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  1. the issue is not only the 50s or the glass-llike damage model of the 51, but also i am sick of 109 pilots flopping around "stiring the pot" and not causing structual damage to the acft or pilot red/black outs. these manuevers have been an issue in the game for a while and the fact that it is still not addressed compounds the other issues. of course any decent pilot can down 109s but a pilot vs pilot of the same skill level is at an disadvantage because of all the technical issues involving 50s/dm and unrealistic flight characteristics ... this is my rant so
  2. I would like to know people's thoughts on the DM of the p-51. Since the last update, it is my opinion that u can no longer sustain any battle damage and remain flight worthy.
  3. I would really like to know the answer to that too bro, but no one seems to acknowledge me when I ask / mention it....or know ones seems to know......I also have an odyssey plus and am having a world scale issue.... If anyone can assist it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I have had to u cockpit effect and I have an odyssey plus....I feel like I've tried everything and nothing fixed it. Startup.cfg doesn't work I've tried the in-game it doesn't work I've tried steam VR it doesn't work The only thing that made my cockpit look normal in size was 3d migoto, and now that that's gone I just have tiny cockpit. In DCS I can actually change the IPD fully and make the cockpit look normal size within the headset IL2 does have an IPD adjustment but it only goes positive and negative 30 and that's not enough
  5. Focus on what he says after the four min mark.
  6. What is this cause without Lefuneste's mod the cockpit is too small...is this a way to make it bigger?
  7. Has there been any update on the Normandy module, or if it's being delayed because of the covid precautions occurring? Also have they confirmed which aircraft are coming first?
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