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  1. Well, within days I'll upload an G-4 version for 3.001 anyway.
  2. Hey whats up! The link at first post updated to version 3.001 Now you fly Bf-109-G6. "blue skies"
  3. Campain download link in first post updated to version 3.001.
  4. Will be done. Though it will be yet another version: with p39, low turbulence and little upgrades here and there, and G4. Gonna make it separate campaign. Honestly, I've noticed that the very shape of coastline eastward from Novi changed a bit, so "Katushas" appeared dipped into seawaves... So, I fixed this and couple another things.
  5. Actually, working on it right now. I change G4 to G6, then P39 surely appears, decrease turbulence much... Gimme a couple of days)
  6. Bf109 G-6 Skins

    Wait! I don't get it. Where you got it??? The template Bf-109G-6 /// Got it))) I'm a fool
  7. "COLD WINTER" scripted SP campaign

    Оh! I see. Surely I gonna put my hand on it, but while I'm aside from Mission Editor right now I could suggest not just resave mission, but also while in ME RE-SET THE WEATHER. As I do remember it should get things right.
  8. In next mission you should try to bring lieutenant home. He just stuck at island and need a hand to start his engine. )
  9. Wow! Great screenies!
  10. Thanx for such a ditailed review) Well, want can I say, everything you told about 5th mission isn't a surprise for me. That is AI acts, as I did observe (I may be wrong and would be gracefull for advice or something). To say, Falce 1 recieved a signal to move to another waypoint. And the "gradient" of altitude is about 1000 m. And despite the speed mentioned at this aimed waypoint leader would burn engine climbing up to the alltidude of next waypoint as fast as he could no matter how FAR actually this waypoint is. And then at THE alltidude he would break down to the speed mentioned at WP properties. I might put 320 km per hour for the sake of player) )) and what about 3rd mission... I put "mission accomplished" result even if crashed but not die. So that's may be the case.
  11. Oh, sure. How can I help?
  12. There is link to msnbin file for 7th corrected mission. Also the archive in fist post in this threadupdated due to players report on "bugs" (actually my faults).
  13. Attention gentlemen! I've been reported about my fault with 1st mission getting accomplished. Here is an msnbin file for 1st mission. Please swith the file with exact name in Allmost folder with this one (link prev.) When you start 1st mission again iy will be automaticly succesfull within 10 sec after mission begins. Sorry for that.
  14. You see... I just get bored without mistakes))) Actually I tried to aim day in day in terms of calendar accuracy concerning weather, and "tactical scenario". Sure it is 1941.