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  1. "62. The contours of objects against a clouds background have been minimized by using special tech" This is awesome! Looks terrific! Thanks! 👍
  2. Well, I've been binge flying the Mustang for a couple of months, and actually I don't see much of a change as to the general effectiveness of the .50s. What I think has changed is the variety of results you get when scoring hits. I fly with the gyro but don't really use it - I just think it looks cool. Convergence set to 250. I try to stay disciplined and fire very short burst and watch what's going on, you know, brrr, assess, brrr, assess etc., ad mortem. Sometimes a single brrr is enough and the enemy plane will roll over and go down, sometimes bits and pieces will fall off, sometimes there's instant engine fire, sometimes nothing seems to happen, and sometimes after many brrrs it seems the enemy a/c just loses its aerodynamics and tumbles out of the sky. It all seems a lot less predictable, which is a good thing.
  3. Flight sims have a steeper learning curve than the average video game and are a lot more niche now than they used to be. Gaming is big industry, and there's of course more money to be made on more accessible titles that can be played with mouse and keyboard or a simple controller. The beauty of the series is that can play the game on a medium-spec laptop and an entry-level joystick or you can go all in with VR, pedals and throttle control. Funny thing: for nearly 20 years, every time I've mentioned the series to friends, relatives or colleagues etc. who are just mildly into gaming, they go "Oooh, the Russian tank sim, right?" I guess the IL-2 name is a bit misunderstood.
  4. I don't know how the .50 cals worked in real life, or in the game for that matter, but I think you're on to something. I remember we had a similar discussion after the release of the Ace Expansion Pack for IL-2. Some players noticed that the P-51 guns were in perfect sync, which meant there were large gaps between the salvos. This made deflection shots very difficult since an enemy play could fly straight through the volley unscathed. They devs changed the sequence to what I believe was a randomised pattern (IIRC), so the guns fired simultaneously at first but quickly went out of sync. I think it matters, at least to a degree. If I'm not mistaken, the American approach when settling on the .50 was to make a sort of 'garden hose' effect, making it easier to score hits on a fast moving enemy aircraft, even in a quick pass from all sorts of odd angles. The sequenced pattern you describe or a completely randomised pattern make perfect sense then.
  5. Did a fresh reinstall and immediately noticed much smoother action and far less stutters, even over larger cities. The new DM does not seem to cause stutters either with all the new calculations and what not going on. AI is very nice and seem a lot more creative when up close and personal, and somewhat keen on taking the fight into the vertical as well.
  6. Tastes differ, I guess. I hate sounding like a hating hater, and there are at least dozen things about this game that I think are absolutely brilliant - the 3D-models, the flight models, the sensation of speed, the ballistics, the scenery, the sounds of engines and guns and I could go on and and on.
  7. I'm a casual gamer and don't post a lot. I really admire the bulldog spirit of TF. They've done a terrific job with the improvements, and the release of Blitz was already a huge step forward. With 4.57 the game now offers a pretty solid offline experience with AI that sort of reminds me of the later developments in Rowan's BoBII Wings of Victory. Perhaps it's just me, but I've always felt the IL-2 name was misleading and confusing for newcomers, and if the devs asked me (which they don't), I'd rebrand the whole thing. The Battle of Britain as a historical event as well as in popular culture, and the whole mythology surrounding it, it has tremendous PR potential, especially in the UK. 'Cliffs of Dover' and 'Cliffs of Dover Blitz' is brilliant and I'd just leave it there. Anecdotal evidence, absolutely, but every time I've mentioned the IL-2 games to friends in real life, they thought it was an Eastern Front tank sim. Keeping the online part of older titles alive is always challenging and requires good communication from the devs and the community, but I think you have a good point that Tobruk has something to offer that isn't available elsewhere at this level of fidelity and detail.
  8. I just gave CoD Blitz a spin (literally) after being away from it for a few years. Expectations were low given the title's history, but I was happy to learn that the AI actually wants to fight now, and I've had a few lovely skirmishes over the channel. Some of the issues remain - particularly the AA-thing and the dated UI, and the game does not perform as well as the Great Battles series on my rig. Coming back, I find it even stranger that the release took its name from the IL-2 Sturmovik which has nothing to do with the Battle of Britain. Oh well, the Spit vs Messer is just a classic match, so what't not to like.
  9. I find the clouds in IL-2 have an impact on performance that is neither proportionate with practical use nor aesthetics. I just don't think they look good enough to justify the stuttering and fps loss. Add to this the rather weird way planes render i front of them at certain distances. But this, and the fact that the series is called IL-2 Sturmovik are the only complaints I have with the product, and I admit the latter is utterly off-topic as well as quite idiosyncratic and irrational. To me this game is just not about that particular plane. I enjoy the game offline and without clouds, but I agree with the OP that the clouds have no practical use as they do in RoF where you can play hide and seek, even with the AI.
  10. Congrats! Working from home as well, Skype, Teams, phone and email. It works, but daily standup doesn't quite feel the same. Don't miss the commute though so that's fine. Still relatively sane, I guess - enjoying the nice weather and hanging out with the missus. Take care, everyone!
  11. Would be nice if we could save presets and QMB skirmishes.
  12. Ha! Good times! I love the Bf109G2 vs Yak-1 69 match. I love exploring new scenarios, but I always come back to this one. Perhaps because it was the first skirmish I had in BoS and the two planes I used when learning to design missions. The 109 has an edge, but I enjoy flying both.
  13. P-47 vs 190A8 is a bit of a thinking man's game, isn't it? It's like the pace is a bit slower, and you have to carefully consider each move. I can imagine in an online duel you want to take fight up where the the Jug shines, while the 190 jockey is caught in a dilemma not to go too high but keep an alt advantage.
  14. Night and day. When it comes to canvas-clad petrol punk suicide machines, I very much enjoy leading posse of Nieuport 28s against a flock of Fokker D.VIIs. Even when I'm at a blatant advantage I don't feel safe at all. In my experience the AI tends to bleed way too much energy in the Dora. How do you set up fuel loads and altitude for the fight? To me it's like the AI handles the A-series differently. The first time I set up a skirmish with 4 P-47s vs 4 Fw190A8s, I literally had no idea what was going on. I had 20mm Rheinmetall plus change incoming from everywhere, which gave me a chance to enjoy the rather lovely damage modelling of the 47. Very nice energy management by the AI. It took me a while to figure out how to handle the RPM and supercharger and fly more conservatively and still be aggressive. Very satisfying once you finally manage to point all those .50 cals the right way.
  15. There's a lot of love for the Bf109E-7 vs I-16 scrap. I'll have a go at that. 👍
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