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  1. I wanted to update this comment just in case someone else comes by. There is a configuration file in the same directory as the executable. It defines the plane types, so you can add the spad to the bombers line and then the Spad will appear in the drop down menu when you select a bombing mission.
  2. Yes to Steam question; that's how I do it. I'm a crappy pilot not qualified to judge the AI.
  3. I just started using this one and I like it. There are some "things." Even though you can outfit a Spad with cooper bombs, you cannot choose the spad if you select a bombing mission. But ottherwise, it adds a nice feature to singleplayer.
  4. I looked at all the Entente planes tonight and the timer was there for each one of them. I was able to set them to 3 seconds, 5 seconds, etc.
  5. I have a hard time reading the cockpit gauges now with my WMR Lenovo Explorer. It used to be better. On the other hand, holding 90fps even with the HUD on is no problem.
  6. When this happens to me occasionally (and it happens in RFactor 2 also), I get out of the game, go into the VR settings and set the seated position again. This fixes it every time. I haven't figured out what causes it...sometimes I think it's after I've loaded the game on a flat screen to do some adjustments/configuration/etc.
  7. To quote you exactly: "...this goes for the photo in the cockpit thing too." Just trying to help where I can. I'll do better next time.
  8. I suppose it could be used for something useful like settings for the aircraft that I forget every time. Or a chart showing keyboard mappings.
  9. Check the Steam discussions on IL-2. Someone made a video explaining how to do the cockpit photo. He does some stuff with a mask and layers in GIMP. I just took a photo of my dog, made it sepia and saved it as a dds in the proper folder and it worked fine once that feature was turned on in game. Added linky https://steamcommunity.com/app/307960
  10. I haven't been flying much lately. My original Vega 64 was RMA and I went about three weeks without a reasonable video card. It was replaced with a Nitro Vega 64, which is a much better card. I also have a Lenovo Explorer. One of the first things I noticed was the hit from opening the HUD was gone. I had a steady 90 fps with or without it on. I don't know if this is something with the latest version or in some previous patch that came out while I was languishing. I just flew my Spad around the new map for an hour so without shooting at anything and looking around and seemed just fine.
  11. When VR starts up the mouse focus is often not on the game menu. Moving the mouse around will be erratic. When this happens, I flip the headset up and click the mouse on the game window on the flat screen. Then I can go back ton VR and move the mouse properly. There's probably a way to fix this.
  12. There's a combination of stuff involved. I think HUD has to be on and I also believe Instrument panel needs to be on. I never remember the combinations.
  13. I don't fly sims for the historical aspect of any of it...I know, blasphemy. So I wonder. In real life, if a good pilot had some injury or disability, wouldn't the engineers and ground crew try to design something specifically for that pilot to assist with overcoming the disability? Or would they just ground him because he couldn't fly the plane "right?" Now you've got me thinking about something that could be 3D printed/machined that would attach to the joystick and provide a mechanical artificial trim adjustment so we don't have to exclude people with disabilities.
  14. How about using VoiceAttack's feature to remap joystick buttons? You could have a VoiceAttack profile for each plane, with joystick-button-to-keyboard mappings that would be specific to that plane. I started to build Spad and P40E profiles and mapped joystick buttons to do different things depending on if I loaded the Spad or P40E profile in VA. I changed course and ended up programming one button to step though a selection list that put another button in that mode. For example, I have one button that steps through All Guns, Rockets, Bombs and whichever one is selected is the weapon used when I press the trigger. I have a second button that steps through other functions, Flaps, Pitch, Mix, Temp, etc., and that puts the hatswitch in that mode so selecting Mix and pressing hat up makes the mix richer and hat down makes it leaner. I have some voice commands, but I mostly use my mode selector buttons. I do all this, by the way, because I'm in VR and can't see the keyboard.
  15. Zoom power in VR is not very high. I think it's 2x power, but I'd have to look that up. I don't find that it improves detail significantly in VR though.
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