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  1. Beazil I was setting rudder pitch at 30 + radiator flaps outlet at zero before take off and 50 % after take off if there is no overheat , or 100 % for a short while till i see the gauges are back to normal and i then reduce to 50 % , i was at a loss for the next step which you state above as 87 throttle for 20mn , thats what i needed to know . Yesterday i took off fine with prop power at 100 % . to keep it on track i am concentrating only on the left right brake pedals and trying to anticipate the moves left and right with subtle braking . I found the rudder useless and i prefer to concentrate just on one method . when releasing the bombs using the bomb sight do i aim for the top of the cross as release point ? above 2000 mt , 1000 mt , 700 mt , 500 mt . I have set up practice missions for many aircrafts in the air and ground to study their peculiarities . this is really a must before going online since we go manual .
  2. i found out my prop RPM was'nt at maximum . no wonder i was'nt seeing the rpm going orange while reving up . Shortly After take off both my engines go kaput ,i have the outlet flaps open trim to 30 % but i simply dont have time to get up to hight and speed . What should i do shortly after take off to manage the engine and gradually get up to a comfortable height and cruising speed . i watched some videos on youtube but i find them over simplified .
  3. i am taking of with full load of weapons , 50% fuel on winter runway . Once i get to 80-90 km hr speed the plane swerves right off track even though i applied opposite break pedal and full left rudder . Can someone give me some advice please . rgds
  4. and the final product ready for action , here i increased the shine using image /levels by 10 % because the image/curve was already set at default at maximum shine and cannot go higher . so you have 2 options for regulating the shine or vice versa flat or mat .
  5. some results following video one on blotting the antiglare only . the shine is the default alpha no adjustments to image / levels or curve .
  6. Below is the tutorial by the author of the video posted at YOUTUBE . In the alpha template: Adjust the grey scale to your desire of each and every part of the plane you want to edit. Flatten the Alpha template by right clicking on any layer and selecting 'Flatten Image'. Now 'Ctrl > Left Click' on the layer thumbnail (marching ants will appear). Hoover over the main image and 'Ctrl + C'. In your working template: Go to the alpha tab DELETE the current alpha layer (the one at the bottom). Now click the 'Create New Channel' button. Now hoover over the center of the black area. Press 'Shift + Ctrl + V' Your edited alpha should now be there. Now press 'Ctrl + D' to de-select. Click on the 'RGB' layer at the top of the stack. Now select the 'Layers' tab. File > Save As > DDS > C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\graphics\skins\P51D15 Quote
  7. result of attempt , i tried toning down but i still get a super gloss coat . different tonalities on the flaps . default alpha image
  8. im stuck here , the alpha wont jump in the miniature window on the right as per video tutorial .
  9. take a look at this image this is where my problem starts : a) In the first video his working file has no alpha channel file in channels , later he adds the new one . b) in my image attached you can see my working file already has an alpha channel turned off and now i have one more turned on , when i press ctrlshift v nothing happens and all gets stuck. later the DDS will say it will chose only alpha 1 to save . i think this where i'm stuck. am i supposed to delete the alpha channel 1 default from my working file before selecting the new alpha channel ? Test : I tried deleting the default alpha channel and ctrlC the alpha to the working file ctrlshiftV but that doesnt work .
  10. Patrick he just placed a new video at YOUTUBE and explains how to add the shine but the video stops there . He shows the end result but not how to put it back together beforehand . i have just PM'd him requesting the steps to put it back together . these are the steps from the video 1 select alpha 2 select the bare metal layer . 3 adjust the shine with the level tool in the images/adjustment menu . 4 save and flatten . 5 move file above the working file from here i dont know what to do . i requested his assistance
  11. further i have tried left clicking on the black alpha and then pressing ctrl shift v but nothing happens . the second alpha file in channel of the working file template is activated . i went back one step and ctrlc again on the alpha and back again but nothing happens .
  12. PJMACK good afternoon 1 ok done 2 i copied the alpha to my working space above the template 3-selected the alpha file 3- 4-5 CTRLC 6 ok 7 ok 8 i dont understand this step , i see the black alpha but what does hover over it mean ? i need to select something before hitting ctrlshift v 9 i dont want to save as DDS before adjusting the shine .
  13. PJMACK yes i have DDS installed for both PS6 and GIMP since day 1 , all the templates of this sim require that . Why the hell cant the developers of the templates and default skins give us the tutorial ??? just a straight forward 1 to 10 points and thats all , actually its not even 10 actions to add shine or flat to your liking .
  14. i sent him a PM asking for the same thing just now . Once we know how to apply shine to the general surface the rest can come later .
  15. I went through the video 3 times but it did not work for me , do you have experience ? have you seen the video ? if so can we go through it here and iron out my issues . I have about 4 years experience with PS6 and i use Gimp to add shine only . If ok with you i start with my first issue from the video : 1) press Ctrl C and point to layer with colors , in my case they are grouped in folders , move to alpha layer and press shift ctrl v . it does'nt work for me . Nothing moves to the alpha layer and instead a curve floating file appears in place of the alpha file and one copy at the layer section . 2) at the end of the tutorial i fail to see were he adjusts the shine on the surface . Increase decrease .
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