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  1. The flickering issue is confirmed by many other Reverb users to be an overheat problem. I guess the only help right now is using it with a fan, which is a second faulty design by HP, next to the cable issue. I hope for you that the cable mod will keep you away from the HMD death. I am now for 2 weeks already without the Reverb and there is no sign when I will get a replacement.
  2. Yes, but it is not only a problem of some faulty cables.....it is the problem of a complete faulty design in cable and it´s nasty connection plug. I did not see any official comment by HP about it and if they will do a complete revision of the cable connections. I have only seen some comments online about it as rumors. I am not happy what HP is doing. My email to HP, providing feedback about the bad cable never got answered.
  3. Thanks for the good video link. that is exactly the same what happened to my Reverb. Does anyone know how long HP will take for the Revision? A next version with better cable connectors cannot be made in a few days. I expect a longer wait now, which is a real bummer after I have seen the great picture. Yesterday I was using my Odyssey plus with IL-2 again and it looks like shit, looks like eye cancer. I can not read small text again and even the gauges in the cockpit don't look good anymore. I cannot wait to get back the revised Reverb, so because it´s summer time, I guess I take a break from gaming ( cannot play on a screen anymore since I am addicted to VR ).
  4. No, there is NO problem with my Display Port or my PC hardware or software. It worked from day 1 without any trouble for 4 days. My PC specs are higher than those you have linked in the post. I tried both Display ports of my GPU and yesterday at my friends high end PC aswell. Let´s just wait and see, HP must react now and I am sure they will. Because they will get a lot of RMA. Maybe some more users will get a Reverb next week or so and then I hope for more reviews and feedback from others. Here in this forum we are not many Reverb users.
  5. I have written an email with feedback directly to HP now, reported my cable damage and requested a complete cable revision for the Reverb. I hope they will listen and change it. Fingers crossed.
  6. Exactly 1903 is pure horror, I hate windows with it´s shitty updates who brings flaws and trouble.
  7. Thanks Fenris_Wolf for the post. I will try to contact HP by myself to provide feedback and ask for a revision. HONESTLY, I pledge for the Reverb and I will stay with it due to it´s great performance and image quality, but we need a revision of the cable.
  8. screen flickering? YES.....I had that too.....BUT only after my trouble with the cable started. For the first 4 days my Reverb worked flawlessly. No flickering, no crashes, no black screens. It was this week tuesday late afternoon, then my cable trouble began and all the problems came up. I also had a lot of black screens and also sometimes the screen flickering. Even I had a very ugly picture like an old CRT TV from the 80ies when there is no signal, that looked horrible and very scary. I can imagine that your screen flickering is a sign that your cable connections starts to cause trouble.
  9. Sorry, I don't have it or had it, I just heard from a guy of the Sim Racing community that some use it. It is a 3D print which tights and secures the connectors. I heard that the 3D print file is posted in the "Project Cars Forum"....unfortunately I am not in this forum. Maybe you can check there.
  10. I can not do any cable tie tricks now, I sent it back already this afternoon. I know a guy from the Sim Racing community with a Reverb who printed a modification for the connection in 3D. If I get back another HMD, I will try this mod.
  11. I still fiddle around, went back from Windows 1903 to 1809. Did also do a BIOS update of my ASUS z370 Pro Gaming motherboard. Still get the disconnections and all kind of error messages 1-4 and so on. Tomorrow I will try my Reverb at a friends PC to see if I have a broken HMD/Cable or if my PC is totally crashed now. Will report tomorrow then. UPDATE: I came back from my friends house using the Reverb with his PC, it did not work aswell, same problems with all time disconnections and error message #1-4 in mixed reality portal. Both, me and my friend are sure that the trouble maker is the plug connection behind the HMD with the long and heavy cable. Reading THIS Reddit comment..... https://www.reddit.com/r/WindowsMR/comments/bz0itj/hp_reverb_issues/ about the misdesign of this particular cable plug says everything. I agree 100% with the guy who wrote that and can share the exact same experience now, just with the difference that my device worked perfect for 4 days and after that, the cable connection inside the plug seems to be damaged. I hope HP will fire the guy who MISdesigned such a stupid plug and that they will change the design now. Because WHEN the Reverb works, it is really really a great VR experience, which I am missing already 😥 The communication with the dutch online shop where I bought is very good. I will send mine back and hope for a quick fix by HP.
  12. No, I can not test it with another PC, because I have only 1 and I have nobody nearby with a high spec PC. Talking about 3D presentation and 3D image....that looks as good as in Rift, Vive Pro and Odyssey. Totally fine and no issues with that.
  13. Ok thanks I will try that. Update...... I tried everything possible today, uninstalled WMR inside Windows several times, installed new drivers of the Reverb, uninstalled and installed NVIDIA drivers 2 times. Even went back to the previous Windows Version, all no help. The WMR portal crashed all the time. Then I tried the Odyssey plus again and that one worked stable, no crashes and no flaws, just an ugly not so clear picture compared to the Reverb. I was shocked how bad I can read small text in the cockpit and how bad the gauges looked. I am sure that I have a cable problem with the Reverb, or a broken connection between the cables, because it needs that connection plug. I don't expect that suddenly my display port socket of my GPU is broken which could cause the trouble aswell, unfortunately I can not test that. So, no good news now, I will see and hope I can get an exchange or help quickly. The cable is a big misdesign in my opinion and if you see it you will agree. I am sure I will not be the first or the last with cable problems.
  14. What did you mean please by "selected a fresh install"? You mean you installed the Nvidia driver 430.86 again a second time? I have the Win 1903 version now, and I did uninstall Mixed Reality in Windows and setup the Reverb and the windows Mixed Reality again, but it crashes all the time.....now it always says error code 1-4 ( Display cable not connected ) which is not the case. So my new HMD is not working now due to Windows trouble, I saw in the Mixed Reality settings that they definitely changed something in the software and I am sure that this new built causes the trouble. I have heard from sim racers with the Reverb having same issues like me with windows now. I am fed up for today.
  15. I did not try Prepar3Dv4 and I will not try DCS now, as I said before, it is not so much my cup of tea and I don't want to fiddle around with too many sims at the same time, I have besides IL-2 BoX complete Collection of all maps and planes, which I use very much 6 different Sim Racing titles on my PC.....my SSD is full with stuff and I don't want any more right now. I tried DCS free version with the P-51 already with my Rift and deleted it very quickly. I will use DCS maybe later again, but for now no motivation. About the windows update, yesterday my PC did an update and I was sure that it must have been Version 1903, but just saw that it was Version 1803, the WMR crash happened right after that. Right now I am downloading Version 1903 hoping that WMR will work again.
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