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  1. Fair enough, but from my perspective it seems like BOX has taken spec manuals to their absolute limit if not beyond. I don't push it too hard except in high angle maneuvers, but I think it gets a bit silly when I feel like keeping count in my head. And I've done experiments with BOX, it is variable. I got a 5min WEP timer engine to fail 9 minutes after the expiration...but that's rare. If CLOD has interesting pursuits where it comes down to better engine management, skirting the envelope makes a difference...but in BOX it becomes "oh, all your engine parameters are normal? Temps OK? Too bad your engine fails because of a timer that you have no idea of knowing except technochat." I want to see effects on the engine, like overheating or knocking or vibration or something other than "X minutes = Damage with no other indication." I'll give CLOD Blitz a chance. I'm dissatisfied with BOX at this point. The P-47 has 15 min of Water injection but it only works 5 minutes at a time? BS.
  2. Question: I have not played CLOD. Are there Engine Timers like in BOX? From the store page: "More precise Flight, Damage, Propeller and Overheat modeling is included" Please tell me that means no hard limit engine timers.
  3. I use an old Microsoft Force Feedback joystick, and FC and ROF have always had an issue where sometimes the stick pulses at varying frequencies, and to fix it you need to press ESC, Input Settings, and then hit Apply. This causes the game to reset the Force Feedback, but sometimes you need to do this multiple times to fix it, and sometimes that crashes the game. It's always been manageable and the FFB is worth it imo, I can't use a spring anymore. After this patch it's gotten WAY worse. Now when I load in a QMB or a multiplayer server, the stick will start off pulsing almost every time. Please look into what might be causing this bug. One idea would be to remove the FFB effect that the stick has when the engine is at low idle on the ground and chugging, that is something in game that naturally causes the stick to pulse, but it should go away after lift off. The bug does also happen with air starts.
  4. Aircraft against clouds. sSeriously I cannot STAND how this game looks with clouds, it ruins the experience.
  5. JG1_E_Davjack + BoN Thanks for the great opportunity!
  6. For the record, since view distance change has fixed stuff like Magical 10km Disappearing Ships, the engine times are the last thing in this sim that turns me off of it. It's just not very well implemented and you make some good points about adding other cues that let the pilot know he needs to back off. This is a video game either way, so I'd rather have some knocking noise that presages damage that isn't exactly historical, than having technochat to warn me. They do have some of these mechanics in the game, but sort of hidden behind the timers. I was mucking about with the P-47 a few months ago, and IIRC there are technically TWO emergency power timers. One is the gamey "Use timer." The other is the 15 min of Water Injection. If you use the Emergency power below 15 minutes, go back to continuous, and recharge the "Use timer," you will eventually run out of Water Injection without ever having the technochat message tell that you have exceeded Emergency time. When this happens, your Temps will get out of control unless you throttle down and the engine will break of heat-stress. It's actually kinda hard to do unless you are trying to do it. So how I think the P-47 should work is that you get 30min with some variability of combat time before random breakage, because 30 min in combat? That's all you need before it becomes engine abuse. That time would not eat into the Water Injection WEP, which would be a set 15 minutes, and after you use that time up (no matter if you use it 1 minute at a time or 15 minutes at once), the engine overheats and you have to ignore WEP completely unless you want to risk a quick overheat.
  7. P-38 is a BLAST. Everything I had hoped and more. Strong elevator authority, snappy roll, I can see why air racers liked them. The visibility fore and aft, especially 6 o'clock low, are unparalleled. Attack this beast from the flanks, can't see anything but wing for miles. You will only catch the sleepiest P-38 pilot from 6 low. It's fire is deadly accurate to long range and devastating when it hits (I kept ripping wings off 190s), but you have to be a good shot...I'll have to work on that. Speed is, well, not great but it's an old plane. I am surprised to learn it has no radiator controls. Neat. Don't need to screw with that. The counter props give it amazing vertical stability, this thing will hang on its props for a long time and then gently let you roll over and gain speed. Not sure that's a great move in combat, but it's fun to do nonetheless. I'm not sure I like how my FFB stick interprets the trimming, though. It'll have to grow on me. So glad you fixed the visibility problem. Distant buildings are great to have as well as the ships and planes. Great update.
  8. Thanks for linking my guide. I enjoyed writing that one, and I hope it has helped some people make cheap TIR setups.
  9. I think that's unfair to say that wanting to burst the 10km bubble is only to make it easier. Watching things blink in and out of existence is one of the most immersion breaking things in video games. And didn't they say this will affect ships and ground assets as well? Ships blinking in and out are just ridiculous. At least in Rise of Flight that was tempered by the slow speed of the aircraft, but at WWII speeds it's just terrible. If the P-38 and the vis update happen in the same patch, I'll be overjoyed.
  10. That's how it actually works, though. Air conditions and light reflection are paramount in seeing other aircraft at distance. Contrails you can see for a long ways. Look into the air sometime, during the day, at a contrail and try to spot the commercial aircraft. If the aircraft is far away, and you are on the ground, then the aircraft is likely not illuminated from below by the sun. What do you see? A blurry spot with contrails clearly exiting the rear. I have 20/20 vision, and I routinely see contrails with barely (or not) being able to see the aircraft up at 35000 ft except for implying the position from the trails. Now, if you are above or concurrent with such an aircraft, you will see the reflection off the skin at midday. Obviously this is different for morning/evening sun angles, and if the devs have really put all this in, I am super impressed. For any nay-sayers: a true 100km view distance, if we see it happen in game, will be outclassing all other flight sims. I have hope they've done it right. It will blow DCS out of the water in this one aspect.
  11. " Having completed all these tasks, we'll increase the maximum visibility distance for planes and ships from 10 to 100 km and the resulting visibility distance will realistically correspond to the lighting and weather conditions. " YES! Makes me excited for the game again.
  12. We also started the research on making the aircraft and ships visible from several times farther distances. YES. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YESSSSSSS. This and the ETO maps will finally get me more excited about this game than disappointed by the engine timers. Unrelated: The American infantry uniforms don't look like the right colors. The Khaki is too white on the leftmost guy, and the leather is WAY too red on the rightmost guy. Tan the Khaki a bit (we didn't use white uniforms), and make the red leather more brown. Yes it was reddish leather, but not THAT much. The red gloves really drew my eye and not in a good way.
  13. Related note about the sun: the "sun shields" on the gunsights in this game appear to do nothing except give a yellow tint. The brightness of the sun is pretty much the same either way. Does anybody actually find the sun shields useful? Otherwise: love the patch, love the ME262 (when I can start both engines correctly). Thanks, Devs!
  14. The dimpled surface of the metal looks fantastic. Can't wait to get in my silver P-38 with 4k textures.
  15. Not specific to the JU-52, but as long as you are figuring out controls...another thing about binding for this game is that some controls don't overlap across planes and can be bound to the same axis. For instance, because right now the P-47 is the only plane to use these two controls, I have "Supercharger" bound to the lever I use for "Water radiator" (P-47 doesnt use this) and I have "Intercooler" bound to the axis I use for "Inlet Cowl Flaps." Likewise, for an obvious example, no plane has both Elevator Trim AND Adjustable Stabilizer, so that can all go on the same controls.
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