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  1. VR pilot's neck versus regular pilot's neck:
  2. Did you play the previous Eastern Front campaign, where on most of the maps the reds were pushed into the corner with 1-2 airfields within 36-48 after the start of a map? The whole thing was just ridiculous, a lot of folks were already thinking that TAW was dead. I strongly support the TAW team in their efforts to balance the sides. Ok, it could be imperfect, but if the community fails to recognize that extremely unbalanced teams destroy the whole experience, then from my point of view, some restrictions should be applied. Speaking about the numbers, total pilot counts don't matter
  3. Let me reply to this one. Let's look at the numbers, top speed and climb rate. Both K4 and P51 have similar top speeds below 6000m with K4 being a bit faster. But, K4 has a GIGANTIC climb advantage over Mustang. Which means it can outclimb it very quickly and easily if they merge at the same alt/energy. Moreover, K4 outclimbs anything in this game with a HUGE margin. The only chance for P51 is to have an energy advantage or hang over at 8500m where it is slightly (but only slightly) faster. At the same time D9 is much closer to P51, it is faster below 5500, and is slow
  4. For 109: Its trump card is climb rate. It outclimbs any contemporary aircraft. If you are on the same energy, or at even slight disadvantage, and the opponent is far enough that he can't shoot, you can just start climbing and soon you will be much higher than your opponent. After that, you can just dive and shoot repeatedly untily you kill the opponent. No other plane can combat this tactic which makes 109 virtually unbeatable in 1 vs 1 encounters, even in 1945 plane set (I really hope that Spit XIV will end this nonsense lol) . It is best to climb in a spiral so that you can obser
  5. IMHO a much better planeset would have been (fighters): Map 1: leave as it is Map 2: Allies: P47, Spitfire IX, P51 (locked fuel), Tempest (locked engine) Axis: Fw-190A8, Bf-109G14, Fw-190D9 Map 3: Allies: P47, Spitfire IX, P51 (unlocked fuel), Tempest (unlocked engine) Axis: Bf-109G14, Fw-190D9, Bf-109K4 (locked engine), Me-262 What happened on the last Western front is that Axis almost immediately got a uber-helicopter 109-K4, that heavily skewed the balance towards their side, and later on Me-262 got it much worse. Agai
  6. =TH=mincer

    Weapons Mod

    lol this is hilarious. Whenever somebody brings up a DM issue, there is always a batch of condescending "learn to aim" replies. Even poor AI cannot escape this tragic fate.
  7. Squadron name: TPE3BOE HE6O Number of active pilots: ~15 Time zone: Europe, UTC+3 (mostly)
  8. Yeah, I am very curious to see if Spit XIV is comparable in climb with 109s having MW50.
  9. Absolutely agree. Pre-campaign balancing will resolve a lot of issues on the server, including the "night shift."
  10. DM is a no brainer. A lot of good Allies players simply abandoned the game because of it. We want them back before it is too late.
  11. What is the difference between options 1) and 2) for the first question? In option 1 blue and red AAA get mixed together, while in 2 we mix together only AAA of one side? You mean that it is better to send 10 € at once, instead of 1 € ten times? Or vice versa?
  12. Yes, it is annoying at as hell, and there is no explanation. It is even impossible to check if it is a bug since the indicator does not show Gs more than +9.
  13. Bravo! I can't remember last time I saw a (mostly) blue pilot acknowledging they did have an upper hand. Indeed, Tempest is no match for K4. There were possibilities to slightly balance this out by adjusting the planeset, e.g. allowing K-4 only on the third map (while allowing D-9 on the second), locking the overboosted engine etc, but it was not done, unfortunately.
  14. My understanding is that for Chimango to come back IL-2 Devs have to fix DM issues. BTW, it will also bring back many other red pilots. Unfortunately, it is out of scope of server developers responsibility.
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