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  1. spitfirejoe

    Too many Bf 109s in the game?

    oh yes sorry, of Course we have 3 190´s already and the 4th is coming soon 😉
  2. spitfirejoe

    Too many Bf 109s in the game?

    I love all 109`s but my favourites are G2, G6, G14 and K4 in the Game now. I am happy that we have such a great choice, also happy about 3 different 190´s soon and now we have 2 Spitfires, Mark5 and 9 are great, I hope for a Mark14 aswell. Any plane which is coming is welcome, I love them all and I bought every single plane available untill now and want to buy the rest what´s coming.
  3. spitfirejoe

    Starting up vr

    For Oculus Rift I use SteamVR SS 200%, but that all depends on your PC and GPU. In game I use 8xAA and very high graphics settings. I have an i7-8700k and a GTX-1080Ti
  4. What is "Tiger trouble"???? Don't know what that means!
  5. Why should the new GUI be worse for VR users? I use VR only and the new GUI is a great improvement. Everything is more clearly, bigger and better to read. I also like the new maps in VR. I just don't understand some people complaining about things which are really better now......@ the DEV TEAM, just don't listen to such people. Besides; I read the update change log. There was nothing stated about performance change for VR, but I have the impression that VR improved again!? I get more FPS and the picture in general seems better in VR now, is that true or just imagination? I am always happy for improvements for us VR users and want to thank the Dev team for it.
  6. For me as a VR ONLY user the new update is great! Very clearly and good readable UI now in VR mode, thanks to the Devs for that, I love it!
  7. spitfirejoe

    Clouds and their whirling in VR

    I play in VR only, even never tried on a screen! I also see that "whirling" of clouds, but I think that is on purpose?! They clouds change its shape at the edges, I don't think that is a bug.
  8. spitfirejoe

    FW-190A8 Engine does not stop properly

    Thank you for your post....I agree 100%. I hope these bugs will get fixed.
  9. spitfirejoe

    New download

    exactly, if you purchase IL-2 BOX then EVERY Content ( Planes, Maps, Campaigns and so on ) will download on your PC, even Flying Circus Vol.1 After purchasing single planes or some packs it will unlock and be useable right away, no need to download everything separately.
  10. spitfirejoe

    FW-190A8 Engine does not stop properly

    OK thanks DD_Arthur for explaining, now I understand what you mean. I will test when I am back home, now I am in China for a Business trip. Would love to get some feedback by a Dev or somebody who could clarify if this is on purpose or not, even it is not a gamechanger or annyoing or something, I am just curious. Thanks and have a great day.
  11. spitfirejoe

    2x1080ti in VR

    that is a great question, I would also love to know that.
  12. spitfirejoe

    FW-190A8 Engine does not stop properly

    Hello DDArtur, well the strange behaviour is that the engine wants to stop like normal and then it ignites and starts again and that is happening many many times like a faulty loop untill after a long time it suddenly stops. For me it just does not makes sense that LukeFF does not have that?!
  13. spitfirejoe

    FW-190A8 Engine does not stop properly

    hello "LukeFF" really? If you are on the ground not moving and pressing key E does it stop just normal? On my PC it doesn't, the Engine continues to run minimum 90 seconds until it stops. Because it´s only the A8 on my PC I thought about a bug, which I just wanted to report, nothing more.
  14. spitfirejoe

    color film

    The videos look EPIC, looks like real footage, just great. Impressive software.
  15. spitfirejoe

    FW-190A8 Engine does not stop properly

    The A8 "engine does not stop" bug is still present! The engine is switched off and it continues to run for ages.