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  1. Sorry! I intend to change my computer, not only the hard disk. Buy a new one desktop system.
  2. Hi, I intend to change the hardware system. I have already choose a configuration. After the purchase, which is the procedure that I have to follow in order to be able to play the game again? Thank you, VulturVultur
  3. Hi! I would to change my old e-mail address because I can not access it. I wrote to Support address (from my profile from that I am registred- I suppose my old e-mail address) , but I did not receive any answer. Please, do you know an other way to contact the support service?
  4. Hi! I would to change my e-mail addres to acces this game and my accont. Please, how could I do this?
  5. Hi! I need help from you.... From last release, I lost the old setup for the pilot head and I can not to set it again like I want. I pause the Track IR, move the pilot head and save the new position (F9). When I restart Track IR, the old position comes back. Later, during the flight, the new head position appears like I saved. More, when I full zoom in and then full zoom out, the position don't return to the initial position. An other problem: when I move a little the slider for zoom from initial position, the image is moving away and then begin to approach. I checked the slider in Control panel of my Saytek X52 and it works fine. Thanks in advance for your support!
  6. I mean to see near or far, to scalling the view, to bring near the image or to move away it. I assigned a cursor from my throttle and it works in Normal mode in MP.
  7. Hi! When I play in MP in normal mode, I can to zoom, bud I can not to do that when I play in Expert mode. Is it possible? What should I do? Thanks for help
  8. Scuze, acum am vazut ca esti din Bucuresti. Dispus sa ne intalnim?
  9. Do you think he invited somebody else but Simona Halep? I do not think, the Romanian physicians are on duty. PS: Are we doing politics?
  10. Salut! Este cineva din Romania aici?
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