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  1. I'll try to provide some translation soon. Without it (especially wirst 15 missions) are almost senceless.
  2. Recent updates really changed ""relationship" between planes and taxiways. It might be necessary to revise taxi path. Will check and report.
  3. I've checked 2nd and 6th missions. Work just fine. It's easy to tell the latest version of campaign by 1st mission. It should start with short intro with music. If so, you got latest version of the campaign.
  4. I just have not enough of me to deal with everything) Will try to response on every compliant but terms are "undefined". So, second mission in KURSANT campaign. Check now. PS. By the way I've completely rebuilt 6th mission recently... May be you got old version. I'll check 6th, too.
  5. Sorry for that. I've replaced entire Taman Bridgehead.zip file with the 8th mission with simple logic.
  6. I've looked at the mission in editor. First of all I was wrong about landing anywhere. Player should land back at Anapa base and mission will count after player's landing report (you should hear a radiochat). And it was this "replenish" unit at Kievskya that forced me to reset mission complete conditions :). Best the enemy of the good. 6th... Honestly, I can't recall... I remember I was surprised by not being shut down at straffing area this time (usually happened). But didn't bother myself and left it as it was.
  7. Eight mission. Flew it last week daily. You just have to land somewhere. By the way, there is rearm/replenish unit at 8th mission. It is an Opel at Kievskaya a/f. Not far from a combat zone (Krymskaya). So, if you spent your ammo in the fight with fighters you may rearm at Kievskaya and back to scramble at the time when stukas perform their bomb raid. Anyway. Will check today and report. Thanx for responce!
  8. Well, zest of KURSANT campaign are the briefings. I'm not the author) ...Some rude professional "argo".
  9. Here is the link to russian forum topic on "KURSANT" campaign. https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/8380-курсант/#comments
  10. An update happened to Taman Bridgehead Campaign. Updated version available via old link or here. From now campaign got custom skins (6 Bf-109G-6), player's 4k, rest 2k. Skins here some skins preview:
  11. I see... Well, there is an Taman Bridgehead's update coming. And immediately after that I put my hands on this campaign. By the way, I got a completed campaign for the soviet pilot (I-16, MiG-3, Yak-1, P-40, P-39; 50+ missions) titled "KURSANT". Briefings are only in Russian. Is it interesting enough to bother with translation?
  12. Quick mission type "duel" with unlimited adversary setting has such logic. May copy from there.
  13. Wait a second!.. You'll buy me an La5FN if I downloaded your free campaign? ))
  14. Oh wow I'm lucky! 15 minutes ago)))
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