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  1. all these negative vibes are killing my flying mood! cheer up and be grateful. the team said its all coming along and there may be an update soon.
  2. Thanks ill give them a go!
  3. This game really is timeless. I love this game so much only recently got back in to it. Thanks to all the team for keeping it updated in your spare time. Can't wait to see and try your updates in the future! I would happily pay "early access" if there was an option
  4. that sounds awesome! I would even be happy with just voice dialogue showing up with text as a story on screen! Good luck
  5. will there ever be voiced campaigns in single player? the game would be so immersive and put on to another level imho
  6. newest modules will always cost more. you are actually getting discount buying the premium in early access with a bonus warm funny feeling of supporting something you love to be developed(and getting to fly the planes earlier) if the price is too much just wait for a sale after release
  7. just listened to my first one. Great work guys definitely going to listen to them all
  8. thanks for replys. I guess that I overwritten the default with my joystick hat
  9. as the title says. I would like to control the view without having to press an additional button. is this possible to do? thanks
  10. is there any way I can use this without having to install java or is there a safe way to set it up? I'm just a little hesitant installing it
  11. I honestly wasn't even considering buying tank crew until I saw these screen shots. very nice! real good job. could we see some gameplay vids?
  12. I use opencomposite instead of steamvr and use oculus tray tool to supersample at 1.3 with asw off. try this and see how to goes. steam VR adds alot of fluff and unnecessary features. you can switch between opencomposite and steamvr easily in the program.
  13. Could they not have a toggle? ultra, high, medium, low. for those with pcs that can handle it? I would rather have loads of dumb ai in some situations. For instance many, many bombers. That's just my personal preference.
  14. why do all the "AI" turrets have to be awake at the same time? if a planes out of range why are they a burden in single player. surely they only become active if the targets are close I obviously don't understand something fundamental to the way the engine works. also in the same way in say a fps is played why don't the planes spawn at specific points on a map whilst playing through a level?
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