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  1. Thanks, that's very helpful. (I was definitely planning link for Il-2 & Squadrons were I to get the Q2; it was for room scale games I thought the Q2 being lead free might be nice. The lead isn't too much of a hindrance sitting down.)
  2. Has anyone been lucky enough to personally try both? I'm debating which to go for at the moment. Money isn't so much of an issue, it's more convenience. I'm probably 90% seated VR games (Il-2 & Star Wars Squadrons), but the idea of playing the odd full room VR without a lead is a nice one. Also the tracking seems to be better for full room VR on the Q2. Having both is not an option for clutter reasons. So it's really a matter of whether the Reverb G2 is sufficiently better visually in Il-2 to overcome that lack of convenience. Obviously that's subjective
  3. Hi, I'm playing with writing a 3rd party tool for Il-2 that would integrate by generating and launching missions - a bit like il2mg. I've found autoplay.cfg as a way to launch il-2 straight into a generated mission, which is great. However, it only seems to work on a clean start, which seems very slow and wasteful. Is there a way to programmatically put the running game into a mission? I had a play with a few UI automation tools (Winium, sikilux) but they don't work against the Il-2 interface. Thanks for any pointers.
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