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  1. Please, take into account that current version of the campaign is for premiom plane Bf-109G-6. While 15th misssion player still plays bf-109G-4. You have to own G-6 to play the campaign.
  2. I just edited first post. Zip updated. Only G-6 version left wich has not custom skins assigned.
  3. Hi, Grobby! Thanx alot for appreciation. If you're talking about skins, then you fly G-4 version of the campaign. Which I "closed" sort of, cos it's too difficult to support both through multiply updates. I'm still updating G-6 version)))) to say truth. And I have no idea how skins can get locked or something... But may be it's because of a mess with G-4 and G-6 versions of the campaign (G-6 version uses no custom skins).
  4. To say the truth I've never bothered with all these parameters in text files. What's really important is the naming of mission-files the campaign consists of. They should be like 01.Mission, 02.Mission... And NOT ONLY. The first string in such files should be something like 01: First Mission, or 02: Second mission. So the format of the first row is NN: The name of the mission where NN - the number of mission in the list (01, 02, 03, etc. ) ... best wishes
  5. Dog, I've seen some of your skins here at the forum and I do appreciate your work! Maybe you'll come up with the special skin-pack for this campaign? Using skins that already done and - who knows - something new. Really, those who liked missions like 15 and 16 in Taman Bridgehead campaign I do recommend Almost campaign. The fair share of missions in here is sort of "virtual-pilot-playground" more than "aerial fight simulation". I put like 5 times more efforts in A than in TB Really, those who liked missions like 15 and 16 in Taman Bridgehead campaign I do recommend Almost campaign. The fair share of missions in here is sort of "virtual-pilot-playground" more than "aerial fight simulation". I put like 5 times more efforts in A than in TB And, BTW, here is my share of skins at M4T. Though only for Original Title. http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads2&file=search&sa=2602
  6. Ok. Must confess I srew into the mission expecting some silly mistake to discover. But nope! Everything was fine. You should hear a song and got detailed like... forgot the word... like summary at your screen after landing. This for sure means you've completed the mission. At all miissions at that campaign. But I made what I promised. Here is the mission with "instant success" 05_mission.zip
  7. Hi, jussitska! Cold Winter was my one of the first jobs, so there a lot of shit in it. At that time I wadsn't sure how it works. For example, usually, the "mission complete" translator triggers by Player's report about successful landing. It's not the same as the landing Event itself. May be devil is in it? I canot recall for now. But nevermind. What shall I do. I gonna make these mission counts automatically, seconds after mission start. So the player will decide by himself should he replay this mission or not. Will report here when done. Thank you for playing and enjoing my campaigns! (While enjoying you give me energy - you even don't notice - so I can accumulate it to conquer world domination) have a good day!
  8. Sir, my guess, the most accurate set of skins should be the one with skins of II gruppen of 52 geschwader at the fall of 1943. Like this one: As I do remember Hartman was at 6-th staffel (IInd group), Lipfert at 9-th staffel (IIIrd group ) and their kites wore similar cammo. Could be))) I never maid skins for G6 version of Taman Bridgehead. So, to see some custom skins in the Campaign you need to edit missions in ME. Or maybe there is another way by editing mission files directly via notepad as at Il2-1946... Dunno By the way, I'm on my way updating and fixing little inconveniences in that campaign. So, may be better to wait until it will be ready. I thought people abndoned this campaign already and i got some quiet time to work on. But if needed I can "accelerate", you know... As I do remember, the maximum quantity of bf-109 in one sortie in the Campaign was 6 kites (3 rotte - Falce, Pelican, Adler). Emm... I versed well in the organization of the Luftwaffe. Consider it an inaccuracy in translation. I made skins only for G4 for this campaign. G6 version went out without skins.
  9. Same here. In my practice, they always performed belly-landing somewhere in bushes if ran out of fuel.
  10. Try to put a couple of MCU "Icons" on the map, while creating a mission, that are connected with Target link, properties: line "Position Type 1", Icon ID - Waypoint. Thus you'll have a segment of the route on the map while in a briefing. The look will automatically zoom into.
  11. I like this skin so much! Please, make another couple for Eastern Front
  12. Zargos, you were my inspiration yet in old Il2-1946 times when I looked in M4T often! Your works gave me warm feelings. Yeah, I enjoyed your skins mush. Here, in BoX and there, in Il2_FB. Thank you!
  13. Bag your pardon: what is KOTA? Ah! Got it.
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