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  1. Ok I am happy cause I said their doing a great job. ...thought some one had more insight on it but I guess not.... No need for smart comments bro..... I love the game I don’t believe I was being rude with the question... so chill out
  2. I know this has probably been said but why are they dropping planes u evenly?? The 262 will make 5 vs 2 ...why not drop an allied (p51!)... I mean damn there's tons of info o. It ...the developers are doing a great job, this just baffles me on there purpose for doing this??
  3. I hope they do this or Italy next....then after that go to the pacific. If CLOD ever finishes with 5.0 ..we will have all areas cover so they can focus on the pacific!
  4. https://discord.gg/93ZUFhs we fly the 47 and spit and the 51 when it gets here ( but also fly 190s and p40s, etc)..
  5. I kept default, and that bonding only switches left, but ought or both eyes
  6. this might be a stupid question, but my gun sight dimmed and I dont know how to make it brighter, can someone help me??
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