100mm actuators and I can say that 100mm in movement is great for sim racing but not for warbird style flying. The motion is enough also for flying airliners or normal General Aviation stuff without aerobatics. Flying aerobatics or dog fights with large bank and pitch angles feel weird in my Motion rig, because the movement of my actuators are too much limited. How many mm or inches do your D-Box actuators travel? I hope you get the Motion support for IL-2 Great Battles for D-Box and can provide some Feedback how it feels with YOUR rig when you fly aerobatics, or just large pitch and bank angles. Seeing that you also use the Buttkicker Advance, I have the same one, also mounted on the same spot on my bucket seat and using the new Sim Shaking Software of Andre for IL-2 Great Battles adds a whole lot of Immersion. I recommend you to buy the Sim Shaking Software of Andre, you will love it, but maybe you have it already!? Good Luck.
  4. Hello guys. I can say following…..stay away from Sim Racing Studio for IL-2, the shaking effects are not great and sadly the wind Simulation is not supported for IL-2 For Sim Shaking and IL-2 I use Andre´s Software, which is perfect and very well made. Sim Racing Studio is the Software which I use only for sim racing…..for wind and shaking and that works superb. @NervousEnergyI have my Heusinkveld Ultimate pedals mounted on my Motion rig and the Thustmaster flight pedals are on the flloor unattached, I don´t need to move them which makes everything easy.
  5. I prefer wired all the time, no input lag. which one did you buy now?
  6. So hard to do Trouble Shooting when you don´t know what it might be, I have no idea what could be the Problem. I know the Frustration Level is high when suddenly a VR HMD stops working. I hope you tried some other USB 3.0 ports on your PC. Good luck, hope HP can fix it.
  7. Is it the first Generation HP Reverb which you have? The one without the plastic cable connector Clip? The 1st Generation did not work properly, mine stopped working after 4 days, the second Generation which I have works just normal. I would recommend to contact HP directly and try to find out with them what causes trouble, you should do an RMA.
  8. I never heard that, but sounds interesting, I want to test what you say. What do you mean by "during loading the game"? You mean once you start IL-2 at the game launch or while loading a Quick Mission or Carrer mode or Online Game!?
  9. Maybe that is a bug, it was reported by several others before aswell. I never had that experience untill now. I hope Andre can have a look into it.
  10. Runnybabbit, I think with your PC Hardware you will not be able to run the HP Reverb with any acceptable results. The 980Ti is definitaly too weak. A friend of mine was using a 980Ti with his Oculus Rift for some years, also with limited and lower graphics Settings. Then he upgraded last year to the HP Reverb and found out that it was impossible to use his 980Ti anymore, he upgraded his PC with an i9-9900k and an RTX-2080Ti and now he is more than happy with his Reverb and he says that it is the best HMD for him right now. I am waiting for the RTX-3080Ti to come, I am desperate to upgrade again.
  11. I used the Vive Pro, Oculus Rift and Odyssey Plus.....even the PS VR for my PS4. Now I use the HP Reverb and for me it is the best HMD which I had till now. I have not tried the Index or Pimax till today. I am still happy with the Reverb, it is even not at full SS Resolution in SteamVR, so there is still room for improvement, but my PC Hardware is limiting the Resolution of my Reverb i7-8700k 32Gb DDR4 RAM and a GTX-1808Ti 11Gb
  12. YES, they seemed to fix it. Thanks very much for your Video, that helped. I am soooo happy that it works now without disturbing.
  13. What is a strong PC? Maybe you post your PC specs, better. I use the HP Reverb with an i7-8700k 32GB RAM and a GTX-1080Ti 11Gb I set the "Screen Resolution" as low as possible, NOT 1920x1080, because it is NOT the Resolution for the VR Headset, it is for the monitor screen, which mirrors the picture of the game. Otherwise with the HP Reverb it is important to ENABLE the "Reprojection Mode" in the starup.cfg file of Windows Mixed Reality, that helps to Keep away stutteing when you have Frame Drops.
  14. Ask 1 Question and you get 100 different answers and suggestions. Best would be to go to a shop and test many Headsets by yourself…..but that is the problem nowadays with Internet Shopping Where to find good Shops with a great choice of products to test.. Many people buy products with Amazon to test and send it back right away, what does Amazon mostly, put it into the shredder, that is no soultion. Buy whatever you like and prefer, I did the mistake 2 days ago to buy a pair of in ear headphones, after watching a YouTube review by a guy who praised those Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd in Ears. After I tried them I was shocked about the bad sound they produce. Listening only to other people´s opinion and advise leads often to bad decisions.
  15. pfrances, you did alter the startup.cfg correctly. Do you use 1 or 2 Bass Shakers? Where did you connect it, which channel of your soundcard? If you use only 1 Bass Shaker, you must use the "Mono ( 1 Bass Shaker )" Option in the Software and connect it to the green channel of your soundcard. NOT the Center/Subwoofer channel ( I did that mistake at the beginning while setting up everything ). The Option add-on did work automatically, I also don´t know where to check for that.
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