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  1. Thank u so much sokol for the response, can I chat with u more about it on discord?
  2. I have a question, if some can help me with this please let me know. Here we go, I have a saitek throttle quadrant and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to modify/change the levers to make them look like a p51 handles. I'll be showing three pictures. The first is the saitek throttle quadrant I'm talking about. The second is a p-51 throttle quadrant. Finally third, is a picture I found on thingiverse where some one had a similar idea to min but modified it to make it look like a 109 throttle quadrant. Any advice would surely help thank you
  3. Buddy

    332nd FG. P-47 & P-51

    Update, discord channel is https://discord.gg/VB7dHg If you have questions please join! Again us based, group of guys that fly evening time EST and PST!!
  4. Buddy

    Problem with Psvr with trinus

    https://discord.gg/mPQTVH Join my discord ....I've been playing psvr with PC since I got my PC in August. I've had no issues and play dcs and il2 with it. I can play other games to just choose not to. This is a recent video of what it looks like, hit me up if u like I'll try and help
  5. Buddy

    332nd FG. P-47 & P-51

    North American group, but anyone’s welcome. Message for details
  6. Buddy

    cliffs of dover blitz edition VR support?

    With VR picking up alot in il2 BOS, I don't see alot of people ( if any) picking up CLOD without VR, I know I'm not!
  7. Same here I'd buy in a heart beat even spend extra for vr!
  8. Buddy

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    What I did to fix was I took a d3dx from 9.8 and added it to the v10.1. The super zooms work but nothing else, which is ok for me since that’s all I needed anyway. Lefuneste Thanks for all the work u do bro seriously, you don’t have to be doing this for us and u are ..... thanks again bro for the mod!!!! Lol this is the last message from me in this section..
  9. Buddy

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    acutally the only issue i am having is the shader and the clouds its like a outline that erases only clouds... im having a hard time explaining it
  10. Buddy

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    the horizon is fixed, but i am still having pix-elated rain drops and shader issues around the clouds. is anyone else having this issue?????