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  1. Bodenplatte AI planes Have the missing AI planes issue been fixed ?
  2. RED KESTRELL Hello I live in Thailand , Bangkok city . My IPS provider is AIS which is a good company . My router is right next to my gamer pc , the connection to PC is by wire . Everybody here is saying the same thing that i need to go talk to AIS and see what they can suggest . On google i see there is talk off more " powerful" routers but apparently very expensive which i would have to pay for and anyway that wont change anything if the signal is the same in IMO . This has started to happen only in the last month or so and i wonder if its not caused by a spike in use due to the Virus and people using online for everything . Until then i'll have to cross my fingers every time i play at Combat box .Thanks for your valuable comments
  3. Recently i am experiencing high ping with combat box server , the others are fine . I checked google for the usual tips but no improvement , can someone please explain what causes this and how to reduce the ping when its above 300 ?
  4. ZOOM Are we allowed to use a moded zoom to improve on the default ? if so which is recommended one taking into consideration all the recent patches ?
  5. Bodenplatte Hurtgen In my opinion you need to look at the existing Timer , attack area and attack MCU's of these missions i mention above and maybe adjust the WP's a little , its only tweaking . you don't need to set objectives of how many are destroyed MCU's before breaking off and returning to base . You need to learn the set up for the Force complete MCU , this is very important because its the signal together with the Timer MCU to end their mission and go back . I learnt all that from JIM TM who is available on the forum long ago when i bought my first copy of Stalingrad . I have'nt come across the Yak 9 's in Red October , because i dont have them yet , too early , but i have engaged the PE's , moving and static ships . Finally try the above missions i mention and see for yourself wether what i state is correct , i am not seeing any comments from other players which does'nt help us at all . We need constructive criticism and comments like we see in other IL2 server forums in this website .
  6. today i tried to get a bit closer at Lommel under attack from 3 planes i think one was an P38 and i chased and lost it in between trees over a river i was maybe 150mt away same level not more than 100mt height , i was faster in my FW since i came down and was just tracking him before shooting and then it disappears . its happening all the time , i see the bombs , strafing , tracer and just try to spot from 500mt away usually 1000mt high but i see nothing . is there anything i can do to my rig ? i have a 32 curved high res monitor , my nvidia is the 1060 model , i should see very clearly small moving objects below but i dont . Any sugestions would be appreciated .
  7. at all levels from 3K down to 100mt . At ground level and very close to the target i saw an A20 suddenly lift from the bombing run hardly 200mt away then disappear instantly. I never saw it arrive .
  8. Cannot spot or see the enemy planes attacking ground targets issues When intercepting enemy aircraft over airbases defending with AAA i am unable to spot the attacking plane that is clearly attacking strafing targets on the base , the tracer is clear from both defending and attackers but i see no plane doing the shooting or even climbing later . My hardware is all default no tweaking . FPS 115 generally , lowest 90 FPS . i use track ir . Any tips would be appreciated .
  9. Hurtgen Forest mission During the last 2-3 times i played this mission axis side always i noticed that i never made contact with Allied planes over 2016 , 2118 , 2218 and Y46 airfield at any height and i noticed the absence of AAA when we get the alert that they are at any of these hot spots . So today i decided to verify closely and take off from Y46 and start at 2500 mt and work my way upwards when the alerts come on at 2218 and Y46 from where i took off and could easily get to 2218 in a minute . I can confirm even though there was an alert for 4 planes i saw nothing and there was no AAA tracer from these 2 target areas at different heights . Then 2-3 mn later the alert is for 7 bogey's over Y46 and still nothing appears or any AAA high over the base . I then flew to Y52 airbase and gained altitude and waited for the B25 's which always appear . I have done a lot of mission building and i am wondering if the bogeys are entering the alert area and exiting too early before getting to the designated point . Could recent patches disturb the set up ? Hope this info can be of some use .
  10. the stat file is up to date , just need to fix the current mission name and time remaining .
  11. Bodenplatte mission I tested last night the mission for the first 30 mn's and still there is no Allied attack on axis targets . Can an allied player pls confirm they do see the Axis attack on their assets since i do see the JU88's coming back to land at Dusseldorf .
  12. I have the YAK 1 B collector only , which are the ones you have added since i doubt many players have already purchased the 2 new ones already . what happens to the mission if a player logs in and he does'nt have a particular plane ?
  13. i suspected something like that but i'm not a technician it's quite a big patch too , thanks for clarification
  14. 3 servers not appearing today TAW KOTA and Finnish .
  15. 20.5,2020 TAW , KOTA and Finnish are not appearing on my list of online servers , what is the reason ?
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