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  1. Thank's !! Yes Sir ..., that's EXACT what she have done ! 😌
  2. Hi OBT-Mikmak, My intentions are never false !! Please read the third message and look to the game-information on that time. PS. I have place the picture again ! BTW the problem is solved very well !
  4. For the last time; I don't want STEAM and nowhere in the product-discription can be read that STEAM is required, or that "CLOD" can play ONLY IN STEAM ! Absolute, it's possible that I have make a mistake by intrepetation ! But still as customer (we all) I deserve a normal answer !
  5. TERRIBLE !! We pay money for a game, but we don't can play it. It's a big shame ! 🖕
  6. Hey InProgress, Thank's for Your respons ! For Your information; I download the correct Steam-file for Window's. But it's make my computer very slow and because all my games work's without Steam, I don't need or want Steam. I don't want frustrations and angry, so I have buy another game (on the same Stirmovik store site), "The battle of Stalingrad" and it works fine. The other game "The Cliffs of Dover" I consider it as lost. The Il2-Sturmovik store don't give me any service with my problem, but it's ok and I know what I can expect. Well, let's play and fly and make fun ! Bye 🍻
  7. Hi InProgress, Maybe I'm not so smart ! But all "the games" from Il-2 Sturmovik You can play it without Steam. In the information they tell us over a key to activate "Cliffs of Dover" on Steam, or the possibility to play it on Windows 10. But she don't say in the information, that You can play it ONLY on Steam or ONLY in Windows 10 !! I don't have Steam on my PC, because I don't need it. I play for a very long time Rise of Flight, FLight Simulator and racing games, all without Steam. Special for "Cliffs of Dover" i have Steam put it on my pc, but it don't work and i have remover it. I don't clame anything from Steam (!!)and I know that many people are very happy with it. So.., I will try to clame it, and ask help by the Il-2 Sturmovik store ! But all they say is "We don't support "Cliffs of Dover" and in my opiniun is this very strange because I have buy it from this store. Btw. the International Law said that a customer have 14 day's time to refuse a product. Does not matter of You bye it in a shop or from a website !! All what I want is playing with my new "game" or Exchange it with "Battle of Moscow or Stalingrad" I don't need the difference in money back I have tell them. So.., what will be the problem ??
  8. Hello, I have it buy on the site from Il-2 Sturmovic (electronic version). I was not aware that's it play only with Steam. My experience with Steam is not good, but I have tried it again and it's works terrible. So I ask for the possibility to Exchange the game for "The battle of Moscow or Stalingrad", or another solution. All there tell me is that she did't support the game. Very, very bad !!
  9. Hello, Yesterday I buy “Cliffs of Dover”, but it seems that this game only works in Steam. I “hate” Steam, but I have tried again, but it’s don’t work. So I contact Support and the only answer is “We don’t support “Cliffs of Dover”. Maybe that one of You can/wil help me to solve this problem. Thank’s Hans
  10. Hi, Maybe it's possible to make the Nieuport's from the Lafayette escadrille ?!
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