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  1. Not much, to be true. I'm not a "skinner" anymore. More likely scripted campaign designer)
  2. Well, to tell truth it all came out into a skinpack for KURSANT scripted campaign (only russian for now) Here is the skinpack And here is topic at russian forum And here are scren shots from FoxbatRU
  3. Wait a second - you'd changed missions in editor and the result was negative?.. Ground has gone from under my feet... What has left in this world to be sure of?
  4. My guess you may try to edit *.mission file with notepad.exe, find the row with player's plane and change it to G4. Don't forget to delete *.msnbin files.
  5. Tried the mission couple of times. First time cobras didn't attack immediately so I took off undisturbed. Next time they shot but I managed to avoid fatal damages and taxi to "repair unit" placed at windsock. Kite was repaired but the skin proceeded wear damages . Despite this, I took of and killed all enemies (not important).
  6. In times when this mission was created (and tested) I managed to avoid enemy's attack EACH TIME. Now, maybe AI got smarter. I should check it and tune all odds. Thank you for report!
  7. Here is link to the campaign. And here is the link to G6 skins.
  8. Ah, man. 15th mission uses Bf-109G-4 as player's plane. While whole campaign player ride G6. If you see only 15th, then you didn't buy premium G6. But how did you fly 1st mission?
  9. Looked at the mission in editor. On plane landed event mission counts complete. Reflew the mission, landed succesfully. No surprises - mission complete.
  10. Hmm... Just tried first mission and disspointment was there: the intro ran without music. Just fixed at my local drive. Haven't share yet. Did music play at the very beginning of the first mission?
  11. Yes. This is the latest version of this SP campaign! Honestly there is no other versions. Each time I do update I completely delete all old files. Not saving vaste.
  12. Hi there! Generally you can take all text information fro *.eng files. But in this particular case I really forgot to update 01.eng file after adding this subtitle in russian. That's why it appears in cyrilic. It informs you about your wingman being killed.
  13. Kirk, thanx a lot. 1) I made for purpose (original plane has this part of a cockpit transparent). Yeah, it not good at some angles... I don' care!) 2) Yes, you are right. May be all my focus went on parrot head))
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