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  1. This would certainly lower the bar of entry for newcomers to include profiles in the game for popular joystick and game pads configs
  2. I think a method that it could work is if you imagine a chapters of a book like approach to a mission: where say taking off,on route, approach to target, at target, back to base, landing. these could be where the nav points are already shown on the map. you could skip back and forth to these points using keyboard commands rather using the the time skip x8 letting you replay parts you enjoyed or skipping unwanted transit times
  3. simply seeing the amount of response shows how fundamental and important a part of the game this subject is. I hope the devs are going to concentrate on this some more and not just not get annoyed and move on to other things. Now there's the 2 options I hope there will be some refinement of both
  4. considering I nearly quit all together over spotting and people probably have, giving people choice is good like you say. The "Hardcores" will always have a hardcore server. They're the ones the devs don't have to worry about losing. Making the sim accessible and enjoyable to everyone should be the goal. A bigger user base is better for everyone
  5. I'm pretty sure the alternate mode is not what the original BP release did.I've followed planes from a runway and lost them after 2k. what i wanted was being able to see without having to zoom in like it was. planes would just stand out flying over an airfield. they've toned it down for short range which is where the problem lay. I didn't care about longer range. This is annoying as there's 2 options now so what was the point of making it weaker? hopefully it's going to get a bit better with updates.
  6. That's why missions with better cloud cover would work. I still had fun bombing with before hotfix
  7. Nice job devs. I can now get back to enjoying the game
  8. back to flying around for 30 mins without seeing any one then being shot from behind! great fun. thats progress surely it would be in everyones interest to have more people playing the game thats better for everyone right? i felt like i actually had a chance and it made the game better for it
  9. you devs should be incredibly proud of yourselves. you've done a fantastic job the map looks gorgeous
  10. I just want a option to change the menu music
  11. I'd be happy with the blitz map straight ported into the new engine.
  12. Looking and sounding great! can't wait 😀
  13. all these negative vibes are killing my flying mood! cheer up and be grateful. the team said its all coming along and there may be an update soon.
  14. Thanks ill give them a go!
  15. This game really is timeless. I love this game so much only recently got back in to it. Thanks to all the team for keeping it updated in your spare time. Can't wait to see and try your updates in the future! I would happily pay "early access" if there was an option
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