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  1. If I had one wish, it would be a server without zoom for *any* players, but a marker that pops on an aircraft at a definable distance; say 1km or less that indicates friend or foe without telling you what model it is. As a real-world pilot, I can ID any aircraft within 1SM.... so having a friend or foe indicator will allow me to simulate what would happen in real life without trying to simulate real-world spotting on monitors and HMD's.
  2. I agree that voice comms are best. But sometimes I find that only a minority are on voice comms and there is lots of activity on the in-game friendly chat about the battle that I'd like to contribute to. Being able to give enemy position reports in friendly chat seems like something I've observed others doing and I want to participate. This allows me to do that easily in VR. I mute my Discord when I send a chat message so the people on Discord don't have to hear me dictating.
  3. Hey all, I've recently jumped into the multiplayer server world and am, so far, really enjoying it... although identifying aircraft in VR without labels remains my biggest challenge. I found that most people are not using voice comms but communicate mainly in the in-game chat. Flying with a VR helmet on and, to be completely honest, being an old man who needs to see a keyboard to type, this has really lessened my enjoyment. VoiceAttack, of course, is an excellent resource for us VR flyers. I started trying to solve this problem using the built-in DICTATION functional
  4. Thanks again for giving this a shot. It shows what a great community IL-2 has to support it. Cheers!
  5. Thanks for all the effort on this Matt. REALLY appreciated!
  6. Thank you SO much for the effort. Yeah.... I burned my entire Saturday trying to come up with a solution which of course the devs could solve pretty quickly with a patch. Maybe we'll get lucky?? 🙄
  7. Thanks a million Matt. Greatly appreciated. I've been trying to learn TARGET just to solve this problem. I even tried remapping the throttle slider to the Mouse Z axis but it didn't work: MapAxis(&Throttle, THR_FC, MOUSE_Z_AXIS, AXIS_NORMAL, MAP_ABSOLUTE); SetSCurve(&Throttle, THR_FC, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0); Yeah. As much as I love this program, some of the stuff is a bit surprising; the keybinding section being one of my major complaints. It is one area that I find DCS far outpaces IL-2....
  8. Hey Matt, Thanks a ton for this. A few questions. The mouse button commands don't seem to be working. I assume that snippet of code is so if I am holding the rocker switch forward or aft, it is like holding down the mouse button so I can then move the map around. Unfortunately it does not have any effect. EDIT: One other question. When I try the mouse wheel button, it only scrolls in and out a tiny bit no matter what values I set. It only seems to work in combo with moving the CS button around but that makes the zoom go all over the place. Prob
  9. I decided to make the jump into multiplayer servers and, of course, most have the GPS map function disabled. Ok... so I figured this is a good excuse to work on my pilotage skills by pulling up the briefing map and using ground references to navigate. Problem is I don't have a mouse handy with a scroll wheel because I play in a 6DOF motion platform and the mouse would just get thrown around. So frustrating that there are no options in-game to change something as simple as map zoom. I'm running a Warthog HOTAS and am even open to T.A.R.G.E.T profi
  10. So.... for future reference, I did a complete re-install and that solved the problem. I had previously copied the directory from the C: drive to a new SSD without doing a full uninstall/reinstall as I read on the forums that works. Apparently, at least in my case, it did not. FYI.....
  11. Recent returnee to IL-2. Purchased BOBP to fly the Spit as I've been flying it in VR in DCS However... for the LIFE of me, I can't get the gunsight to appear in VR even though it is there in 2D I found only one other post on this topic which point to changing the prop_blur_max_rpm_for_vr in startup.cfg with no further explanation. I'm not sure what the prop_blur_max_rpm_for_vr does to solve this. I tried setting it to zero and the gunsight still does not appear. I'm at a complete loss here and really would appreciate some help, Thanks
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