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  1. What version of the P-40 are we getting again...will it be a P40-L or F or ....it might have been mentioned but I may have missed it, thank you for your answers. #fingersstillcrossedforVRafter5.0 !!
  2. Hey tailsman, maybe we can chat I will send u a discord link in ur message box
  3. @Apanos9 I also have a Saitek throttle as well, do you have a YouTube Video that I could reference of ur building of said box?
  4. This is amazing!!! Did u make the throttle/trim/ flaps box?
  5. That's not it ...if ur using wmr.....u have to change the size with the migoto app.....the native ipd adjust is not very good, I wonder if the devs can do something similar to what dcs does with it's ipd.
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