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  1. I've owned FC since pre-order days and I'm ready to branch out beyond the game as published. Where are the user-made mission builder mods and the like? Thanks very much.
  2. Though I have updated with no problems many times in the past, I am unable to complete this latest update. "Failed to Update" is the message after each of many attempts.
  3. I should "Like" all of the responses in this thread. I appreciate them very much. The Sopwith Camel was really a lovely and wonderful airplane. It must have been the best Dogfighter in the skies during The Great War.
  4. No. I haven't seen that entire video. It looks great. I didn't know that he covered the topic of the Camel's Left Turn. All I know about the topic is what we know from the literature from the war, where some say that it was more easy for a Camel pilot to turn 270 degrees to the right to turn left than it was to turn 90 degrees left. You too? You can't get out of the spin? I was hoping you could tell me how to get out of the Camel's spin.
  5. Yes, I have the Microsoft Sidewinder FFB version with the red lighted buttons and the rubberized joystick handle. No trimming whatsoever. The aircraft are flown as presented by the game developer. I barely know how to set the Cockpit view. Even with Rise of Flight, I didn't set trim for any aircraft. I saw the x/y graph in the RoF settings and said to myself: "Nah, I'll leave that alone". I agree. To me, the FC Dr.I feels like I'm piloting a Kite, not an airplane. I don't understand. We have the same stick on the same settings and have different results. I have another observation that's strange: the Camel is supposed to be tough to turn Left. The FC Camel turns Left with ease, MUCH more easy than turning the FC Dr.I to the Left. One final observation of mine: once the Camel is in a spin I cannot get out of it no matter what I do -- I'm going to crash and burn into terrain. It is a totally helpless and awful feeling. BUT, so long as I maneuver carefully, it's an easy stable flight that reminds me of a nice Albatros D III
  6. My experience flying the FC Camel is that it is very stable in level flight. One hardly need touch the stick as the plane flies along a straight path. In fact, for many seconds, the stick was untouched. I didn't touch it at all. Plane is maybe very slightly nose-heavy and wants to slowly point downward when flying with no hands on the stick. Nice power. Plane turns and loops very well. Loops, I note, are more easy than with the Dr.I because of the Camel's superior engine power. It doesn't take much of a fast dive to over rev and blow the engine, however.
  7. Oh, I'm sure that the game development team will figure it out, Sea Serpent, I'm not concerned. I'd like to mention how much I enjoy the Camel's 10 o'clock high visibility compared to the Dr.I. The Camel has that wing opening, but the Dr.I doesn't. That is one HUGE blind spot there in the Dr.I ! All other things being equal, yes, but, I think that things like wing chord cause variations.
  8. To those that have noted that the FC Camel seems to have no gyroscopic forces working, I think I agree. I can fly my FC Camel hands-free from the joystick, sort of like one would fly a more stable airplane like a SPAD or Albatros. Seems weird to me, but, what do I know?
  9. The Camel jockeys are going to dominate the would-be Manfreds of the world.
  10. The Camel is faster and seems to be able to out-turn the Dr.I, so, it doesn't look good for Team Fokker Triplane, if I may say.
  11. The Camel seems faster and more maneuverable than the Dr.I. So, the Fokker won't be able to run away from a fight and when the fight arrives, the Camel will out turn the Fokker. I'll be flying against the AI Camels when I fly my Fokker Triplane! SALUTE !
  12. The enemy SPADs set on Veteran are EXCELLENT marksmen. They will dive on my Triplane, start shooting from 400 meters away and are able to kick rudder and stay RIGHT on target until they pass. The only hope for me is to spot them when they are 1,000 meters away and turn to face them. If they get closer, my only chance to evade is to very quickly dive and turn directly opposite their course so that they overshoot. Their marksmanship is superior to mine. I can't hit an enemy SPAD from 400 meters or even 350 meters away. The AI Veteran pilots make 350 meter and 300 meter deflection shots look easy.
  13. 4 on 4. Enemy are flying SPADs set on Veteran. I'm in one Dr. 1 with three AI comrades. Can someone explain how the SPAD AI pilots react after passing the Dr. 1s from the initial head on attack? Some of them seem to want to fly to the nearest airstrip to land and exit the fight. Others will zoom in and away from the Spawn point, which is the "Fight Point" I guess. Could it be that the ones that are damaged will leave the fight and land? Those able to continue the fight zoom in and away from the "Fight Point"? Thanks.
  14. Even when the enemy SPADs are on Veteran skill level, they still tend to fly right into the ground without slowing up. They take about a 20 degree angle right into the turf. I haven't shot most of them down. They do it on their own.
  15. Thanks, yes. That's good advice. But, I wonder if I have the best "pilot viewing" setting mapped out on my keyboard. Is Pan View best? Or Snap View? There must be a way for me to find out that I have the optimal setting to spot enemy planes on Expert Level. I have already cleaned my computer screen, so, that's a start.
  16. Any tips on how to see the enemy during dogfighting? My Dr. I can't run away from the SPADs, so, while I'm on one SPAD's tail and hitting him, I've got to watch the sky for other enemy SPADs coming at me out of the blue. Often times, when the enemy is on Veteran skill level, he's hitting me from 400 meters away before I can spot him. I've got to get better at spotting them early. I also need to learn how to snap turn into SPAD coming at my side or tail so that he misses. On Veteran level, the enemy does not miss often. I'm alone fighting three Veteran SPADs. We are at 500m, same altitude, coming face to face. I have no energy advantage, and, I'm not likely to have a chance to get one during the dogfight. Tips? Yes, I know I've covered a couple of topics but, I could use tips on these topics. Thanks!
  17. I won't chime in here until the venerable BE2c is correctly fm'd because By Jove it WAS good enough for the Lads. 😁
  18. In combat for the Dr. I, 80 percent mix seems best to me. Thoughts? I need advice on this and on fuel mixture for the SPAD. Thanks.
  19. In my case, I'm referring to my Fokker Dr. I vs. an enemy SPAD. I have no knowledge of any of the weapons or planes to which you refer. A 37mm gun on an airplane? This must be impossible. Surely you are joking. Ha Ha. Just kidding, of course. But, I'm serious when I say that I am troubled by this behavior. I hope someone can provide an explanation.
  20. Sometimes enemy planes just take a shallow angle towards the ground and fly right into it. Is the pilot dead? No, because one of them just shot at me before he did it. Maybe the pilot is wounded and can't see the approaching ground? Maybe the aircraft itself has some controls that are damaged and so the plane isn't responding to the control column? Thoughts?
  21. I'm practicing against three SPADs set to Veteran and I fly alone. What a challenge. Really teaches me to keep looking around for the enemy, especially when I'm on the tail of one of them. If I focus for too long on my target, the other SPADs will get me. They are using Zoom and Boom tactics to loose a burst at me and zoom away. It is very difficult to catch them, even when they have some engine damage, so, I'd better practice my long shots and head-on attacks. Anyway, the new update is great. There's more debris from a hit plane. Also, the dead enemy pilots don't disappear anymore. It's much more difficult to see whether the enemy pilot is Kaput. One must judge look at the enemy plane's flight and judge. In any event, don't look too long, because the SPADs are much faster than your Triplane, and they will rake you with fire from the back or side in no time.
  22. I just bought Flying Circus this very evening and I am completely new to all Sturmovik games. I've downloaded and installed the game, but, I need to find the Game Manual/Instructions. I can't find them anywhere in the game files. Thanks.
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