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  1. Hello and thank you for asking. I probably repeat something that has already been written - being to lazy to read all six pages but here goes... I have spent thousand of hours studying literature, history and biographies of WW2 pilots during the last 25 years and I agree with most that Han states, like " The harsh historical truth is that most of the Soviet Air Force pilots died without ever seeing an enemy aircraft in the crosshair of their sight." "Namely - very often, if not most often, the groups scattered after entering the battle with the enemy and coul
  2. Hello, I experience random crashes that started with 4.007. Always in Multiplayer. Earlier game has been very stable. Now it crashes daily. I tried un-installing and installing game again for a clean start. Today first trial - crash after 1.5h play time. (Which is better that better before install - it was 20minutes). If you wish to have dumps - please let me know what and how.
  3. Hi Talon, I appreciate your civil answer and all the work server admins and developers do - thank you! Also, I'm not here to discredit you or anyone else. And for the record - I do like reshade, have used it in the past and how it makes game look. My point is rather - if still images like above are used to claim Reshade as an exploit - then those images are far too easy to manufacture by any drawing program for them to prove anything - and I hope the community does not believe still images like that on their face value only.
  4. Hello Sketch maybe I'm bit critical - but a still image is not enough for me (though - I do look like Santa Claus 😄 ). The issue I have with still image is that they are so easy to manipulate - clearly someone has drawn the arrow there so the image has been undeniably touched. 1st issue - repainting the plane in question is so simple that a 6 year old could do it. 2nd issue - rest of the image looks like normal IL2 colors - Reshade works on all colors of the image. (for example, check the video link below) https://streamable.com/1clqt3 okay -
  5. Hello Sketch, Are you the real owner of the image? Reshade is being prevented from use so that reason is not enough. It's a normal procedure for any claimed cheat or hack exposed to explain how it's achieved (for credibility), especially after admins in update 4.007 have enabled servers to stop the use of this hack (it's safe to expose details). A still image is so easy to paint into any colour you wish that it's no proof of anything.
  6. Hi Talon, This image with a neon green airplane - can you please provide details how this was achieved with Reshade? So that community can repeat the test and confirm the cheat.
  7. Similar issue - game seems to crash often - in multiplayer. No fiddling with settings required.
  8. Its typically many vs many situation and seems that some manage to run around very tight and come back within the 15 second window. As said - I'm just voicing my opinion. I used to have more "shit happens and move on" attitude on this, but in recent environment with 3 lives and chute shooting getting more regular I feel it's important to say: It's not Okay! Staying silent is a silent approval for chute shooting. BTW - 3 lives rule has no affect on killing flak from the airfields - why it was introduced in the first place... what's the point then?
  9. YES. Chutekilling, though legal on this server, still presents number of issues, here is few: a) no map in History of TAW has been won by number of pilots running out - even though it's legitimate target, it's a really bad excuse! b) bad sportsmanship - you have already won - why be a-hole about it? c) chute killing discourages new players to join the community - and community needs those for this game to survive financially. This community does not have millions of players! d) community - chute killing creates bad blood inside community What I found
  10. Hi Carl - the bad weather I refer to is rain conditions. At no point I have said it's un-flyable. I'm saying - historically operations were not flown in those conditions. Go to wikipedia and see battle of Bulge: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Bulge " The Germans had attacked a weakly defended section of the Allied line, taking advantage of heavily overcast weather conditions that grounded the Allies' overwhelmingly superior air forces. " That statement is Vague (I know) and I'm generalizing, but please - provide contradicting documentation saying that operations were flo
  11. Lets not make this red/blue thing - for the record LLv24 plans to fly RED on the coming TAW. Sure - low visibility reduces the speed advantage BLUE fighters have as they cannot see to zoom/boom as easily. And that is not why I suggested this. Historically operations were not flown at low visibility conditions for several reasons (and I'm not going there). For me, TAW is emulating the air war war at Eastern Front - why should we try to fly operations in conditions where they were not flown historically? all-weather fighter all-weather fighter [′ȯl ¦we
  12. I'm with Norz on this one: Snow/Rain = bad weather. Especially when Rain/snow covers the whole map area - which typically is the case in the server. If we can have showers of rain in limited areas of the map, moving with wind - I'm ok to fly in those conditions. Some operational air activity would have been possible in real world too as some of the AFs would have been open. For Buzz: I fly this for war/tactical realism - not for the challenge of flying in bad conditions. And I still stand by my earlier statement (until otherwise proven) - in general operations were not
  13. About bad weather: the airplanes at WWII can not be considered really as All Weather airplanes. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it's my impression that if the weather was bad - planes where grounded and nobody flew. Especially not any operations. (For example: battle of the Bulge, or Ardennes operation - Germans were successful as long as the weather stayed overcast and Allies could not bomb their panzers). Hence I suggest one removes the really bad weather from the rotation altogether. There would have little to no air activity, and this is a flight simulator - pilots would ha
  14. KOTA TS server is Full... max number of clients... 😞
  15. LLv24 is joining the Red side for this event... so far 5 pilots. I'll update the headcount as I get confirmations.
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