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  1. When VR starts up the mouse focus is often not on the game menu. Moving the mouse around will be erratic. When this happens, I flip the headset up and click the mouse on the game window on the flat screen. Then I can go back ton VR and move the mouse properly. There's probably a way to fix this.
  2. There's a combination of stuff involved. I think HUD has to be on and I also believe Instrument panel needs to be on. I never remember the combinations.
  3. I don't fly sims for the historical aspect of any of it...I know, blasphemy. So I wonder. In real life, if a good pilot had some injury or disability, wouldn't the engineers and ground crew try to design something specifically for that pilot to assist with overcoming the disability? Or would they just ground him because he couldn't fly the plane "right?" Now you've got me thinking about something that could be 3D printed/machined that would attach to the joystick and provide a mechanical artificial trim adjustment so we don't have to exclude people with disabilities.
  4. How about using VoiceAttack's feature to remap joystick buttons? You could have a VoiceAttack profile for each plane, with joystick-button-to-keyboard mappings that would be specific to that plane. I started to build Spad and P40E profiles and mapped joystick buttons to do different things depending on if I loaded the Spad or P40E profile in VA. I changed course and ended up programming one button to step though a selection list that put another button in that mode. For example, I have one button that steps through All Guns, Rockets, Bombs and whichever one is selected is the weapon used when I press the trigger. I have a second button that steps through other functions, Flaps, Pitch, Mix, Temp, etc., and that puts the hatswitch in that mode so selecting Mix and pressing hat up makes the mix richer and hat down makes it leaner. I have some voice commands, but I mostly use my mode selector buttons. I do all this, by the way, because I'm in VR and can't see the keyboard.
  5. Zoom power in VR is not very high. I think it's 2x power, but I'd have to look that up. I don't find that it improves detail significantly in VR though.
  6. Let's get something straight. I am not angry. I don't feel left out. I don't have some compelling need to compete online. I'm old...I move on. If you believe I've confronted you with an uncomfortable position, that's good because without confrontation there is seldom change. I was merely presenting an opinion. It is actually very fine with me if you don't take my suggestion or even bother to try it out. But one last thing. To the people who suggested there are other servers that can be found that have different rules and conditions, are you looking at how many of those are actually playable? On a normal night from my location in the U.S., the huge majority of "available" servers have horrendous ping times. On average, I get two that are reasonable to join, so it's a lot easier to say "go elsewhere" than it is to find a good "elsewhere."
  7. If that were all true, then explain the following. Why do the developers of IL-2 include an option to have one side marked with red icons and the other with blue? Why did the developers include a distance to the target? Why did the developers include realism options for unlimited ammo, unlimited fuel, auto radiator, auto engine control, auto rpm? Why did the developers provide options for aim assist and bomb assist? Why did the developers include a full HUD with an instrument panel and on screen map with GPS features? When you create a multiplayer server that doesn't allow new players to use those features that they may need because they're not good enough, you're putting up a roadblock to them joining the multiplayer experience. You're putting them at such as disadvantage and telling them "Ahh, it will get better. I promise." A lot of people aren't going to stick around if they are flailing about and getting shot down like an AI. Or they're not going to play because, as you said, the "regulars" are going to be miffed if the newbies don't play by the rules and the newbies are not going to want to be cussed out for ruining someone else's fun. Obviously, it's the owner's server and he/she can set it up and do anything he or she wants to do with it. It's telling that your response to my suggestion was not "Yeah, we probably need to think more about how to attract and keep new people" but "the burden's on you to get good enough to be here." I'll probably regret writing this. Yep, I'm pretty sure I will.
  8. In VR, it's too hard to identify planes at any reasonable distance. I can understand the desire to have an exclusive club of experienced online pilots. But perhaps the occasional free-for-all session or night would open the door to other new IL-2 people who aren't experienced enough or knowledgeable about planes/tactics/etiquette/history.If you want to increase the number of people in multiplayer, you have to think about holding "minor league/amateur" events.
  9. You know, there's no reason this can't be a free-for-all. There's really no reason to have two sides. As my office mate says, "Kill 'em all and let God sort it out."
  10. I tried the JG1 server and it was great for FPS and smoothness. It showed a ping of about 48 in contrast to JG5, which was listed at 250+. But, I can't really do multiplayer anyway. I have no idea which planes are on which side. They all look the same to me. So I fly around and wait to get shot at and then I have some idea who I should be fighting. By that time it's often too late. I obviously don't belong here yet. So it's back to SP for me.
  11. No mods. I'll give it another try.... ...It takes forever to load, but I was able to get in. Not a very smooth server from my location.
  12. I got on the server tonight after updating to today's latest version and all I could do is Spectate. I don't know cat squat about multiplayer; was I unable to do anything because I'm on a version later than the server? Or something?
  13. Sometimes, I have to flip my headset up, move the mouse cursor to the IL-2 window and click there to get the mouse focus on the game window. Many times, focus is on the mixed reality portal window instead.
  14. I have the lenovo explorer with a vega 64. It will go over 45 FPS. In SP with the HUD off, it will jump up to about 60 but occasionally it will reach for a few seconds to 90FPS. But most of the time it hovers around 45 with the HUD on and that's just fine for flying for me. Online on the Berluga (sp?) server, my average is about 55-60 fps . I attribute this to lack of ground graphics clutter...no buildings, etc. The worst FPS I get is in the start menus, where it will drop to about 8 or 9 FPS. By the way, I see negligible difference using the ultimate, high, balanced graphics settings.
  15. I think you misread what I wrote. I only see single thread load on the CPU when I'm flat screening. When I'm in VR, the load is balanced across all the CPU cores/threads and is much less than the single core numbers I see in flat screen. And the single core/thread usage in flat is nowhere near what someone would consider "bound." From the number I saw, I would say performance in VR is BETTER than in flat screening...load on GPU and CPU is less than what I expected. That's why I asked if someone else could do a couple of tests to see if my results can be recreated.
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