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  1. samson

    Map Overlay Help

    I had to install FLASH and to resave all artworks from FLASH to make them work at "Allmost", for example.
  2. samson

    cant run taman campaign

    My guess you don't possese a premium Bf-109G-6. Cos' latest version of taman bridgehead updated for this plane. But don't worry: there is a version for g4 model I gonna get a link somewhere... Taman Bridgehead with Bf-109-G4 v.3001 the link) (use r-click on top menu to choose "download..." and it will be downloaded as single zip file so you can put it into Campaigns\Taman bridgehead G4 folder !!!create it if needed!!! )
  3. Those music tracks were found at YouTube and unfortunately I didn't save names. The idea was to add some music that "main hero of campaign" might heard at "leisure time".
  4. samson

    FW 190 A-3 skins

    Here, some screenshots with wip skins !ATTENTION! swastika under the spoiler
  5. To shoot a flare from 109: 1. press "shft+~" 2. LeftMouseClick to shoot from flare gun that appeared at moment.
  6. Ah, can anybody say if there ground airfields at Moscow autumn map still after last update? Cos they're gone on my computer at least... Neither I can develop the campaign nor enjoy career mode
  7. samson

    FW 190 A-3 skins

    1. I allready got my old JG51 FW-190A3 Template in these 70/71 colors. 2. The most of skins will be used for AI, wright? In game you won't tell 2k or 4k (with my skins )
  8. samson

    FW 190 A-3 skins

    I can make it. We're talking about 2K skins, wright?
  9. samson

    [MOD] Old sky color

    Great. Thanx.
  10. samson

    [MOD] Extra Zoom , Cockpit min FoV

    Cool mod! Wanna ask is it possible to create mod for EXTERNAL views with such feature? Especially for F11 camera while playing tracks.
  11. samson

    Bf109 G-6 Skins

    Well, here is the skin without swastika but looks alike: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PLfUJWSTNVP1tGuLG5zxn2K_YeYtOL9U
  12. samson

    "COLD WINTER" scripted SP campaign

    Campaign Zip file under the link in first post has been updated to version 3.001
  13. I added a link at the bottom of first post. What about "individual files"... It is just the way google disk treats this archive file (zip). You see, I did upload a single zip file and then looked at it: zip file appeared to be a bunch of individual ones... May be I did something wrong I thought; delete those files, upload again - same result... I gave up and left it as is) sorry. What would I suggest? Just create a folder within ...1C Game Studios\IL-2\data\Campaigns\YOURFOLDER and put all files under the link right into YOURFOLDER. I suggest Taman Bridgehead_G4
  14. samson

    Zargos Skin Factory diary

    So far it looks brilliant!!! Top-notch
  15. The campaign for v. 3.001 flying G4 model