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  1. Yeah the interface is kind of shit tbh. And the radio overlay always bugs out for me but i always go ”mic check” to see i am on right channel hahah. You dont actually have to anything about the side thing in srs. It auto detects which side you are spawned in as
  2. Dont know if its been mentioned already but to add to the discussion of german team loosing almost every campaign. Like 6FG_Big_Al mentioned the fault lies with the german team and I agree with everything 6FG_Big_Al said. I and my squad usally switch teams after a campaign win or loss and i think that is becoming more common practice and it actually should be which is also why i would like to see il2 stats rewarding squads and pilots who does that but that is for another discussion another day . Back to topic in my opinion What further makes it worse for the german team is that communication
  3. My biggest absolute wish is for the mosquito to get the mk3 low level bombsight and that the me 410 along with the ju87 stuka, ju88 gets the stuvi 5 bombsight. If there are dedicated bombsight available for the p47 and p38 that would be awsome to add as well but i dont actually know how common low level bombsights for the p47 and p38 was as finding info about it is hard so based on that so maybe there wasnt any. But the mk3 and stuvi can be added as both sides can utilise it.
  4. Hi andre. been using your jetpad now since december and its working great so far :). One thing i wanted to ask that have recently started to worry me is how i am using the jetpad and if it will take damage from it. right now i have it on my office chair that i use for my flight simming and i therefore sit in the chair a couple of hours every other day and sometimes 5 days a week with 3-6 hours a day. Will the jetpad take damage from just sitting in it and especilly if the bottom motors will be damaged from casual chair use every day ? Might be a difficult question to answer but i would be grat
  5. So i recently got the homecomb yoke and it’s working great, definitely a huge upgrade over my old saitek and that 90 degree of roll axis make a night and day difference. One thing i would like to know though from other users here who also use the honeycomb yoke is what deadzone and sensitivity settings you use ? Reason i ask becuse i would like to see your settings and maybe fine tune it a bit better
  6. Sorry i got a bit carried away with the explanation hehe. 1. Yes that is the account i log into via email and password. 2. flight statistics for this account is updated correctly to the name i picked from the beginning that is my il2 account name SvAF/F16_lassekongo-1. 3. this last question i may understand wrong but yes that name that the stats are updated to is my correct name that i choosed before my name was automaticedly changed to renamed_user1630. The pictures i posted in my earlier post was meant to highlight the main issue i have namely that neither the w
  7. Yes that name is the one that is always present. But my real il 2 account name and the il2 stats name is the same when i look at my pilot rank statistics and they update correctly after each map rotation on finnish. The main problem is that if you look at my pictures is that the renamed user name is present as a squad memeber but not in the squad statistics. So basically for some reason it doesnt reconise my name SvAF/F16_lassekongo-1 as an active pilot in my squad or the “wrong” profile name renamed_user_1630. Every time i try to change the name back to SvAF/F16_lassekongo-1 the il2 stats web
  8. I have a bit of a problem with il2 stats namely the finnish il2 stats. I have been in contact with temuri and he said i should check here as this problem have something to do with il2 stats. So the thing is when i first make the il2 account and put in the name everything works and my profile name matches the in game il2 account name. Then after one map rotation the il2 stats name changes to (renamed_user_1630) and stays this way. When i try to change it back to the correct in game name the stats page just crashes and displays ”server error 500” and i have to open the page again. And the weird
  9. Thank you for the explenation and i have to say after reading your reply i had to test how your mission creation works compared to the ingame carrer mode. After doing some ”testing” missions i now finally understood how much more alive it becomes when you compare it side by side to the carrer made missions. I dont think the in game carrer mode is bad in fact i like it as much as i like pwcg but they both offer me excatly what i want. Although buildings and that stuff arent added yet for bomber pwcg missions all the other stuff with how flights are connected and that ground units actally spawn
  10. Sorry i must have missplaced this post here becuse i meant to post it in technical issues so you can remove it if you want
  11. It would be really awsome if that is possible. I have two qeustions though regarding how your program makes the mission. The first question is regarding target generation. When you get a mission to attack armor or infantry the targets seem to generelly spawn at the arrows on the map that i would understand it as symbolising a divisional attack. But on any other missions lets say a bombing mission to attack an airfield or bombing a depot are there still random enemy units spawned on the map like in a carrer mode mission ? And another question i have then regarding the original post is what targ
  12. Hi didn’t know if this should be posted here or in the pwcg forum but everytime i try to view a video recording from an pwcg mission and it doesnt mother how short or long the recording is the game first freezes so horible that i cant even alt f4 it i have to log out from my windows account then log back in. The funny thing is this only happens when i try to open video recordings made in a pwcg mission. I mean why would it happen ?
  13. Hi pat i have somewhat of an issue and i dont know if its a bug or something but whenever i am in a bomber campaign and we get a mission to destroy railway or depot and those sort of missions whenever i destroy the buildings they are not recognised in the debrief. Only vehicles and aaa are scored. Is this an bug or are buildings simply not counted ?
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