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  1. Muff_Huggar

    FC early access in VR

    If you're in VR and you don't have enough buttons, you should look at VoiceAttack. You don't have to use voice commands; you can also map commands to joystick keys. I "wrote" a profile where one button sets the hat switch in different modes (pitch trim, temp, mix, flaps, etc). I cycle through my mode list and pick which one I want and the hat switch controls that function. For example, if I pick pitch mode, pressing the hat forward will trim the nose down and pulling it back trims it up. I can then switch to mix mode and the same hat up does richer and hat down does leaner. I also have another button that changes the mode of the trigger from regular guns to rockets and then bombs. I use a button to select the mode because my diction isn't the clearest but if you speak clearly you could change modes with your voice. Using VoiceAttack this way has revolutionized my flying in VR. I now do engine management because I don't have to be searching through multiple buttons to determine what I want to do. I uploaded a profile of this approach to the VR area of IL-2 if you want to use it as a starting point.
  2. Muff_Huggar

    VR Seat position - can you adjust it in VR?

    I guess I just don't understand. I can freely adjust my head position in VR. I do it all the time. If I'm too far back in the seat, I lean back and hit the button and it moves me closer. If I'm too far to one side, I lean to that side and press the center button. If I'm kind of askew in cockpit, I look in the direction I want to be straight ahead and press the button. If I'm too high or low, I scrunch down or sit tall in my chair and press the button. Maybe it's because I'm on Windows MR, but I can change my position any time I want to any position I want just by positioning myself and pressing the recenter button. I don't see how it could be better or easier.
  3. Muff_Huggar

    VR Seat position - can you adjust it in VR?

    Right now, I like being able to readjust my VR position in-game. I don't have a flight/driving rig. I sit in a standard office chair. The chair swivels and that's a problem because it becomes very easy for me to get misaligned when I'm turning to look over my shoulder, etc. My mapped key is in an area of my T16000M that doesn't get pressed accidentally. So I'm happy with the way it works now and I would be unhappy if they changed it.
  4. I could have sworn I downloaded this last week and installed it and ran into some Steam load problems, but tonight Windows Defender is blocking the download because it says it has a virus. The reported problem is: Trojan:Script/Foretype.A!ml
  5. Muff_Huggar

    Hat modes

    Here is an updated version that has a mode for both the hat and the trigger. It's provided as a starting point for anyone interested in doing something similar or who has a simple joystick that has few buttons. IL-2-Profile.zip
  6. Muff_Huggar

    FPS "stuck" at 44

    Some Steam VR stuff rolled out of beta and into the regular stream this week. I believe the reprojection and smoothing stuff is now on by default. The new stuff doesn't apply to my Vega 64, so I still see jumps from about 1 FPS (yes, 1) in the main starting menu to 90 in game but it tends to hover around 45 anyway, especially if the HUD is on. I tried Low, Balanced, High and Ultra and saw little difference in either of those. I noticed a little stutter in Ultra while drawing the landscape in the distance.
  7. Muff_Huggar

    Hat modes

    For VR players, buttons and the keyboard can be a problem. I have a working set-up that allows me to put the hat on my T16000M in different modes. For example, I can put it in a "mix" mode and hat up will do rich and hat down will do lean. Then I can change to "pitch" mode and use the hat to adjust nose up/down pitch. Or "temp" mode so the same hat does cowls open and cowls closed. I'm using VoiceAttack, which I was referred to several days ago and I'm still learning it, so there's probably more efficient ways to do things. Without the help on the VA forum, it would have taken a while for me to figure it out on my own. Since my diction is not real clear (my wife says I mumble), I use one button on the joystick to select the mode. By repeatedly pressing it, it cycles through the mode menu of pitch, temp, mix and prop. You could just use voice commands and say "temp," "mix," etc. instead, however. I have tested temp and pitch so far and they work fine in game in VR. I am posting this here to let people know this can be done. Being able to do something like this with only a few days of experience with the application tells you it has to be rather easy. And I'm sure others can come up with some greater uses. For example, the trigger could have a mode for each weapon, so when you wanted to fire rockets, you wouldn't need a button dedicated to it...you would just say "rockets" and the trigger would fire rockets instead of the MGs. A profile containing the commands to do pitch and temp is attached. In the hat commands, only the pitch and temp modes are addressable because I haven't tested the other (mix and prop) commands. I have used several other programs (joy2key, g-hotkey, etc.) that have similar functions and I built an Arduino-based button box for sim racing, and I think Va has the most features. Hat_mode-Profile.zip
  8. Muff_Huggar

    P40 yaw trim

    Those numbers seem pretty significant. Am I correct to assume that once in combat (or before dive bombing, for example) that an experienced pilot would set all the trims to zero?
  9. Muff_Huggar

    P40 yaw trim

    I've been working with voiceattack since I fly in VR and noticed something tonight. The P40E seems to have a default yaw trim of -62%. I don't have yaw assist on, and whether I start on the ground or in the air, it's the same. If I press the Reset Trim button, I can see the yaw trim count down from -62% to 0. The pitch and roll trims start at 0. Is this expected?
  10. Muff_Huggar

    Easy Camel?

    Fine, I didn't complain. I asked if there was something I was missing. All someone had to do was say, "that's was the way it was." There is absolutely no excuse for comments like "get over it" when a new person is asking a reasonable question without denouncing the game or plane and just trying to understand. That was uncalled for. I am not an aviation maven, so I have to ask. Rude responses, I'm sure, will reduce my participation here in the future. For the people who were civil enough to treat the question reasonably, I tried 15% fuel and much reduced power. When the stick goes to center, the Camel noses up horribly. As I said earlier, I'm not good enough to fly this plane as it is. If I'm just flying around level, I can keep the nose flat, but if I have to do any maneuvering, I'm porpoising. I can't fly it, so I'll stick to the Spad.
  11. I have the game set for measurements to automatically match the plane I'm flying. This works fine for the planes I generally fly (the P40E is in feet, for example, matching the cockpit dials). However, the Camel's cockpit gauges are all imperial and the Instrument Panel is metric.
  12. Muff_Huggar

    Easy Camel?

    For me, it is nothing like the DR1. The DR1 has what I would call an upward drift while the Camel absolutely pulls the nose up forcibly. If I let go of the stick, it is like the plane is trying to do a loop on its own. Reducing throttle doesn't help much. I have a 1600M and it has a spring-loaded center and this makes the Camel something I can't fly. I am disappointed because I look forward to FC improvements and additions, and I am not good enough to enjoy flying this plane.
  13. Muff_Huggar

    Easy Camel?

    I can't get the camel to fly level. Now I'm new and I am crap at this, but the camel for me wants to nose up and stall unless I hold constant down pressure on the stick. What am I missing?
  14. Muff_Huggar

    P40 rockets

    I noticed that if you have rockets installed on the P40 and you lose the wing you can see the rockets hanging out there in midair all the way to the ground.
  15. Muff_Huggar

    P40E questions

    Yes, the brake pedals on the 40 work fine. Yet I pretty much find them useless. At this point I see no reason to map the brakes to my joystick buttons.