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  1. I have a recollection of seeing a photo of an old G-6 transferred from a training unit to a combat JG, unfortunately, I can't remember the source. But it was an old G-6, not an Erla haube or AM/ASM engined one. As already stated, we wouldn't even have the G-6 Late to represent the dire situation when these old planes that were transferred back to combat units in the last couple of months of the Reich. These would be worn out machines, survivors from the early production batches. No Erla canopies, no MW-50 water-methanol injection for engine boost, just the basic G-6 that we have as
  2. The Soviet ADD (long-range bomber command) flew hundreds of sorties per night in the spring and summer of 1943, the Il-4 (DB-3F) medium bomber being the mainstay of the night bomber units. Some of these raids, such as those against German troop buildups around the Kursk salient, reached up to 200 bombers attacking a target. I definitely wouldn't count that as 'a handful'. If anything, nighfigting on the Eastern Front has been greatly overlooked mostly because the Germans never had sufficient resources to counter the Soviet night bombers (ineffectual as they were materially, they we
  3. Eh, what? Bulgaria was a constitutional monarchy in 1941, the parliament had been suspended by Tsar Boris III but his directly appointed cabinets were more centrist technocrats than "right wing" fasciscts. Actual hard right wing minority groups like the Bulgarian Legion were, in fact, suppressed by the government and the army. The country did not actively fight on the Axis' side, Bulgaria never declared war on the USSR and the government of Prof. Bogdan Filov only declared a "symbolic war" (whatever that means) on the USA and Great Britain under German pressure. Bulgaria was heavily bombed by
  4. Can't say I understand the reason why people complain about the G-6 and G-6 Late. There's such a plethora of 109 variants, especially in the latter years of the war, that there's bound to be some overlap in the various modifications. I do own the Collector's Plane G-6 and I do not feel bad for buying it. Aside from the obvious answer that this a business, the devs did the right decision by adding the G-4 to BoK as it was the modification that was prevalent on the Eastern Front at the time (March - June 1943). The standalone CP G-6 adds to the Summer and Autumn stages of BoK, and to
  5. The runner up is Yak-7b for me. It's an ugly, generic looking plane. It requires some precision and focus to properly manage the radiators in combat. And it has a very limited ammo load. But is it pleasant to fly! Docile, stable, easy to perform all kinds of maneuvers. And while it's certainly not a top tier performer, it is definitely no slouch but a capable fighter. I can honestly understand why the average Soviet pilot preferred the Yaks over all other types in the VVS KA. And, above all, the 109. Back when I started with flight sims, about 2006, that plane was a hor
  6. I regularly go out of fuel in my trusty 109 in multiplayer. And I expect that a drop tank would be useful in coop missions, something I plan to join as soon as my headset arrives. I'd say add a minimum amount of internal fuel (50% at least) when a drop tank is used. While even in real life the tactic of flying with partially filled fuel tanks wasn't unheard of, no sane pilot would want (or would be allowed) to take of with just a couple dozen litres of fuel and ditch his plane because he ran out in just five minutes after combat was joined. As to periods when air forces were fuel s
  7. @Alexmarine yes, typo on my part, thanks! February 1943.
  8. No drop tanks were available for the Luftwaffe at Stalingrad. They arrived too late, only in February 1942, by which point the air lift had failed and 6th Army had collapsed. Source: Bergstrom's Vol. 4 of Black Cross/Red Star. Mentioning this because I also wondered why none were implemented with BoS, in fact, it's historically accurate. I do agree drop tanks are very needed to represent a variety of mission types and I am eagerly waiting them (at the very least - to give you more loitering time in multiplayer).
  9. I dis give an option for the Ki-44 vs above.😉 I've never flown the Shoki in a flight sim, much less a real one, but from what I've read, sounds close to the FW-190A3 is flying style. It's slower, less durable and has a weaker armament than the Focke-Wulf fighter but it climbs a lot better. Unstable at low speeds and prone to a violent stall in sharp turns but it turned "bad" by Japanese standards, 20 seconds for 360 degrees turn, which sounds like very good turn performance. Ki-44-I (Ha-41 engine) would be a good matchup for the later P-40s. Ki-44-II (Ha-109 engine) would be a good
  10. Cargo drops in Career mode make me hopeful that the German airlifts over Stalingrad and the Kuban will finally be portrayed in singleplayer properly.
  11. Oh, I am not excited about the Hurricane at all and one of the planes I am shamelessly skipping as I doubt I would ever fly it. I was initially under the assumption this was a Hurricane vs X rather than a general 'Duel' like Osprey's book series discussion. In such case, good note to drop the conversation - leaving this Golodnikov's memoirs for anyone interested - interview with a Russian ace who flew most Lend Lease planes and compares them. Onto the subject - we already have several 'classic' duels present or soon to be. For Western folks, Spitfire and Mustang vs 109s.
  12. Most Soviet pilots considered the Hurricane worse than the I-16. In all honesty, it was disliked and relegated to secondary sections of the front. We don't have Italian planes but I'd say an MC.200 or a Reggiane Re.2000 would be good match ups.
  13. To be honest, that's how it actually was for the defending Axis nations pilots when intercepting American and British bomber formations. And, a significant portion of the air war on the Eastern Front was a constant stream of quick tactical engagements, often take off, fight and land within thirty minutes. Doesn't detract or contradict you comment but hours long escort or bomber missions weren't how the entirety of the air war went.
  14. I keep wondering why aren't any of these wish list topics tending towards expanding the plane sets for the existing theaters of operations (expansion maps) and what is realistically achievable rather than the tired "wouldn't it be great if we had X in the sim". Early Yak-1 and LaGG-3 series with the M-105PA engine, the late series Yak-7B bubble top with two 12,7mm machine guns. A late series La-5F bubble top with the revised engine cowling. Early model Focke-Wulf 190 F/Gs. These are modifications of existing planes and require much less work than brand new ones.
  15. That might have been me, though not this exact planeset. Just voted for a late war Eastern Front and Italy 1943. The Il-4 is completely out of place for a Battle of Berlin (Prague, Budapest, 'Spring Awakening' offensive, etc.). That would be the Tu-2. The G-10 and A-9/F-9 are obvious for the Luftwaffe but there were just a handful of Dora-11/13s. The He-162 was used very briefly. I'd saw either the FW-189 or He-177 is more likely. Ju-87G with the large 37mm cannons very likely. Italy is an awesome theater for a number of reasons but there's the problem tha
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