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  1. "Silent Movie" semi-historical off-line scripted campaign for the U2-VS pilot Period: July 17 - August 22, 1941 Unit: 10th mixed air division Player's aircraft: U2-VS Map: Velikie Luki (summer) Duration: 10 missions Average time to complete 1 mission: 45 minutes (3rd mission 1:45) Languages: Russian, English Author: Dmitry = samson = Samsonov Recommended difficulty level "Expert" Subtitles should be turned "ON" All other icons better turn "OFF" Have a nice flight!
  2. I hear you, man! Rolling up my sleeves. ) Also, some new stuff coming
  3. Thanx a lot, SamVimes! I'll brush stuff up and your response is highly appreciated! And, BTW. How much it is interesting just to re-play the campaign which you played decent time ago, to find some new surprises? You know. Just wondering. Thank you. P.S. Anyone fill free to left a feedback!
  4. The best a can offer right now the version of Kursant campaign which I'm testing this days. Some missions are missing (I have some technical issues with them) but overall playable. Here
  5. You may mistook Pe-2 's parking ground with i-16 's (which is yours). My guess you should taxi further forward, to i-16 parking ground, then you should receive subtitle message (congrats, mission complete). FYI there is a chain of check zones along the way, so if you cheated mission won't count. BTW. Are you playing the version with all objects on Moscow map being updated in their height? Cos after recent update (where whole Moscow map was reassign to a new heights map, about 50 meters higher/lower) I had to edit each mission on Moscow map in this campaign but I never shared yet. I do kn
  6. I see... I'm working on update. (Last 3-4 missions are so filled with triggers, check zones etc. - they are so fragile to any changes that updates provide, you barely get any pleasure out of it).
  7. Thanx, Crashbangwallop) You know, after latest updates this campaign should be totally non-functional... I thought players abandoned it. Seriously, campaign needs some repair. Though, I'll try to share the mission with fireplace asap
  8. Oh!.. These skins are mine. Please, use it! ) Hope you like them. I tried to keep colors uniform with default ones, though made RLM 76 bit darker. And there should be "red 7", "red 9" in a team.
  9. My guess it happens because of height map changes at Moscow map in last update. Think the campaign need to be redone. Is it in my plans? not yet. Hate to say it - skins gone. I lost them. Deleted without back up.
  10. Yeah... Sad story: the file is gone (deleted it while hardware upgrade).
  11. First 3 missions are I-16. The rest are MiG-3 except the last one which is U-2.
  12. Yeah, you can skip it for sure. What about English translation. I'd seen someone made a translation (at least "google-translation") and even downloaded it... But now fail to find))
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