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  1. It is almost always weighted towards Luftwaffe.
  2. I always had the same question. While it is understandable that Fw-190 gained weight to accommodate bombs, heavier armor and guns, Bf-109 was mostly intended for fighter role (correct me if I am wrong).
  3. Will the results of the first mission be counted?
  4. Let's fly at the SG2 event tomorrow
  5. I don't remember, but it was close to front line. Why does it matter?
  6. BTW, my parachute was once killed during TAW by a member of GOA.
  7. Are you flying red or blue? In a recent patch German guns became much deadlier at some point, either severely wounding the pilot or make it uncontrollable with just a single hit. No surprise it is hard to bail out.
  8. Awesome interview! I really liked the parts when @Jason_Williams talks about his vision on where the product is going and how he makes those decisions. I really enjoyed both parts, but I wish Jason would elaborate on his view on which direction should Multiplayer develop and what will be coming next for this very exciting part of the game.
  9. Good one! Please post it in the "official" bug report thread: This invisible plane thing happened to me countless times in multiplayer. See flak but see no plane... Or just planes popping out of nowhere. The most bizarre occurrences were when out of a sudden I was in a head on with a fighter firing at me from 200 meters.
  10. mincer


    So sad they did not "change their mindset" to "become better pilots"
  11. mincer


    In the meanwhile, due to the jetlag I missed that the Finnish server disabled injectors. Most people are not blind and have common sense.
  12. mincer


    I think you miss my point. I am not asking advice on "becoming a better pilot". I am talking about having a more or less even playing field for everyone. From my point of view, given how much impact visibility has in this game, enabling injectors massively defeats this goal. That is all from me.
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