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  1. samson

    I-16 Type 24 skins

    Here it is
  2. Sad to hear that. My thoughts are that after last update some my mistakes or "bad logic chains" became critical, cause year ago I played those missions many times without crashes. Well, must revise this stuff)
  3. Here is G6 version and the link should remain actual through updates.
  4. samson

    Official Poll: Theme for the next historical campaign

    Was wondering about fictional 1945-campaign after Nazi defeating.
  5. What model do you fly G4 or G6? My guess it's a third mission, right? Yeah, I know about it. Appeared some time ago. It was pretty "straight forward" in terms of mission building mission. But now I experience CTD each time and so far failed to find the reason.
  6. samson

    "COLD WINTER" scripted SP campaign

    Thank you for report! Surely I have checked this mission before campaign's last update, but gonna recheck it again. I will leave a note here.
  7. samson

    FW 190 spinner spiral needed

    Here is the skin for A4 model with spiral spinner/ preview:
  8. samson

    Skin request: Early 109F-4 "Diamonds" skin?

    Wait a minute... Somewhere here, on this HD still might be this *.psd file of this "wallpaper". Funny, it was me who came out with this concept. But after release it turned out that it is impossible to make polish metall surface as at RoF (there it was amazing!) and that's why I gave up to make this skin as it was intentioned to be. So I gave up want it to be like this one
  9. samson

    Bf-109 F4 skins

    Nice skins though that's Rudel. Oh, man! You've made my day! BZW... Do you play offline missions/campaigns?
  10. Rechecked. Yeah... Somehow I decided that Hoffman should stay alive (by the way he is in next mission) ) And no, mission could not be completed without he performed a successful landing at destination point. BTW. For the first time was shot down by sturmoviks in that mission
  11. Hm-m... You're doing everything correct. So, where did I miss? Did Hoffman survive? Guess not, cause if alive he would give another order (the last one in this mission). But it should go as free bonus after mission've been counted completed. And exactly the criteria of success are landing and approaching caponires... And now it's ain't working... Checking.
  12. Just found out that long intro at 12-th mission ends up in a pretty clumsy manner: two friendly vehicles perform suicide at player's caponire. Fixed this. You can replace either 12th  mission only, or the entire folder.
  13. Well, the most weird one is still to be played) By the way, here is a video that lits a bit light on this story:
  14. samson

    Scripted campaigns ?