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  1. Yes, you and "f410" did a great Job with the SimShaking for both sims. Without shaking I don´t want to fly anymore 😉
  2. Ok, Andre, I did not know it is not supported by the game. Thanks for answering. I just like the bump which I feel in my back after the canopy reaches the end of the rail and it is closed and locked, when sitting in the DCS Spitfire. Nice effect, which I did not expect to be that great before I tried it out.
  3. +1 I like Pimax for pushing the VR world for new inovations. The large FOV, Dynamic Foeveated Rendering and Leap handtracking are the best features of the Pimax univerese. I wish they would focus more on 1 HMD with a high built quality and comfort instead of all those different HMD´s with different headstraps and audio stuff. I wish to try an 8Kx, but will not order that expensive piece of hardware if never tested before. The Reverb Gen2 is for sure for many people a no brainer. If built quality is really improved now, featuring the new better panels and lenses paired with IPD slider is a big step forward and worth an upgrade even for me. If HP keeps their promise to deliver a greatly built Gen2 then I am sure that this will be the most sold VR HMD in the near future.
  4. I did also the Update to 2004, because somwhere here I read that the 60Hz option of the Reverb in Windows Mixed Reality should work better with no flickering anymore………………….for me not the case, no improvement, the 60Hz is flickering that much, that I get eye cancer. The downside of my 2004 update is that everytime I boot my PC I get a very strange window telling about some BIOS problems and first I have to open the BIOS.....in BIOS I have no clue what the problem should be, then starting Windows and then the PC starts to boot, very annoying. Is that the same case you are talking about? If you have a solution, please let me know. I run Windows 10 in english and not in german though.
  5. Hi Andre, I recently bought the "Sim Shaker for Aviators" aswell for DCS and there I like the option to get shaking effects when opening or closing the cockpit canopy. Can this be implemented for our IL-2 aswell please!? Thanks very much.
  6. I would wait for the new Reverb Gen2 coming in September. I have the Reverb and it is a great VR Headset, besides the cable quality problems with the Gen1. I have an i-7 8700k with a GTX-1080Ti and must admit that this is the minumum spec to run the Reverb, IL-2 works very good, DCS not at all ( they did not do their homework, the optimization for VR really lacks ). iRacing as a Simracing title works really great ( best performance ). I never tried the Rift S, but I had an Oculus Rift and was very pleased with it´s tracking and performance and the Oculus Software. The Rift S is for sure a VR Headset which works easily and with a great performance. I am sure I would like it too, but being spoilt from the great Resolution of the Reverb I don´t want to have a lower resolution anymore. For people with a weaker PC Hardware, the Rift S would be first choice, for people with a High End PC better get a Reverb Gen2 I would say.
  7. Yes all true. IL-2 BoX runs and plays very well, also in VR which is the most imortant for me personally. It is much much better optimized for VR Players than "the other Sim". Also from myside, thank you for that and all the updates and improvements.
  8. Tested the Razorback......the Jug flies really very nice, great feel on the controls and I love that the intense ballooning efffect was removed when lowering the flaps. Great plane and a real good reason for all the others who did not preoder Battle Of Normandy to do so now. Preorder and get the beautiful, Razorback.
  9. Thanks for the great Update and the Razorback.........dowload started. Start your engines!
  10. Ok thanks for that info. I did ask Brunner already long time ago if IL-2 is supported, I never got an answer. That is no good news that IL-2 is not supported. Edit, Stefan Brunner did answer my question in his own forum, I just did not see that.
  11. To be honest...……...that is the reason why I mostly don´t fly online in Multiplayer. We VR players with the lower resolution have a big disadvantage compared to monitor players in 4k resolution turing their head 180 degrees like ducks. The first missions online I even did friendly fire by accident, because I thought it is an opponent. In VR I mostly do campaigns and own offline missions, I enjoy that more than Multiplayer.
  12. Oh yes a Spitfire is shown…….….nice one. I love all Spitfires, late or early types, they are just beautiful. Thanks for the DD and looking forward to the next update.
  13. Yes, same here. Great yours is working again. Maybe I will buy a Gen2 once it is available, not 100% sure. I would also love to try a Pimax 8Kx with Dynamic Foveated Rendering.
  14. At least the support of HP is supreme. I got the new Headset in less than 20 hours. I got a package purely with the HMD, no cables, no controllers and even no headphones attached. The new Reverb I got has a different contrast and brightnes calibration. It has a slightly darker image and better colours. It works perfect with no issues...…..maybe for another 10 months or so?! I hope the Gen2 has better built quality.
  15. Alonzo........here it was said that the Dynamice Foveated Rendering from Pimax will not work with IL-2 because it must use DirectX12 and IL-2 uses Dx11. Is that correct? If yes that would be a huge downside. The DFR concept sounds really promising and I would like to have that aswell. I heard that many former Pimax backers don´t trust them anymore, because the built quality of their first headsets were bad and people had to wait for ages to get their promised HMD, lots of long delays and besides all that the customer support was crap. I don´t know how the situation is now.
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