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  1. samson

    4K Bf109 G-6 Skins - HERE

    I like this skin so much! Please, make another couple for Eastern Front
  2. samson

    FW 190 A-3 skins

  3. Zargos, you were my inspiration yet in old Il2-1946 times when I looked in M4T often! Your works gave me warm feelings. Yeah, I enjoyed your skins mush. Here, in BoX and there, in Il2_FB. Thank you!
  4. samson

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Bag your pardon: what is KOTA? Ah! Got it.
  5. samson

    MOSCOW SKY - I-16, MiG-3 mini-campaign

    Yes, should work. No, you're not criticising! You gave me a motive to highlight some Unique Propositions (and I got them))) so, thank you and welcome)
  6. samson

    MOSCOW SKY - I-16, MiG-3 mini-campaign

    Well, let's wait for those who tried the campaign to tell us. It may turn out there is nothing interesting for you. But you're right: some "promotion" would be nice. Like illustrated PDF where 2-3 pages dedicated to each mission to reveal details that might pass by player's attention etc. What do you think? Do you need it? For a moment, what "inventions" you may encounter playing this campaign? a) animated feature intros; b) "Interactive" aerobatics tasks (saying "interactive" I mean that in-game world will react TO THE WAY player performs aerobatic tasks - fires flare, gives comments via messages, play music etc.); c) "complex" enemy-AI behaviour: deviating from scramble at some moment, then changing his mind, hiding in clouds... d) some element of quest: some tasks are not obvious, so player has to GUESS what to do and then check it out... c) dialogues (hell, yeah! there were some chat at ALMOST but my guess very few people figure it out, so dialogues are something new for sure) and least but not the last: this "red" campaign is out while official Campaign-baker is being busy with some "blue" staff) . All this in one mini-campaign (have a glance at skins!))))
  7. samson

    Can not assign skins

    Hi, there! There were couple of times I've got this. What I did: I just changed the model of plane to another one (for example 109F-2 >> 109F-4) and then change it back. Then it was OK with skins.
  8. MOSCOW SKY is a mini-campaign for the pilot of the 34th IAP, 6th IAK of Moscow Air Defense in the period 1940-41. The campaign is now available! Special thanks to photog95661 who made all English body copy editing! Also you can use skins I-16 34IAP skin MiG-3 34IAP skin Skins are 4K
  9. samson

    Kalach battle or Kalachkessel

    That's in Russian, but may help: https://biography.wikireading.ru/124434
  10. samson

    I-16 Type 24 skins

    Here it is
  11. Sad to hear that. My thoughts are that after last update some my mistakes or "bad logic chains" became critical, cause year ago I played those missions many times without crashes. Well, must revise this stuff)
  12. Here is G6 version and the link should remain actual through updates.
  13. samson

    Official Poll: Theme for the next historical campaign

    Was wondering about fictional 1945-campaign after Nazi defeating.