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  1. mincer

    Tactical Air War

    It is hard to conduct good CAS while flying at 7k.
  2. mincer

    Tactical Air War

    I know that TAW is not perfectly balanced now, but IMHO this project is the very best experience the game can offer... Anything else is not even close.
  3. mincer

    Tactical Air War

    I've seen a Ju-87 once. It was dogfighting with IL-2s over blue tanks.
  4. mincer

    Developer Diary 212 - Discussion

    Will the infantry be modeled in the game?
  5. mincer

    Tactical Air War

    As long as you are flying as an organized group, you can achieve goals, even if it is 60 vs 20. You won't face all 60 blues at the same place and same time anyway; you can even create a local superiority.
  6. mincer

    Tactical Air War

    Yes, just don't fly! Don't fly!
  7. mincer

    Tactical Air War

    IMHO once blues had three airfields only, we should had wiped them out instead of doing close air support as usual.
  8. mincer

    Tactical Air War

    I can't remember the last time I got addicted to a game like that, flying all the way until late nights. Probably 10 years ago or so. I am pretty sure I will see axis tank convoys advancing to Lotoshino in my nightmares at some point...
  9. mincer

    Tactical Air War

    I wish there were more NA pilots over there in our timezone... Hopefully BoBP will change it.
  10. mincer

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    I won't make it this Friday
  11. Honestly, I have never ever had any experience like that in IL-2, either BoS or 1946. I had it on other games, though.
  12. Yes, for some reason Russians are more likely to be in TS. There is a group of English speaking pilots on TS as well, though it is smaller. They usually hang out on the "Official BoS" TS. For example, @Mobile_BBQ is often there. I also join it if I am flying a non-Russian timezone.
  13. mincer

    Tactical Air War

    Indeed. Today we had a group of like 6-8 people in TS, and we could not assemble a strike force because a half was spawned on the airfield, and the other one was trying to get to the server. I wish there was a queue that could favor people on the disadvantaged side. Team work trumps everything. If reds can manage to assemble a pack of bomber/attackers along with a pack of fighters, they can destroy targets effectively. Even if the red fighters will suffer losses due to inferior planes, they still can keep blue ones busy while bombers are strafing stuff. Things are not gloomy for reds at all, just think in terms of targets, not getting kills.