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  1. My guess it happens because of height map changes at Moscow map in last update. Think the campaign need to be redone. Is it in my plans? not yet. Hate to say it - skins gone. I lost them. Deleted without back up.
  2. Yeah... Sad story: the file is gone (deleted it while hardware upgrade).
  3. First 3 missions are I-16. The rest are MiG-3 except the last one which is U-2.
  4. Yeah, you can skip it for sure. What about English translation. I'd seen someone made a translation (at least "google-translation") and even downloaded it... But now fail to find))
  5. Hi guys. I promiced a track - here it is. From start to land. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yu5xKxP_EYUcCnK_n1OwgOOtFuzheo_W/view?usp=sharing
  6. I'll try to record a track within current version and upload here. Well there is a set of check zones and yes, height is critical but not such much... The red smoke trail shows an successful attempt.
  7. I had completely reinstall the game recently. Wiped out all old stuff including campaigns. Then, downloaded Taman Bridgehead and it works... At list I see briefing and intro of the first mission. Localization English or Russian.
  8. Have you tried Moscow Sky Campaig? It is half i-16/half MiG-3. Now it may need to be re-saved with the Editor.
  9. Not much, to be true. I'm not a "skinner" anymore. More likely scripted campaign designer)
  10. Well, to tell truth it all came out into a skinpack for KURSANT scripted campaign (only russian for now) Here is the skinpack And here is topic at russian forum And here are scren shots from FoxbatRU
  11. Wait a second - you'd changed missions in editor and the result was negative?.. Ground has gone from under my feet... What has left in this world to be sure of?
  12. My guess you may try to edit *.mission file with notepad.exe, find the row with player's plane and change it to G4. Don't forget to delete *.msnbin files.
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