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  1. Spit looks amazing, WOW!I really can't wait for this update it's going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
  2. Great Stuff , you Guy's are awesome. can't wait. 👍
  3. Have you tried starting a Merlin from cold in clod , you have to close the rad and get the oil temp up or no go! It's one of the quick missions i think. Maybe there's a trick to it i don't know? But it takes a few moments and your stuck watching the 110'S come round. Pretty cool!
  4. I personally cant wait to get my hands on TF5 and I am more than happy to wait patiently . These guys are working away in their spare time with you lot moaning away! This sim is not perfect by a long shot but its just getting better and better and offers a level of detail and immersion that is way beyond anything else. The damage model and especially systems damage is incredible ( way better than BOS) and i really like the clickable cockpits also I think Tobruk is the perfect choice. Waiting for my Merlin to warm up at Marston whilst getting straffed and bombed is a real sim high point and really gives you a feeling for what it must have been like. Keep up the great work, Cant wait to try it!👍
  5. I wasn't talking specifically about high altitude more overall maneuverability and speed , I wouldn't want to go up against a late 109 or 190D with a veteran pilot at the controls in a P47 or P51 they just haven't got the agility . A Spit can just about out turn anything and i suspect the yaks and La5 have the maneuverability too. There's plenty of vids on the net of modern pilots who fly both P51's and 109's and they all say the same thing .......No chance! By the time of Bodenplatte the Germans had hardly any experienced pilots left , this made things a lot easier for allied pilots. Fantastic vid by the way ,absolutely amazing! I'm itching to fly the Tempest and 262 against one another. It's going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
  6. That’s exactly what I thought about the P47 until I flew it. Now I just use it for sightseeing. Very disappointing. If what I've read over the years is true and the flight model is accurate the Tempest will make the P47 feel like a flying shed and the Mustang like riding a carthorse ! It was by far the best single engine allied fighter of the war. Really can't wait.
  7. I for one totally agree with you motoadve. I've been with IL2 right from the start and I know i'm going to get roasted for saying this but here we go! I think the new planes look awesome as are all the planes in game and dynamically the game is second to none , but i'm still waiting for the single player experience. The damage model is pretty awful , systems damage is far to basic . Also the quick mission builder is just not up to scratch . I know this will upset most of you but I'm a paying customer , i don't want to think of what great battles has cost me so far and although i will carry on giving my support i'm still waiting for the game!
  8. Thanks guy's .Finally got it to work had messed all my keys up and had to return to default , I must get a grip!!!!
  9. Thanks Sarpalaxan, I Have tried to move the pilots head using the numberpad but it just turns his head , how do i move the head up and down keeping it facing forward?
  10. Hi There, Fist off all thanks for this update , have seen a slight improvement in perfomance . Have just noticed that since the update I've lost the gunsight on the Fw 190 A8 . has anyone else had this problem?r
  11. Hi I'm new here and have only been flying this sim for a week . I have only just managed to get a rig that can run it! I'm still in shock at the level of detail and the amazing graphics and now this! I'ts almost too much! I've been with IL2 from the beginning and have often asked and wondered why this wasn't implemented from the start , like the old racing game Grand Prix Legends was just a simple hands on the steering wheel and changing gear animation. It really helped with game immersion. I agree with Stilcho , hands on stick and throttle and feet linked to rudder peddles would be fantastic. Thank you LizLemon.
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