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  1. Is it easier to use and set up.. also is it free?
  2. What's openconposite and is it better then steam VR?
  3. After reading ur post u might would like to join our group http://www.332ndvfg.com/
  4. I saw this.....its pretty cool!!!!
  5. https://discord.gg/93ZUFhs Join discord and ask about joining...I can speak with u more there ... I am buddy/Daniel in discord
  6. Well here is part 1... Well here is part 1...
  7. A engine chart for a P-47 in a P-51discussion 😐
  8. you guys make it look so easy, any of you have any ideas I can do for this project??
  9. this might of been answered by i didnt see it.. i just got a Samsung odyssey plus and im in a tiny ww2 plane lol... i cant figure out how to get it to a normal size... please help
  10. In il2 great battles there is a multiplayer server that runs everycouple months for only two months called TAW, ot tactical air war. It is way more realistic then other MP modes being that it's a live battle field with ongoing objects to move the map and have ur team win. There is stuff penalties to dieing, getting captured, losing a plane, etc. It's my favorite mp mode
  11. My dream 1. Clod in VR 2. TAW in clod. ( BOB to NA)
  12. https://discord.gg/93ZUFhs Looking for people to help increase numbers with flying circus!
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