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  1. Bring a buddy with you (preferably on a fighter). Ask him to move in before you and distract the AAAs. Shot them while they are concentrated on your buddy. He obviously has to maneuver hard to not get hit.
  2. Yes, I found new visibility to be much better. However, it is a relative comparison. In the absolute sense, visibility is still poor and spotting is hard. I am actually fine with it as long as the visibility conditions are reasonably even for all players. For example, I don't care if somebody has a better monitor than me and spots me 30 seconds before I spot him. I don't care if my opponent uses TrackIR and I use a hat. What I am concerned about is 3rd-party software that radically alters visibility conditions. If spotting is still hard, people will go out of their way to gain an upper hand as spotting is the most important aspect of air combat. There will be just too much room for abuse to gain an advantage. If one thing stops working there will be another one, and the process will go on and on. However, if there were markers guaranteeing a certain minimum level of spotting for basically anyone, 3rd-party software will be useless. There is no point in hacking the game if it gives 5% improvement over what the game offers by default. Markers are a way to level the playing field. Right now the difference between default settings and some "visual tricks" is gigantic, which I find unfair. Using default graphics setting basically means being blind.
  3. Let me clarify my comment about ReShade. I don't say it should be banned. I don't say that everybody using it are cheaters, or that all monitor/VR/mobile phone users are. What I see with ReShade is that there are some shaders in it that from my point view have very profound effects on the gameplay.
  4. ReShade can be used both as a benign color adjustment tool and abused as a blatant cheat giving a gigantic advantage in spotting over vanilla settings. Depends on the check boxes one ticks.
  5. 109s? Yaks? P-40 will be the funniest thing to fly without the chat.
  6. Yak-9T's gun is a disappointment. Single engine planes eat multiple 37mm rounds. Stuka on average requires at least 3 hits before going down. Yesterday at CB I got a hit from 37mm while flying a Fw-190D9. The only effect I noticed was cracking of the canopy.
  7. I am already testing it on bots to get myself used to the gun. So far it looks almost as devastating as MG151/20!
  8. I can go get some work done in those 20 hours.
  9. The game looks amazing! At the first glance, visibility looks better! MG151 still behaves like a rocket launcher knocking off fighters with a single hit, but I am kind of used to it already.
  10. I really like Yak-1b. May sound weird, but to me it looks like a Russian Mustang. My only problem is that its armament is very ineffective in the game. Yak-7b looks much more favorable in this regard, somehow one UBS makes a big difference.
  11. Is it the last map or there will be 2 more with BoBp aircraft?
  12. I bought these planes, but mostly out of nostalgia. Hurricane was one of my favorite planes in 1946: I flew a long dynamic campaign in it over Leningrad 1941-1942. But what is the use of a fighter plane if I can't see anything out if it? I have an idea. Create a premium skin pack for most popular planes, each skin costs 10$. All money raised through the skin selling campaign go to pay salary for a separate engineer who dedicates all his time to improve visibility experience in the game.
  13. I agree. TAW is one of the most immersive experience the game can offer.
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