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  1. bro been gone. most people are following suit, there is a facebook about the lack of dev assistance with this issue if you want to join it
  2. Ive switched already, and in my opinion they have it figured out nicely. There has been a issue with these 50s since April. We have tried to bring it up but the conversation is muddied by people trying to say our complaint isn't valid. The devs havnt responded, and don't know what their thoughts are, but I do know they keep closing threads. It's funny, as some one who has actually used a 50 cal in combat and seen it's effects, I wonder how much of these people commenting share that experience or get it of a website or youtube?. Knowing what I KNOW, I IMAGINE 30-40 ROUNDS to
  3. how can this still be goin on ??? its been since april now ... multiple videos comments. yet this is what we are left with^^^^^^^^????????????
  4. @III/JG52_Otto_-I- we are not talking about the 30 bro, i know personally that the 30 does damage. BUT... with that being said, if you think there is an issue I would respect that and if you posted on it I would respect your opinion cause you may have had different experiences then me. In this thread we are just trying to assess the best way to address the 50 issue. I think it is obvious there is something not right and it very may well have something to do with the 109 damage model as well. again meaning no disrespect bro, just hoping we can stay focused on the 50s as to not turn this in
  5. Thank you @Cass for all these test!, The question is now how can we bring this up to the devs without pissing them off. Jason did say "the damage model would NOT be revisited" do we just keep post videos and tests?
  6. Not trying do be smart, has anything been said about the 50s? The 51 dm seems to be back to normal after 6 months. My guys have flown by he 38 and say it's a bit better as well. Do u have any videos of these 38 " dive" issue?
  7. Why is this post not deleted??? None productive
  8. ^^^^^^this!......people wanna make this complicated, it's not......Smoke jumper hit it right on the nail!
  9. see thats hard to watch and say thats historic, especially when i have actual experience in the exchanging of rounds
  10. Agreed though a pause instead of a let die would be more reasonable right?
  11. I actually agreed with u, but I feel that we have reported numerous examples of video evidence and for the most part we have tried to voice our complaint maturly and directly. What we are running Into is people joining this thread that seem to want to argue our complaint with no evidence and make comments with nothing to support it, as if they are instigating. As for the bug report. From my experience u sbmit a complaint have others verify it or not, the devs see it and add it to the bug report. That is exactly what happened with the damage model of the p-51. Which would make
  12. Very much agreed, which is why my hope is for a dev to respond
  13. Great point about the mg131 and yes I do agree that most deflections .. especially at high angle, should rarely crit an acft. With that being said the issue is any sustained burst seems to have no effects, especially Into a 109, what are ur thoughts on that?
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