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  1. I think the weather will be an equalizer because a heavy overcast will bring blue fighters to lower altitudes where their advantage is not as big. You can also hide in the clouds which will add more randomness into fighting.
  2. Heavy weather can be a good equalizer indeed. I really enjoyed sorties in the heavy rain, adds a lot of atmosphere. Navigating is especially fun.
  3. I really enjoyed the previous TAW, but this one I abandoned quickly, almost right from the start. Somehow red TS was always empty and VVS got massively outnumbered even in the NA time. I guess the reason is that a lot of people I played along during the previous campaign switched sides this time. For them I have this message:
  4. There is a lot more at stake: winning a map vs. the whole campaign!
  5. Yeah, I have to say that anything else is on the current IL-2 online scene is just pale and boring compared to TAW.
  6. I feel for the devs. Delivering high-quality products requires an extreme level of dedication and hard work, and it always takes more time than expected. I guess we just have to all accept that and appreciate what we already have.
  7. Are you kidding me? I gotta live some life.
  8. I have to say that I really enjoyed the sense of cooperation on the VVS side. There were a lot of people in TS, and everybody was willing to work together and offer help to achieve the victory. Special thanks to KupiKolesa aka KK, 666GIAP and Cutlass. When I bought the game in September I thought that multiplayer was dead... Long live IL-2 multiplayer! For me the highlight was the very first map. The fierceness of those fights was simply unprecedented, and it was incredibly close.
  9. Indeed, it was my first TAW and I had some absolutely fabulous experience. On the other hand, I am so glad it is over so I can sleep better now.
  10. I think the planeset or the current TAW is a nearly perfect compromise between historic simulation and balance.
  11. Flying for VVS while being outnumbered would have been more or less reasonable if there were no paratroopers. Otherwise you are stretched out: if you guard airfields, cities will be captured by tanks. If you concentrate on wiping out tanks, which takes an enormous amount of effort and requires very good coordination to take out AAA and fighter cover, you will miss bombed out airfields and paradrops. So if you are one of the 30 red pilots facing 50 axis ones, what would be your choice?
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