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  1. Just found that out.....bummed!!!...
  2. Lol I'll probably get laughed at but I sold my VIVE cause I liked using my PSVR (trinus) better
  3. thanks Zed!! we will be waiting on you.
  4. we are a new group of veteran players (some new) that play multiple Flight sims from ww1 to modern. if your interested find out more from our webpage and forum! http://www.332ndvfg.com/
  5. Fingers crossed for Thursday!!!!!!
  6. NEW WEBSITE!!!!!!!! http://www.332ndvfg.com/ Come check us out!
  7. We were just talking about that during our flight tonight lol...but yes I need the info as well
  8. the opsrey Tuskegee is good but u can also look at biography books Charles McGee, Charles Dryden, Curtis robinson, etc.I have about six of the tuskegee biographies including the ones I mentioned
  9. I've been wanting to play this game badly but I can't play in any thing but VR now (il2 GB spoiled me). Does anyone use vorpx to play and if so can you help me set it up?
  10. I think this is accurate but in all honestly you are right. american interviews more slant towards their airframe and the truth is probably somewhere in the middle . No doubt both believe in their machines ...but at this point it would probably be fair to say they where matched well with strengths and disadvantages for both. The reason I like ww2 aviation ( and maybe some of you agree) is because I feel its the probably the highest time in combat aviation history where pilot skill and experience ment so much, and wasn't on who had the best jet or missiles ....during the war each nation continued to attempt to one up each other ...probably no so more then the spit vs the 109 rivalry. When new spit marks came out, good German pilots where still good and still getting kills and vice versa. Great post knight!
  11. No need to be rude bro, 332nd fighter group did use B's all the way up til the end of the war.
  12. should of probably worded that differently. All four squadrons (99th, 100th, 301st, and 302nd) of the 332nd were fitted with p51 b's and c's along with d models from July 44 til the end of the war. Being that they also conducted many bomber escorts through germany ( including the longest mission for them, a 1600 mile round trip to the Daimler Benz tank Assembly plant on march 24 1945). I'm not gonna go through the whole history of all there missions, but the book I collected this info from I will post at the bottom Of this. Anyway during these missions they encountered 262's, 163 komets, and 109's\190's. They do not specify the variant, but some 332nd pilots had verified 190 kills (again no variant listed). So what I should have said is it would be reasonable to assume that p51 b/c models saw a 190 Dora through there numerous bomber escort missions in and around Germany from July 44 til the end of the war. I find it hard they would see the less numerous 163 on numerous occasions but not a Dora...again no exact statement anywhere but there you go
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