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  1. For me it's landing in France and having Cognac, wine, and women.
  2. I agree, as I'm itching to get my hands on that combat veteran and take her up for a spin. Hope it happens soon!
  3. This is a personal 109G6 skin I made for myself which I could easily change side numbers or callsign to fit your needs in either 2k or 4k:
  4. I don't know if the developers modeled the less than adequate manufacturing facilities at the end of the war which directly impacted the quality of engines arriving at the front, particularly those sabotaged during assembly by slave labor. But I can vouch for the lack of a robust engine in the K4, the DC version is fine but the basic engine can leave you hanging in silk very quickly. I limit myself in full emergency throttle to small amounts on when needed to make a kill or escape, otherwise I'm usually in max continuous and/or combat for a very limited time. To me the G14 is the better fighter hands down!
  5. You can see it when you turn on the "wire-frame" within photoshop, but thanks for the update.
  6. I can't seem to find this artifact that appears on the Mustang wings both top and bottom, you can see the green "primer" patch just inboard of the guns. Anyone know how to get rid of that??? It appears in the viewer and sometimes when you "refresh scene" it goes away when you reload skin and sometimes it does not. Happens as well with the stock skins and it also appears in-game and other times not, any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  7. Yes, if they could implement some type of alternate field to land would work. PTO is still the wish list of many, especially to avoid becoming fish food via engine/fuel management would be another challenge. Another nice thing would be to implement some sort of GCI, I was sent to intercept a recon bird and just ended up flying circles looking for this thing while eyeing the map. I could hear my pilot saying "attacking jager low" or "attacking jager high" but I never saw the darn thing. A call out of BRA would be fantastic to help old bird like me find these things.
  8. Hello, I just started a single player bodenplotte mission and just want to comment on the setup, if you see the attached pic it's a super long mission and with no drop tanks or alternate fields to land, the potential of getting mission failure from not making it home is troubling. Not to mention surviving the furball over the mission objective, I survived that with four victories but the return on .71 ATA & 2k rpm's hoping to make it was nerve racking. Both enroute to the the target & return home I used the time/clock advance or else I'd still be sitting there due to travel distance. In the end I made it home with the red light on, we need drop tanks . . . The very next mission was just as long, but when I spawned in the cockpit my bird was in the act of hitting trees, as I have spawning set to in flight. There was nothing I could do other than ride it out, and of course mission failure. Thought that was weird, anyone else get that?
  9. It seems you have an attractive 6 o'clock area . . .
  10. Some of these new builds are using de-rated J-85 modern engines: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Me_262_Project https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Electric_J85
  11. And don't know exactly if this is the same scenario but it seemed to happen around an airfield, my track ir goes down and right on occasion and only on that server and while flying German/BLue. I've flown other servers but for some reason that one does it for me, but NOT ALL THE TIME. It's just a random event, I smell red bias . . . . LOL
  12. This has happened to me as well, but I use track ir and the same thing occurred. With mine it shifted the view to the the right and down but I could move the stick but it was so disorienting that I crashed, and it happened on the same server CBOX. I thought it had something to do with my track . . .
  13. Knowing all that is involved in "real" flight training, mucho respecto to Requiem!
  14. Go to the UnProfessionals server, they have it pretty much on every map that's in their rotation, but in limited numbers. It does aggravate the other side with their inability to tackle this bird when properly flown, I can see why the allies setup patrols over known jet bases to keep them grounded or under "control".
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