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  1. Ah, man. 15th mission uses Bf-109G-4 as player's plane. While whole campaign player ride G6. If you see only 15th, then you didn't buy premium G6. But how did you fly 1st mission?
  2. Looked at the mission in editor. On plane landed event mission counts complete. Reflew the mission, landed succesfully. No surprises - mission complete.
  3. Hmm... Just tried first mission and disspointment was there: the intro ran without music. Just fixed at my local drive. Haven't share yet. Did music play at the very beginning of the first mission?
  4. Yes. This is the latest version of this SP campaign! Honestly there is no other versions. Each time I do update I completely delete all old files. Not saving vaste.
  5. Hi there! Generally you can take all text information fro *.eng files. But in this particular case I really forgot to update 01.eng file after adding this subtitle in russian. That's why it appears in cyrilic. It informs you about your wingman being killed.
  6. Kirk, thanx a lot. 1) I made for purpose (original plane has this part of a cockpit transparent). Yeah, it not good at some angles... I don' care!) 2) Yes, you are right. May be all my focus went on parrot head))
  7. I'll try to provide some translation soon. Without it (especially wirst 15 missions) are almost senceless.
  8. Recent updates really changed ""relationship" between planes and taxiways. It might be necessary to revise taxi path. Will check and report.
  9. I've checked 2nd and 6th missions. Work just fine. It's easy to tell the latest version of campaign by 1st mission. It should start with short intro with music. If so, you got latest version of the campaign.
  10. I just have not enough of me to deal with everything) Will try to response on every compliant but terms are "undefined". So, second mission in KURSANT campaign. Check now. PS. By the way I've completely rebuilt 6th mission recently... May be you got old version. I'll check 6th, too.
  11. Sorry for that. I've replaced entire Taman Bridgehead.zip file with the 8th mission with simple logic.
  12. I've looked at the mission in editor. First of all I was wrong about landing anywhere. Player should land back at Anapa base and mission will count after player's landing report (you should hear a radiochat). And it was this "replenish" unit at Kievskya that forced me to reset mission complete conditions :). Best the enemy of the good. 6th... Honestly, I can't recall... I remember I was surprised by not being shut down at straffing area this time (usually happened). But didn't bother myself and left it as it was.
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