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  1. UFO's in the 262 menace mission I spotted a P38 over Turnhout flying in an unusual manner this morning , i then moved on to attack as it pointed down and dived towards the targets , it did not fire or release any bombs , i approached at high speed nose down and fired as it passed the target but no bullets hit the plane , i then fired again and again but not even a dent . the plane did not take evasive action and i approached further and closer and fired all what i had left , again no smoke no damage . the plane kept flying at slow speed did not take any defensive actions and left . C
  2. ATT Alonzo Complaint vulching Landed on airfield and was straffed , Player said he thought rule against vulching applies only to take off . copy link below . https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/791546/?tour=24
  3. question time : the lowland campaign mission Are there AI planes flying around conducting recon or is it a mission program to expose locations at random ? I flew around but did not encounter any aircraft in the recon areas thinking that if i shoot them down that would delay exposure making it a little harder for the enemy pilots who don't wish to conduct recon . Alerts in missions Many times while flying defense close to multiple prime targets i suddenly find a target under attack while no warning of enemy close by followed by under attack warning displayed . Some tim
  4. ATT Alonzo Was Vulched over Kirchelen Mitchells boys mission Today as i prepared for landing approx 1 KM from touch down 200 mt height flaps down i was vulched , i will attach the sortie log link as soon as the mission is over and stats updated . here is the link https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/778216/?tour=24
  5. select intercom is my headphone ? the server says you have to select the channel number to speak to others depending in which area you are in the mission , is this true ? so if you fly to another area you have to switch again if you remember the channel number and hoping the others do as well seems demanding to me and again when you go back to same area or to other . You'r flipping up and down at random and that distracts you completely from flying if not in windowed mode , if you start depending on this to combine strategy with others it will be utter confusion .
  6. the first button Radio 1 means on off ? In radio channel up and down , how do we know which is axis or allied ? what is intercom select for ?
  7. hello the stats page sorties results for the day 18 of july is missing 2 missions results up to this hour . Mitchells and Lowlands . Rhineland just finished . Eindhoven has started .
  8. i dont play in windowed mode so that means i must go by trial and error , just select and say something , if no reply select next channel and so on , right ?
  9. sokol 1 questions : 1) How do you know which channel you are on 1-5 if nothing is displayed ? 2) sequence to activate SRS , start SRS , start game , push button joystick selected for radio 1 , push channel up or down to connect with others on same channel . pls correct
  10. SOKOL STICKS When selecting a channel while in game how do you see the number selected 1-5 since its radio channel up and down on my keyboard setting as per link ? that link above to Faerbers explanation as to how to manage the interface basics is essential . much appreciated . now to make use off it .
  11. sticks questions: 1) What do the following mean PTT and UI 2) Do i need the SRS grey panel to chose channel to pop up in game or not ? 3) when entering the server and mission it says it starts with channel 1 , then how do you access the grey panel to chose the comms channel number for your side ? 4) How are the players using full screen accessing the SRS table to insert the channel when the game is running ? or are they all using windowed mode ? 5) Since its not part of the game how do you designate a key externally in the keyboard ?
  12. Stickz no have'nt done that but its noted , only now i am getting it to install thanks to Rudidlo comments . i will do the edit now . yes i guessed the short cut is the APP . where do i get the channel from when i'm in game ? and how do i make the APP pop up in game for adjustments and input ?
  13. 1st CL Rudidlo Yes this works as per image , do i make a short cut to desk top as APP for start up?
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