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  1. Would be a nice little touch for immersion..especially for FC....obviously not for LukeWarmFF.
  2. I've had updates disabled on a Windows 7 system for over 10 years and have run the old and new IL2 and ROF flawlessly...with the odd rig upgrade obviously. I know it won't last forever but I feel the Windows updates have more to do with them then us..Disabling has never had a negative effect on any game or piece of software I've ever installed 😐
  3. Love this game but am I the only one who thinks that the visual representation of bullet holes, rips ,tears and cracks seem to drag down the otherwise great aircraft models ? I got a bit of stick for mentioning this last time but I am sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.
  4. Went with my daughter to the premiere of " They shall not grow old" with a Peter Jackson live interview at the end.....The man is so sincerely real and his reason for doing this is so heartfelt that I truly believe he will honour the memories of those that gave their all and lives to play their part in the " Dambuster " raids. " Come and see" not " Go and see" is the other film mentioned above...Very good as long as you don't watch the dubbed into English version...Use the subtitle option.
  5. I bet they're starting to regret releasing the P47.....Can you imagine [edited] they're going to get from the P38 and Pacific Theatre ?
  6. If I click close and then Enter again it's OK and pressing Offline isn't a problem either....It just takes so long to load..Any ideas please..Thanks
  7. Isn't that just the height of the flame arcing across the top edge seeing as the shot's taken from a 45 degree below ?
  8. I've had BOS since day one but until recently not played too much. After seeing and feeling the huge improvements recently , I decided to buy BOM and BOK . I am really enjoying it all hugely and I am very excited about what the next patch is going to bring...But.. There is one major immersion killer for me and that is that while the physical damage modelling is done extremely well... most of the visual damage modelling is absolutely awful. The low poly hole decals are like something out of the 80's sims and the dot to dot joined up cracks on the wing and fuselage breakages are just laughable. Surely I can't be the only one here that would love to see this side of a now great game improved...
  9. Well that's a bit of a blow..You were the link to what was happening...Damn
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