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  1. I'm sure real IL-2 players don't use them, but I'm new and I do. If you want to target a bridge, factory, church, schoolyard, etc, as a target objective and you want to see the red/blue target icon in the HUD, is there a way to do so? I've been parking a truck near the actual target because that does show up. It appears only trucks, artillery, trains, ships and other planes "work."
  2. I asked this under the post about changing planes during a mission and was told it's not a feature available in SP. I think the best you could do is set the plane to unlimited ammo, pay attention to what you've used and return to base, land and take off again to simulate a rearm/refuel.I thought there might be a way of setting up, for example, three "player" planes on a runway, use one and return and then hop to the second one, etc. But I don't think there's a way to hop from plane to plane.
  3. Muff_Huggar

    Missions for FC

    Yes, I've been flying low around trees and stuff. for a change of entertainment, too. I was pleasantly surprised the other night when I skimmed a lake and water droplets formed on the wind screen. That detail was unexpected and nice. Then I thought about setting up a multiplayer Spad/DR1 Red Bull race course. I think the IL-2 purists would find that appalling.
  4. Muff_Huggar

    Change planes mid-mission

    I wasn't specific enough. I was thinking of Single Player. One of the reasons is that in Flying Circus you can only have two bombs. So that limits the damage you can do to some ground targets. I get around that by flying with unlimited ammo, which is really unrealistic. I guess I could stay with unlimited ammo and just return to base once I've dropped the two bombs and 800 rounds to simulate refuel/rearm. I am way way way too crappy to fly online, by the way.
  5. As I understand (being a newcomer to the series), you can't fly off on a mission, return to base to get refueled and rearmed and then fly off again. I wondered if it would be possible to have a new fully loaded plane spawn after you land that you could just jump into and and re-engage in the attack?
  6. Muff_Huggar

    Missions for FC

    I'm sure this is well known, but I thought I'd mention it for any other newcomers. FC doesn't have any missions or campaigns or career at this time, so the best you can do is select a Quick Mission and fly around freely and bomb, strafe, dogfight, etc. But no real objectives. I thought I'd see what I can do with some simple missions created by the community. The mission builder guide from JimTM has some sample missions for BOS. They can be converted to FC missions in most cases by just opening the mission in the ME and changing his planes to FC planes. Some of the missions won't open in the ME until you edit them in a text editor and change the line PlayerConfig = "LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Planes\ju87d3.txt"; to PlayerConfig = "LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Planes\spad13.txt"; I had gotten kind of weary doing the Quick Mission free-flying ones that don't have actual objectives. This added something new...bombing bridges and factories, for example.
  7. Muff_Huggar

    FC Personal Skins

    You can do some editing on dds files. But it's rudimentary. I've edited dds files for race cars in RFactor 2. You can change the overall color, put in text (e.g. change car numbers or decals), etc.
  8. Muff_Huggar

    Mission generator - how?

    There is a Lapino batch file and it has all kinds of bad paths in it. If you fix the paths and run the batch file it will generate a mission in the mission folder. You can then open that mission with the STEditor. If you run the mission generator from the command line, it opens up a help section that there should be some parameters to missiongen,... usage: MissionGen [--out output_file] template_file [--clean none|all|gates|reference|properties] [--use-pack]
  9. I asked what I thought would be a simple question in the Flying Circus forum about how convergence works, and there doesn't seem to be a clear understanding of how the vertical path of the bullets are modeled. Is it a complex model where the forces on the bullet (gravity, etc.) are accounted for via trajectory, or is it a more simple "arcady," straight line approach? I guess another answer could be that the path/trajectory are modeled properly but the graphics representation of those presented by the tracers is simple. Or is this something I shouldn't worry my pretty little head about?
  10. Muff_Huggar


    So, Plank, are you saying that when you change the convergence setting, only the horizontal part is being altered? So, let's say I'm sitting on the runway and I have the convergence set to 200 meters. I'm firing at a target 200 meters away. I have the crosshair in the sight centered on the target so each bullet is going to hit the target at the exact center (horizontally as well as vertically). Now I move the target to 400 meters and set the convergence to 400 meters. I'm expecting in the game that if I again center the crosshair on the bullseye, each bullet will hit the exact center again. But your comment leads me believe that while I may be horizontally centered. no consideration is made to adjust the barrels to account for the trajectory drop of the greater distance. So while I would be in the center of the target horizontally, the bullets would be hitting well below the bullseye? I think you're also saying that because of the tracers, the sights are really just a "suggestion" of where the lead is going to go and that people fly by the tracers and could probably do without sights altogether?
  11. Muff_Huggar


    What I found embarrassingly important in this topic was the fact that convergence affects how far above or below the target the bullets will hit. I guess I wasn't thinking and just assumed there was no gravity in WWI and bullets didn't drop...that trajectory was invented some time after the Great War. This is so obvious now that someone mentioned it that I feel somewhat stupid for not considering it at all.
  12. Muff_Huggar


    I'd like to learn a little about gun convergence. By default, the guns in FC have a convergence of 400 meters. Was this a standard in real life? Did pilots/mechanics adjust the convergence before they left the ground based on the mission they were going to fly? I could see where a "longer" convergence (say 600 meters) might be "better" for attacking ground targets and a "shorter" convergence for dogfights. Or was the convergence set by the pilot based on his personal preference and flying style? Could this be done "on the fly" from the cockpit or did it have to be done on the ground in a test area?
  13. I can't stop thinking that it would be interesting to do some mission creation, particularly for Flying Circus where there are none yet. I loaded up the default mission for FC in the editor and saw there are already lots of potential targets--bridges, airfields, etc.--that you can attack in the free fly missions. But I'm curious about the learning curve for doing mission building. Can it be done casually, or is it a dark demon that will clutch your soul and drag you into some Mountain Dew and Cheetos hell from which you only surface periodically to empty the convenience bag? If I go down this path, am I going to spend more time mission building and testing and fine-tuning than I am flying?
  14. The learning curve for this sim is rather steep. I'm not complaining, just saying that for me it doesn't come naturally. I have a question tonight about the Spad XIII. Does it have an inclination (probably because of the torque of the engine) to drift left to right? It could be because I'm still horrible at this, but I think I've noticed that while flying level at altitude, I'm constantly adjusting for a rightish drift. When I'm coming in to attack a stationary target, I will be on track at 1000 meters, but at 400, I will be wide right consistently. I've done this without firing to rule out the possibility of being hamfisted when using the trigger. I'm asking to rule out the possibility of a hardware issue with the 1600M joystick.
  15. Muff_Huggar

    Where is the Game Manual/Instructions?

    I'm new too. I've been using Rise of Flight stuff for reference.