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  1. Thank you all for the prompt replies. As suggested I deleted \data\LuaScripts\snapviews When I restarted the game the default view was centered, as it should be. Apparently I must have pressed F10 which caused the problem. What a wonderful community this forum is. Thank you. Bryan.
  2. I am using Track Ir and it's all ok in any plane except the Spitfire. The default view is of the starboard wing? I have tried using num 5 and moving the mouse. Even without TrackIr the Spitfire still defaults to the right, external views are ok. Any other plane is ok. I have tried restarting IL2 and TrackIr. Any ideas? Bryan.
  3. In Battle of Bodenplatte will there be English radio calls instead of Russian sometime in the future? It would be much more realistic when flying as English or American pilots. Thanks. zacjesmit.
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