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  1. Buzzsaw said they where gonna work on VR after release. Being that he's said this multiple times, I'm sure he knows that VR support would bump up numbers as it has it great battles. They seem to be doing good work and if we support them maybe it will go faster ...buying the game and showing support shouldn't break the bank for u. I've bought the game but like most won't play it until VR comes ...let's try and support these guys a bit, flight sims is a niche community and we all need to help out to get what we want
  2. I could see them doing a Italian map with 3-4 Italian fighters as a soft or light module, since we should have acft from the us and German to fill out the roster from BON. Maybe add a P40F/L and early 38, but we also have p39s and spit 5s and 9s too (spit 9 was operational in 1943) just an idea
  3. As much as I loved and agreed with your normandy, I'd have to say Italy with an Italian lineup or the Pacific should got next. Not to say that Berlin is bad, but profit wise for the devs, people are screaming for the Pacific and adding Italian acft and or map would generate a good profit and fill out the plane set. German aviation was really not the same after boldenplatte so a battle of Berlin is getting into a what if senario, and I believe most people on il2 appreciate historical accuracy. Just my opinion and not saying anything negative about battle of Berlin, just don't think it will happen. Personally I would like to see Italian fighters or the pacific.
  4. I hope it's Italy First, I want the Pacific too but I'd rather them flesh out the Western front a bit more for a possible TAW that's not exclusively the eastern front.
  5. Bearcat is a friend in the channel....I've been waiting for him to come back ...but no there is not ...I would love to have those guys join though
  6. Well said, unfourtunatly you are wasting your time responding/commenting. Some People complain so much about everything if it doesn't got their way, instead of just enjoying how superior of a ww2 sim this is. I'm just glad the developers tune alot of this crying out.
  7. no more project bro ... i had the idea ... there was a guy working it but not no more....but if you come up with something let meknow!!!
  9. Is it easier to use and set up.. also is it free?
  10. What's openconposite and is it better then steam VR?
  11. After reading ur post u might would like to join our group http://www.332ndvfg.com/
  12. I saw this.....its pretty cool!!!!
  13. https://discord.gg/93ZUFhs Join discord and ask about joining...I can speak with u more there ... I am buddy/Daniel in discord
  14. Well here is part 1... Well here is part 1...
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