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  1. On my Samsung CF791 which I operate in 4k it's great but their is some slight distortion on the outer edges, things appear larger. For example when flying combat spread looking forward the aircraft next to you on your outer edge of the screen looks slightly larger and close, but when I look over to it using my track IR and place it at the center of the screen it appears "normal" distance and size. That would be my only gripe, on the plus side I can ID targets much further than my buddies who fly with VR and the resolution is just fantastic @ 4k. I'm one of those that will not switch to VR until the resolution approaches what I have with my current monitor/VidCard combo.
  2. The 109G14 we have in game is a "super" fighter as it is, but please give us that extra HP of the DB505D, with this weapon we shall roll over the allies! Seriously, that mod/version would be great to have in game, so DEVs please give us one more 109 please!
  3. This was a later version of the G14 with the K4 smooth engine cowlings and the DB605D 2000HP engine, will we get this version? Just wondering, not much to mod for this version with regard to graphics. Produced from July 1944 onwards for a total of total number 1373 produced, reference: http://falkeeins.blogspot.com/2010/01/bf-109-g-14-as.html
  4. It is odd seeing that thing right in front of the aircraft.
  5. I know mention was made of the "dirty" canopy & windscreen by myself here, but I finally took a screen shot (below). Is there someway I can tweak this to "clean" it up a bit or can the devs do this for us, makes spotting bandits a bit problematic.
  6. It's aircraft specific, the many battles I've endured with AI Mig3 they're turn-masters, now fighting against AI Yak1s I've seen them boom and zoom taking me up then down over and over.
  7. Just did a search via ebay for EagleCals (just one option) Fw-190D-9 decals here is a list of possibilities for you skinners: https://picclick.com/?q=1%2F48+eaglecals+fw-190d-9
  8. G14, I label it a super fighter for it's ability to dogfight and the engine run almost non-stop @ max power setting for extended period of time. However, I do love the 190D9 as well for it's brute power, but it still has that 190 characteristic of dropping wing and stalling if not careful.
  9. Darbzy, that was a funny vid, don't know how you sat that and took that hosing from me, but I guess I couldn't finish the job mate. Cheers! BTW, for those who don't fly this server you are certainly missing a real gem here, beats the others by far with regard to combat activity using both human and AI players.
  10. I'm really loving the D9 but one simple request, can I get the crewchief to properly clean the windscreen and canopy especially around the edges of the framing. Either bugs or dirt show up their and at certain times they spook me into thinking a distant bandit is there. Thanks
  11. 190D9, longer range and mission flexibility.
  12. Just inserting a link for Jason, don't know if you've seen this page (B-25 stuff): https://aircorpslibrary.com/aircraft/b-25-north-american-mitchell
  13. Great response to the requests from your customer, AAA rating for you guys!
  14. A special request to the developers, the map icons seem to shrink in size and with no ability to scale them for older gents with poor eyesight such as myself, can you make them user adjustable? I zoom into the map and the icons remain the same size with the target icons almost invisible and the notice of an airbase under attack is the same, love the game but you should make them adjustable for those older flyers or folks with eyesight issues. One last item, when you make changes to icons can you please publish a graphic showing this=changed=to that, so that there is now confusion. BTW, I fly with regular monitor. Thanks
  15. Is there a secret decoder ring that now explains warnings on the maps of when a target such as an AF is under attack? Also, why are the target icons so tiny? At the very least put out a graphic of some type explaining the changes please, thanks.
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