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  1. This worked out pretty well. At first I was thrown off by the sky color, but now I really like it! Somehow your mod gave me a few FPS back, and it looks great. Thank you!
  2. If I turn the clouds off I get a solid 89-90.
  3. I can't speak for him, but since the update clouds have been an FPS killer for me. I was able to run 80-90 FPS with high-quality clouds in 8 vs 8 dogfights over Kuban and in career mode. Since the update, I have had to lower the cloud quality to medium and I still get the occasional sub 60 FPS. I spent a lot of time tweaking my settings, benchmarking and making adjustments to get everything just right. I'd really like to know what changed. i9-9900k OC to 5.1 RTX 2070 OC (+100 core +500 mem clock) Rift CV1
  4. As a VR user I am incredibly happy with the new spotting system. I can actually see aircraft at range and I can pick them out from ground clutter.
  5. In VR as the gunner or TC, when I traverse the turret my POV does not rotate with the turret. Is there a work around for this or is it a known issue? Thanks.
  6. As someone that was looking into getting a second rift for in-house MP shenanigans, I'm pretty interested in the Rift-S. Definitely going to wait for some real reviews though.
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