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  1. It seems you have an attractive 6 o'clock area . . .
  2. Some of these new builds are using de-rated J-85 modern engines: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Me_262_Project https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Electric_J85
  3. And don't know exactly if this is the same scenario but it seemed to happen around an airfield, my track ir goes down and right on occasion and only on that server and while flying German/BLue. I've flown other servers but for some reason that one does it for me, but NOT ALL THE TIME. It's just a random event, I smell red bias . . . . LOL
  4. This has happened to me as well, but I use track ir and the same thing occurred. With mine it shifted the view to the the right and down but I could move the stick but it was so disorienting that I crashed, and it happened on the same server CBOX. I thought it had something to do with my track . . .
  5. Knowing all that is involved in "real" flight training, mucho respecto to Requiem!
  6. Go to the UnProfessionals server, they have it pretty much on every map that's in their rotation, but in limited numbers. It does aggravate the other side with their inability to tackle this bird when properly flown, I can see why the allies setup patrols over known jet bases to keep them grounded or under "control".
  7. After having flown this bird aplenty I can routinely fly @ just under 600kph with 2xsc250 bombs, 75% fuel, only two 30mm canon, front armor removed, and throttle setting @ 94%. She's slow to climb but once at altitude nothing can catch you and when diving into drop your load you're a bird among rats scurring around to catch you. Once free of those bombs speed is around 650-700 kph and I then just fly around in shallow turns and look for airborne targets, remember to keep your speed up or you're a dead duck. A good example is I got shot down by a P-38 today because I got cocky after damaging him and climbing straight up, well the left engine stalled and then you know the ending. She's a winner if flown properly, just know what that is and don't let the whispering engine cloud your thoughts and stick to it's design, interceptor/JABO.
  8. Agreed, everyone have a joyful and happy Christmas and can't wait to see what Santa will bring us next year!
  9. Here is a Korean war flavor, I know wrong war. Done in stock template finish and polished metal:
  10. Some skinning folks might find this useful for making unit markings:
  11. These are not "real" pinup birds from that era but I created these for myself. The last one was for a buddy:
  12. Here is a link that contains MANY pictures of surviving P-51, great for skinners http://www.mustangsmustangs.com/p-51/survivors/complete-survivors
  13. Just keep in mind you angry folks, I said dial it back not eliminate it. I know you guys like to shut everyone down who does not agree with your smarty pants view, just let the dialog go on without getting angry. Love & peace!
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