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  1. It can do that. I have some voice-activated commands...hud, map, objective, etc. But my accomplishment was programming one button on the joystick to step through several options--pitch, temp, mix, time, etc.--with each button press. Whichever one I stop it on "programs" the hat switch. So if I have "pitch" selected, a hatswitch up will pitch the nose now and hatswitch back will pull the nose up. I have another button that does weapons. It steps through "main guns," "rockets," "bombs," etc. and then the trigger activates that weapon. VoiceAttack isn't just for voice commands.
  2. I use VoiceAttack and program my joystick keys so I have no use for the keyboard (except the Escape key...it seems you can't bind that to a joystick button).
  3. PWCG doesn't start up IL-2 or automatically run the mission. You have to start IL-2 normally and select Mission. The mission you created will be listed there.
  4. Well, that was a bust. All the planes had bombs. I followed them to see what happened and they flew over the target, banked left and headed back home with the bombs still firmly attached to the plane. There's probably another setting somewhere to tell them to actually drop the bombs, but I have no idea how to do that. So chalk this up as a failure.
  5. I have some more information. I ran the official mission builder and opened one of the 7.2.0 missions. I found my plane in the list and double-clicked it to open it. I immediately saw that the WeaponsMod is set to 1. When you expand that to open the WeaponsMods, they all say "none." Payload is listed as 2 but, the adjacent box is blank. So I went back into the WeaponsMods setting and found that #6 is the one for bombs. I changed it from "none" to the BF2 bombs setting. As soon as that is clicked, WeaponsMods setting changes from 1 to 1000001 and the box adjacent to the Payload setting now has a selectable dropdown. From that dropdown, you can pick one of four different bomb setups (Cooper, HERL, etc.). If you save the mission, you can now run it and you'll have bombs by default. If you change the other pilots while you're doing yours, they will have bombs, too. I didn't compare the mission files closely between the one created by PWCG and the official mission builder, but one thing I saw was the PWCG version didn't have a line for each plane that said WMMASK = 100001. The PWCG version doesn't include that line at all. Adding it doesn't give you bombs though, so there must be more at play in the mission file to control this. For now I have an untested solution: run the official mission builder, open the PWCG mission file, change the payloads of the planes and resave. Note that I HAVE NOT fully tested a mission where I did this, so something else could be broken. I'll give it a whirl tonight.
  6. I am thoroughly confused and since no one else is reporting this as an issue, it must be me. I set up a campaign where the Role is Bomber. I create a mission and the Payload for all the planes is listed as bombs. I start up the game and load the mission and I have no bombs. None of the other planes in my group have bombs. I looked at the mission file and the only thing I see that may apply is the PayloadID. For me and the other planes, it is set to 2, which I assume means weapon set #2, which is probably the stock single gun. I edited the mission file and changed PayloadID to 3 (which I believe adds the Coopers), but in game I still have no bombs. I can, of course, change my setup before I start, but that only applies to me...the other planes in my group still don't have bombs. What am I doing wrong?
  7. On several occasions where I have set the campaign role to bombing and have created a bombing mission and checked that the Payload is bombs, I have been bombless when starting the mission. I've had to go into the plane setup and select the bombs and then there is a dialog box asking if I want to restore the mission defaults. If I click that, the bombs disappear. It's a touch frustrating to fly a bunch of miles to a target and find out you left your ordnance back at home.
  8. I have another question. This one about Campaign roles. There are three of them: fighter, bomber and recon. What exactly is recon? From what I can tell, you get bombing type missions without bombs? Are you, for example, supposed to translate "attack artillery units" to "take photos of artillery units?" Secondly, if you pick the fighter or bomber role, will all the missions you get strictly bombing or fighting? Can you mix them so you have a bombing roll on the first mission and a patrol role on another? For the record, I'm having a great time doing these missions. I've been spending a lot more time with FC now. I'm having a lot of trouble finding the targets though. They never seem to be where the target waypoint says they should be.
  9. I have another question. Can you create a mission and fly it over and over until you get a decent result or are missions expected to be one-time-only events?
  10. After some thought, the mission where I got the out of bounds message might have been done in 7.1. I'm going to mark that as user error. The second one, though, with the troop concentration I don't understand. I was thinking that it might be a case of not all the ground assets being incorporated yet? I'm just not sure what I should have seen, so I don't know if there was a problem or if I'm missing something.That mission was definitely done in 7.2.
  11. I'm confused. Two things have happened that I don't understand. I created a mission where I was supposed to be on patrol in an area east of no mans' land. I'm flying there and I'm over NML about six km from the next waypoint when I get a message that says I'm leaving the combat area and need to immediately turn north. I get an out-of-plane view for a few moments and then I'm back in the cockpit and the controls are locked and I can't do anything. I create a second mission where I'm supposed to attack "troop concentrations." I'm not sure what a troop concentration is supposed to look like. I fly over there and see a couple of AA guns. I see another red box and I'm flying toward it and when I get close, it suddenly just disappears. Is this just a case of not everything being in place yet?
  12. I was getting bored with FC and found I wasn't flying very often. I was spending my time simming at Nordschleife instead. You've restored my interest. Sent you a couple of bucks to help out.
  13. In game when I'm viewing the Mission Briefing, should I be able to see the waypoints and such that were set up in the mission building window? I see only the full Aras map; there are no lines or arrows or anything other than the printed description in the right pane. Also, when I start the mission and I'm sitting on the runway, I get an immediate message that says Primary Mission Completed. Is it mandatory that PWCF be minimized while running IL-2?
  14. Completely new. Could you provide a little more specifics about the install. I unzip the files, which creates a folder called PWCFGC 7.0.0. I move that into the Il-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad folder (within the Steam Common directory). I go inside the PWCFGC 7.0.0 folder. In there is a PWCFGC folder and inside there is the executable. When I run it, it says the program isn't installed in the proper directory. So I move PWCFGC out of the PWCFGC 7.0.0 folder and put it in the BOS folder along with bin and data. Now it runs and I can build something, but it never shows up in the game menus to select. I suspect some of the other files within the PWCFGC folder need to be moved somewhere else (into the data folder?).
  15. I wanted to update this comment just in case someone else comes by. There is a configuration file in the same directory as the executable. It defines the plane types, so you can add the spad to the bombers line and then the Spad will appear in the drop down menu when you select a bombing mission.
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