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  1. I use THIS sim, because it works so great in VR. Without VR ist impossible for me now. Thanks for the great VR support.
  2. Is there any time estimate when we can order stuff in a Webshop? I would like to see a website soon to check out the whole portfolio, what we can buy.
  3. When I use the 60Hz mode with my G1 Reverb I get a lot of flickering, which does not work for me. Maybe that is personal, some may see it some not?!
  4. I just realized that a .fcf file is not possible to upload here. If you PM me your email, then I can send you my TARGET profile .fcf file
  5. The great skinners here provide mostly a download link here in their skin posts, just do the download ( a skin is always a DDS. file ). Then you open the IL-2 folder on your PC, go to Graphics...Skins.....and their you open the P-51 if you have a P-51 skin and copy that DDS. file into that folder. I hope I said the correct path, because I did by heart. When searching in your IL-2 folders on your PC you will find the correct one anyway.
  6. I used the TARGET IL-2 profile which is downlodable on the Thrustmaster Website, that is very old and not good at all. I learned how to use the TARGET Software and I did make my own warthog HOTAS profile inside the TARGET Software. It is on my PC ( now I use my laptop ), next days I will come back here and can share my profile file. I just don´t have a pdf. or Illustration which button does trigger what…….but you can see that inside the TARGET Software then.
  7. OOOOHHHH, I know the Slap Chop guy...……...yes MRTV Seb is actually the same, talking BS all day long.🤪
  8. YES; I wait for your review and comparison to the Gen1. Hope to get good news then.
  9. Yes, I did know that…….that´s the way how to make cash...……..hype a product and advertise it to get a piece of the cake. He sounds always like a guy on Shopping TV. Ich mag den Typ nicht, der quatscht immer so eine gequirlte Scheisse, das man seine Werbevideos echt nicht erträgt, aber komischerweise finden das viele auch noch gut.
  10. Hello, thank you very much. My motherboard is 2 years old……..I will check that battery. Thank you. EDIT: I changed the motherboard battery today and it works again, thank you for your help.
  11. Thank you all for the answers. Actually that is what I always get now when I boot my PC. I have no idea what that means, I am not a Computer Geek. Any idea how I can get rid of this?! thanks
  12. Yes, you and "f410" did a great Job with the SimShaking for both sims. Without shaking I don´t want to fly anymore 😉
  13. Ok, Andre, I did not know it is not supported by the game. Thanks for answering. I just like the bump which I feel in my back after the canopy reaches the end of the rail and it is closed and locked, when sitting in the DCS Spitfire. Nice effect, which I did not expect to be that great before I tried it out.
  14. +1 I like Pimax for pushing the VR world for new inovations. The large FOV, Dynamic Foeveated Rendering and Leap handtracking are the best features of the Pimax univerese. I wish they would focus more on 1 HMD with a high built quality and comfort instead of all those different HMD´s with different headstraps and audio stuff. I wish to try an 8Kx, but will not order that expensive piece of hardware if never tested before. The Reverb Gen2 is for sure for many people a no brainer. If built quality is really improved now, featuring the new better panels and lenses paire
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